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12:50  22 july  2021
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You want short hair? These 4 styles are this summer hairstyles trend

 You want short hair? These 4 styles are this summer hairstyles trend long hair are great, but in summer they are neat for hot flashes. Therefore, women with long hair tie their mane in warmer temperatures often to a braid or Dutt together. © Getty Images Bock on a short hairstyle for the summer? These four styles are now hairstyle trend, look fantastic and are pleasant airy how about a short hairstyle? If you already think about it for a long time, then the right time is now! Short hair are so announced as never and much easy-to-care as a long mane.

Whether Gold Blonde, Platin Blonde or Aschblond - when it comes to the perfect Blondton we have blondes not always easy. Especially if the approach is added or the blond gets a slight yellowstitch. Blonde hair thus need a very good care to stay brightly radiant. No matter if it is a warm or cold blondton. Especially warm nuances were at the beginning of the year of the hairstyle trend par excellence. But this summer, the hair may like to ray more and look like that as if you had just come fresh from vacation.

Atomic Blonde ist der strahlendste Frisuren-Trend im Sommer Getty Images © Getty Images Atomic Blonde is the brightest hairstyle trend in summer Getty Images Perfect for the summer: Atomic blonde is the brightest hairstyle trend

exactly this bleached effect, which we love after the holiday, will now be reapplace. Trend. Instead of warm blond tones, it's back to cooler nuances - and the rays, what the stuff holds. Best example of this? Poppy Delevingne. The model has decided again for a cool blondton. So that the look looks natural, however, very bright highlights are incorporated into the ashy blondton. The art is to pull as many fine strands as possible in the hair . Optically, the hair then shimmers super bright.

Atomic Blonde: So you caret the hairstyle trend correctly

the A and O with this hairstyles trend? Of course the right care. Because very bright blond can quickly lose his shine and then look ashy and pale. In the worst case, the hair shimmers slightly gray. But do not worry that does not happen with good products. For example, the Shampoo by Bruns Products maintains the bleached hair and ensures that you get enough moisture. So the hair stay brightly shiny and above all healthy.

Hair Color Trend: Atomic Blonde Is Every Woman .
Standing Your Sound After Complete New Summer Hair? Then Atomic Blonde is the right summer tone for you - these stars already wear it © gettyimages Hair color trend: Atomic blonde is the new summer clay, which stands to everyone's gettyimages while in recent months soft, warm blondtones like Honey Blond or Union Blond dominated the hair color scene, currently seems to be a "atomic" change.

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