Auto Shows EU emission targets are meant to mean 55 percent E-cars in 2030

10:26  16 july  2021
10:26  16 july  2021 Source:   insideevs.de

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This would have to embrace the electro-car share in sales

On Wednesday, the European Commission has announced its proposals for the reduction of CO2 emissions . Thereafter, fleet emissions should decrease by 55 percent by 2030 compared to today's level before being reduced to zero 2035. What the goal for 2030 would mean for the product policy of the automakers, explain now by Automotive News Europe cited analysts.

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If the proposals of the EU Commission pass through, fleet emissions must be sinked by 55 percent in 2030 compared to today. That would mean that this year 55 percent of the sold new cars are electric cars (BEVS), the analysts. This would correspond to a tremendous change towards today, where the BEV content in Western Europe is just nine percent.

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Today's fleet limit is 95 grams per kilometer. A reduction of 55 percent would lower the limit to about 42 grams. However, these values ​​only apply on average; Each brand has other emission limits based on the average weight of the sold cars.

The previous reduction target for 2030 was 37.5 percent compared to 2021. This would have resulted in a share of 40 percent of purely electric cars, so the analyst house IHS Markit. A reduction of 55 percent would require 55 percent electric cars.

The rest of 45 percent of the new cars sold could continue to be a burner on board. In doing so, IHS assumes that the proportion of plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) remains constant at 10 percent. Full hybrids should be slightly due to 11 percent from 14. Mildhybride would fall from 34 to 23 percent. Only a tiny fraction of 0.01 percent would have a completely fossil combustion drive.

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For the automakers, this would have serious consequences for your product range. However, many manufacturers have already set up on rigorous CO2 limits . So Jaguar, Ford, Opel, Volvo, Mini and Fiat have already planned a complete change to electric cars by 2030. Audi, VW and Mercedes have already announced an end date for the burner.

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The proposals of the EU Commission are part of the Green Deal, the Commission President Ursula von der Leyen at the end of 2019 had presented. Thereafter, Europe should be climate-neutral up to 2050. From the Leyen, this project also compared with John F. Kennedy's target for moon landing: "This is Europe's on-the-moon moment," said the President at that time.

But the suggestions are so far only suggestions. Until all points from the EU Parliament and the Council of Ministers are appreciated, even intensive negotiations will be necessary. These should be at about at least one and a half years, so is expected.

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