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23:00  14 september  2021
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shoe trend: These 3 sandals fit best to flower clothes

 shoe trend: These 3 sandals fit best to flower clothes we love dresses ! We could wear them all year round, but especially in summer they will be used every day. No wonder, just overlook and voilà - the look is the look. Especially flower dresses are very high on the list. Through her colorful prints, they immediately make a good mood and let it always be attracted. Due to the eye-catching patterns, you do not have to worry about the remaining styling anymore. Only the shoe selection must be covered.

With just a few steps, create more cosiness in your own home: This is how the Zwiebellook for the bedroom

Trägt Ihr Schlafzimmer schon den Zwiebellook? iStockPhoto © iStockphoto carries your bedroom already the Zwiebellook? Istockphoto

soft crackling firebire fire, the scent of freshly cooked pumpkin soup, gentle candlelight. Comfort and coziness are capitalized in autumn. It makes it all the better that the Zwiebellook for the bedroom turns its four walls in a flash into a feel-good cavity. Correctly heard, the Lagenlook is not only in fashion, but also in the bedroom totally announced and ideal for the cooler days. We'll show you how to worry about only a few steps for a cozy atmosphere:

We prophesies: These boots from Edited will be in the fall of 2021 the hottest shoe trend

 We prophesies: These boots from Edited will be in the fall of 2021 the hottest shoe trend An ABC of autumn words is quickly written: A like "apple harvest", B like "colorful leaves" and C like ... well!. .. " chunky chelsea boots ". © Getty Images Shoe Trend: In the fall of 2021 the boots of Edited Hottest Getty Images are that we connect the Shoe Trend inseparable with the cold season is not surprising. After all, the ankle boots reminiscent of classic Chelsea boots, but have a chunky sole, have become an integral part of our shoe cabinets since 2019.

stacked covered blankets

just when the days are cooler again, we like to cuddle into a soft blanket. But first draped on the bed on top of each other, they become a real eye-catcher and ensure an atmospheric atmosphere. As innumerable as it is in sizes and materials, for example, from wool, bouclé, flannel or also artificial skins , are also the combination options. Your creativity knows no limits! Especially autumnal are covered colors like beige, gray or brown.

not only with blankets, but also with pillows and puffs of soft fabrics and natural textiles create a welcoming mood that invites you to linger.

superimposed carpets

The Lagenlook does not stop in front of the carpets! In autumn we lay carpets on each other and create a real feel-good atmosphere. It is recommended to select an Simple, Flat Base . The carpet about this may be all the more conspicuous for this. Play with textiles, shapes, colors and patterns - and the Zusionllook is perfect!

superimposed curtains

double holds better! Also, what are curtains, Jalousies & Co. concerns. The last step for more cosiness in the bedroom is to hang several curtains on top of each other, but as well as you can also lay a curtain over a blind. It is recommended to combine a bright, semitransparent color with a darker. This gives your bedroom the necessary ease and coziness for the autumn days.

Fashion News: Pants with this detail are in the fall 2021 fashion trend .
Currently wearing fashion women's most favorable pants with a specific detail. These trend pants values ​​each outfit randomly and should therefore be missing in any autumn wardrobe © Getty Images In the autumn we love pants in this optics Getty Images you think of the typical autumn fashion, come to a layer look, knit and rain shoes in the meaning. But there is something that every autumn outfit immediately elegant and stylish can look: pants in leather look.

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