Auto Shows Union in the ARD Germany trend again - Greens lose strong

20:45  10 june  2021
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Berlin. The Germans are currently seeing the Union in front of the Greens. Also CDU Chancellor's Candidate Armin Laschet becomes more popular, the Green Candidate Baerbock falls off. The respondent before the general election of environmental protection is particularly important.

 Die Spitzenkandidaten für die kommende Bundestagswahl von CDU/CSU, Armin Laschet (v.l.n.r.), Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Annalena Baerbock, und SPD, Olaf Scholz. © Nietfeld The top candidates for the coming general election of CDU / CSU, Armin Laschet (V.L.N.R.), Alliance 90 / The Greens, Annalena Baerbock, and SPD, Olaf Scholz.

The Union has a new survey recaptured the top position from the Greens. In the new ARD Germany trend, which was published on Thursday, CDU / CSU win 5 percentage points to 28 percent compared to May. The green, however, at 6 percentage points on 20 percent. The SPD would be unchanged at 14 percent, if the Bundestag election would be on Sunday. The AFD remains at 12 percent. This value also comes the FDP, which gives one percentage point. The left also improves a point to 7 percent.

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also in the question of a direct election of the Federal Chancellor or the Federal Chancellor, Union Chancellor Candidate Armin Lashet can make much floor well. 29 percent would decide for the CDU boss, an increase of 8 percentage points compared to the previous survey. SPD chancellor candidate OLAF Scholz also places and comes to 26 percent (+5). The green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock loses clearly, 16 percent would decide for them, a minus of 12 percentage points.

again increased the satisfaction with the work of the Federal Government. 45 percent of respondents are very satisfied or satisfied with the work of the coalition from Union and SPD, 8 percentage points more than in May. However, the majority of 54 percent (-8 points) is less or not satisfied with how the government is doing their work.

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The environmental and climate protection is the most important topic for the Germans in the run-up to the general election. 28 percent of the respondents called this area in the current Ard "Germany trend" first or second. With a clear distance and shares of 19 percent, the topics of immigration, social injustice and the corona pandemic and their consequences followed.

As soon as it goes about your own purse, many of climate protection become hesitant. For example, a clear majority of 75 percent reduced higher gasoline prices. On the other hand, products, goods and services in accordance with the CO2 emissions incurred in the production will be more expensive, 47 percent are generally correct, for 45 percent, this also goes into the wrong direction.

For air travel even 65 percent higher prices are justified with regard to climate protection, just 31 percent are against it. A clear majority of 58 percent would also welcome a speed limit of 130 hour kilometers on highways, 40 percent are different. On the other hand, a switch from the internal electric car engine to electric cars advocates 37 percent, while 57 percent reject this.

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 14.22 million viewers: Boerne is not supplier - why the dream rate for the Münster with its controversial video action for the Corona policy of the government made Jan Josef supplier for a lot of swirls. Consequences she does not have for him: The Münster "crime scene" drove a record rate. And that's good. © ARD / WDR / Martin Valentin Menke may look forward to a dream quota: Jan Josef Supplers Alias ​​Prof. Karl-Friedrich Boerne in Münster- "Crime scene" 14.22 million viewers! With the ARD officers, pleasure and relief should have been made on Monday morning.

shared opinion are the Germans in the expansion of food such as meat, milk, sausage, eggs and cheese. 48 percent, this, according to the survey of the Institute Infratest Dimap properly, is correct, a roughly equally large group would be wrong.

A clear majority of 66 percent supports further expansion of wind energy, even if wind turbines should be built in their area. 28 percent do not find this well.

for the survey responded infratest Dimap from Monday to Wednesday 1316 citizens. Election surveys are generally always subjected to uncertainties. Among other things, decreasing party conditions and ever more short-term election decisions make the opinion research institutes the weighting of the collected data. Infratest Dimap calls a fault tolerance between 2 and 3 percentage points at the ARD GermanyTrend. In principle, surveys only reflect the opinion of the opinion at the time of the survey and are not forecasts on the election exit.

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