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20:21  31 august  2021
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according to H & M: So Leggings must look to be trend in autumn

 according to H & M: So Leggings must look to be trend in autumn since the Corona Pandemic and work in Leggings - the sporty pants are finally super comfortable. And even if life is taking place outside slowly, we still do not want to do without our favorite trouser trend . © Getty Images According to H & M: So Leggings must look to be trend in autumn Getty Images Leggings remain in autumn 2021 hottest and are among the hottest trend pieces. Like Leggings this season must look like to really be hip, we'll show you here.

transitional jackets are a must-have in autumn. With them we are prepared for any weather conditions and every sudden weather exchange. Five models are fully in trend in 2021. We introduce them to you.

  Übergangsjacken: Diese Modelle liegen diesen Herbst im Trend © Shutterstock / GaretsWorkshop

Transitional Jackets are available in countless variants. Logical! But with which model are you in the autumn 2021 in the trend? Quite simply - we brought you five trendy models. With them they are not only well dressed, but can either underline their look perfectly or skilfully - for an exciting, fashionable touch. Which transitional jacket is your favorite?

Transitional Jackets: Trend Models for Autumn 2021

Slinky Knits: This fashion trend proves that knit can also be sexy

 Slinky Knits: This fashion trend proves that knit can also be sexy jeans and oversized knit sweater are our favorite uniform for the cool season. However, we therefore refrain from this autumn on the convenient oversized look and swap knitted slabber thrust with the new fashion trend towards Slinky Knits. The curves are elegant in scene and proves that knit can act surprisingly sexy. What distinguishes the new autumn fashion trend and how to combine this stylish, you will learn here.

Trench Coat

The Trench Coat comes and goes to the fashion gild. 2021 He is once again full of trend. No wonder: With his classic cut he can be combined versatile. Whether a torn Mom jeans (also in trend) and T-shirt for a cool style mix or a business outfit for an elegant look - a good trench coat accompanies you in all situations. Classic sounds like beige and black give you the most scope in combining; Strong colors or delicate pastel tones use colored accents in otherwise simple outfits.


Blazer have long been storing their pouring image for a long time. In the fall of 2021 they are once again announced. Because as transition jackets, they hold first smaller bakes without covering the entire outfit. On the contrary. With the appropriate Blazer - gladly in oversize or a pastel - you can additionally underline your look or make a cool casual business combination from a casual jeans outfit.

because of BRAV! School Shoes are the Hippest Shoe Trend in Autumn 2021

 because of BRAV! School Shoes are the Hippest Shoe Trend in Autumn 2021 © Getty Images Shoe Trend: School Shoes we notice ourselves as a trend for autumn in front of Getty Images In the fall, we are not back in the classroom for us For that you can now feel a bit like a schoolgirl in the new fashion trends of the season. Because: School Shoes are already the coolest shoe trend for the fall, which is reminiscent of the uniform look of an elite school (Gossip Girl greeting!).

bomber jacket

In this transitional jacket, the ghosts divorce and yet is sure: the bomber jacket is back! In terms of coolness, the bomber jacket beats pretty much any other transition jacket. But who believes to be able to style these "only" casually, who is wrong. You can easily wear a chic outfit with an bomber jacket and break your outfit deliberately.

Stepping Jacket 2.0

Stepping Jackets did not necessarily have the reputation, modern and trendy. Not for nothing, these transitional jackets also like to be called "Granny Coats" ("Grannies"). In the fall of 2021 it is finish! Quilted transitional jackets are in trend and are reinterpreted. It does not always have to be classic carous patterns. Also rhombuses and amorphous shapes are welcome to this fall.

denim jacket or leather jacket? How about a leather coat?

little surprising and always always in the trend are denim jackets and leather jackets. Especially the latter gets an exciting update in the fall of 2021: the leather coat complements the wardrobe of many leather jacket carrier: inside. Clear plus is the length with a view to our kidneys and health. Apart from that, an leather coat simply looks insanely cool and gives your outfit - with appropriate quality of the material - a (additional) luxurious push.

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