Auto Shows OMG, thin eyebrows are back! When it comes to this Celebrity, this controversy 90s-beauty trend celebrates a comeback

14:40  13 september  2021
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thin eyebrows: This controversy 90s-beauty trend celebrates its comeback - and we are surprised!

  OMG, dünne Augenbrauen sind zurück! Wenn es nach diesem Celebrity geht, feiert dieser kontroverse 90er-Beauty-Trend ein Comeback © Getty Images &

Eyebrow had to be broad, bushy and bold last. Is this time now over? It seems so, because a rather controversial 90s-beauty trend celebrates his comeback: narrow, thin and contoured brew . While in the nineties and initial zero years an absolute must have been an absolute must to spoil the eyebrows as thin as possible, that was free of charge from 2010 at the latest. But now the wafer-thin brows are back - and they look much more cooler than you could think.

& 90er-beauty trend: Bella Hadid brings thin eyebrows back

The 90s Beauty Trend was shaped by superstars as Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani and Drew Barrymore. Now one of the most demanded top models of today proves that contrary to all opinions of Big-Brow fans, even today's slim brewing can rock: Bella Hadid. This has recently evidenced with pretty narrow and defined eyebrows.

90s-Kajal celebrates a comeback 2021! So you make the make-up trend

 90s-Kajal celebrates a comeback 2021! So you make the make-up trend the make-up escapades of the 90s are legendary: Without blue eyeshadow, thin eyebrows, a powdered complexion and brown lipstick went nothing at that time. A make-up trend that is currently celebrating its comeback and emphasized every eye shape: black kajal on the waterline celebrates a revival and was now even on the Catwalk of Dior and Chanel to see.


added, Bella Hadid was never someone who wore very broad or bushy brewing , but nevertheless one can observe that the fine hairs over the eye have recently plucked accurately .


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Controverser eyebrow trend on Tiktok: That makes thin brew with the face

and one thing is clear: When Bella Hadid suits a trend, he gets enough room - also on Tiktok. This makes it clear that the micro-brow comeback splits the beauty community. Make-up artist Ellen Malone turns to your followers and conjures up: "No, no! Put the tweezers away. Ten years of eyebrow rehab here," she says and points to her novel eyebrows.


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Other, however, belong to the Team Skinny Brows and show that the 90s Beauty Trend can act very differently today. A Beauty Toteoker explains: "I will start a petition to re-introduce thin eyebrows. I think you are the reason why the Girlies looked so good in the 2000s."


link to TKTOK video

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