Auto Shows Watt de Chick Fest 2021: Complete Line Up and New Hygiene Concept

16:45  22 july  2021
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Tested: 2021 BMW M4 Delivers What Matters

  Tested: 2021 BMW M4 Delivers What Matters Do whatever it takes to ignore the new BMW M4's toothy grille and just drive it. Apparently, there's something about having a highly anticipated BMW M car that alters the atmosphere in Los Angeles. Months of blue skies and shorts weather ended as soon as our M4 test car arrived. Of course, correlation does not imply causation, but we're superstitious. A few years ago, a new M2 brought a massive storm during a multiyear drought, and now the M4 brings rain? You'd be a little'stitious too.

The program planning for the festival on the Kurhaus Dangast on the beach is now completed. With this: Milky Chance, because of Lisbet, Niels Frevert and Antelope Gang.

Clemens Rehbein von Milky Chance © Provided by www.rollingstone.de Clemens Rehbein by Milky Chance

The program planning for the festival on the Kurhaus Dangast on the beach is now completed. With this: Milky Chance, because of Lisbet, Niels Frevert and Antelope Gang.

From July 30th to 1st of August, the Watt De Chick Fest takes place on the Kurhaus Dangast Beach. Now the line-up is firm and also holds a beautiful headliner surprise Parat: Milky Chance.

The pop duo around Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Daus is now celebrating worldwide successes. The musicians are celebrated for the first time at Watt de Schick.

Sign and Drive: 2021 Infiniti Q50 Adds Special Signature Edition

  Sign and Drive: 2021 Infiniti Q50 Adds Special Signature Edition Is the Infiniti Q50 the Lincoln Town Car of 2021? Hear us out for a second. Like the long-gone Town Car, the Q50 packs a rear-wheel-drive punch under sedan skin. It also now includes a “Signature” trim line. Sure, Infiniti technically calls its latest Q50 model the Signature Edition, but the point stands: both of these wildly different cars include (or in the case of the Lincoln, included) a variant that gives a nod to the ol' John Hancock. © Manufacturer 2021 Infiniti Q50 Signature Edition 12 Unlike the boaty Town Car Signature trim line of yore, the Q50 Signature Edition is a "limited production model," per Infiniti.

"I am very enthusiastic that we could win Milky chance for our festival finish. That just goes great at this place and I think that's great, "says festive conductors Till Krägeloh.

One of the other new entrances for the cast on stage is the jazz and soul singer Lisa Simone, daughter of Nina Simone, who appears with her program on the new stage La Mer.

as well as: The Australian Singer-Songwriter Stu Larsen, the solo artist Stanovsky and Roger, Rapper Eunique, the Duo Reyko from London, Aleksandra "Bonnie" SKARC and KAY Shanghai.

In addition, there are still some secret acts that will be betrayed only at festival starts.

Hygiene concept has been adjusted

Number Secure, however, the festival hygiene concept goes. "In order to further minimize the risks of infection, the control mechanisms were tightened: instead of the 3-G rule, the vaccinated and recent persons excluded from the test obligation, a consistent test for all who enter the festival grounds, without exception" , it says in a message of the festival. "Whether the test stations on site or test centers are used in the region, the festival guests are left - the main thing, the test is daily and recorded on the Corona Warn app or registered as Verifoo code."

Porsche Boxster EV Concept Could Be Coming Soon

  Porsche Boxster EV Concept Could Be Coming Soon Electric prototypes of the current-gen Boxster are undergoing testing, and Porsche is working to get a concept released. Porsche says it is working on releasing a Boxster EV concept. We're not sure when it or the production version will arrive, but they'll use a new, not-yet-announced electric platform. The new Macan EV will be sold alongside the gasoline-powered model, so we think the next-generation Boxster and Cayman could do the same. Porsche has been talking about electric versions of its entry-level Boxster and Cayman sports cars for the past decade, and the next step could be a concept vehicle.

Watt de Schlick 2021 - Program


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