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22:45  16 september  2021
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  Taxer les très riches, choyer la classe moyenne: Biden défend sa vision de l'économie américaine © AFP

T axis the richest, pamper the middle class: joe biden , weakened from the chaotic removal of Afghanistan , defended a gigantic public spending plan on Thursday, the flagship project of its mandate, that the US Congress still must vote.

He did not mince his words, in a speech at the White House: "These last forty years, the rich became richer" and large companies "have lost the sense of responsibility".

"Ordinary Americans, who work hard, have simply been ousted" Economic Game, "he said again.

It has been several weeks since the 78-year-old democrat muscle its economic and social speech, to defend a program that it has assured Thursday that it could "change the trajectory ( US ) for the years or even decades. to come".

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Joe Biden, if it wants to increase the taxation on large and wealthy companies, by canceling tax cuts decided by its predecessor Donald Trump , promises not to touch that of the Americans of the middle class. He also wants to bring them more financial serenity, reducing the costs of health, education and child care.

These great social promises, whose invoice reaches $ 3,500 billion, are backed by a more consensual infrastructure investment program (bridges, roads, electricity grid etc.), amounting to $ 1,200 billion.

This last component, which may even count on republican opposition voices, is more advanced in the legislative process.

But the other pan, unpublished in its magnitude and very daring on the bottom, in a country where the social security nets are tenus, is far from being completed.

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The next few weeks promise to be feverish in the corridors of the Capitol, where the American Congress sits, and will be a real test for the American president.

Joe Biden, with a very long experience of Senator, will be happy to present as a parliamentary game expert. But will his undeniable skill, when his popularity rates accuses the shot after Afghanistan's chaotic withdrawal?

Red Carpet and Nobel Prices

Some Tenors of Joe Biden Party are worried aloud about gigantic social spending.

Wednesday, the White House has received the visits of Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Kyrsten Sinema, two openly skeptical democrats - and elected in states, West Virginia and Arizona, where the electorate is not automatically acquired to their party.

The opposite of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, figure of the left wing, elected from the House of Representatives in New York, to a seat that votes a democrat to an overwhelming majority for thirty years.

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"AOC" made Sensation Monday night, at the Gala of Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met), with a marked white evening dress of a message in scarlet letters: "Tax The Rich" ("Tax the rich").

Far from red carpets, 15 laureates of the Nobel Prize of Economie have published an open letter to support the project's projects - that Joe Biden did not fail to evoke in his speech on Thursday.

"Because this program invests in long-term economic capacities and will strengthen the possibility for more Americans to participate productively in economic life, it will reduce in the long term inflationary tensions," write these 15 economists, including Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Romer, Edmund Phelps or Angus Deaton.

The detractors of the president's projects estimate that the gigantic expenses planned will make the prices flame and undermine the purchasing power.

If he is aware of reorienting the US economy for "decades", Joe Biden is also confronted with a much more urgent arm this time with the Republican opposition, who refuses to raise the ceiling of the debt.

In agreement, the United States may be short of money during the month of October, warned the Biden administration. The country would no longer be able to repay its loans, pay federal employees' salaries, nor their pensions.

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