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 Carrie Bradshaw would love him! The shoe trend secure fashion professionals just at ZARA "Sometimes it's hard to put in the shoes of a single woman, so we occasionally need very special shoes - so that the heavy path makes something more fun." Yes, we vote Carrie Bradshaw in this regard fully too, but honest, for special shoes it takes no single-status this summer. Because for us, the end of Lockdown is already reason enough to invest in one of the new shoe trends of the season and to run it directly into our favorite restaurant.

Danse avec les stars 2021 : le moyen qu'a trouvé Christophe Licata pour communiquer avec Dita Von Teese qui parle peu le français… © Screenshot TF1 dancing with the stars 2021: the way that found Christophe Licata To communicate with DITA von Teese who speaks little French ... For this season 11 dance with the stars, Christophe Licata accompanies the American model Dita von Teese. The dancer had to see his English again.

During the first evening of Dance Season 11 with the stars, the viewers met of the first six binomits of the competition. Among them, Moussa, emblematic adventurer of Koh-Lanta, who participates with Coralie Licata, the companion of Christophe Licata, that he met on the plateau of is my choice . "Moussa is an adventurer. It's a machine. It's determined and go-at. He has a job because he has never danced of his life! He is aware of it and he works a lot", entrusted us with the mother of Livio . But with whom dance his companion, Christophe Licata ? It has been discovered during this second evening, broadcast this Friday, September 24th. The one who has been participating since 2011 at the entertainment of TF1 and which is mounted five times on the podium without ever returning to the trophy of the victory, accompanies the American model DITA von Teese , nicknamed the "queen of burlesque" . A duet that can hope to win victory.

Stock Exchange on Air: Jochen Stanzl - Chart Analysis of Tesla, Alphabet, Apple and Microsoft

 Stock Exchange on Air: Jochen Stanzl - Chart Analysis of Tesla, Alphabet, Apple and Microsoft © CMC Markets in Cooperation with Stock Exchanges Radio Network AG © Provided by Stock Exchange The new regulations in China against the technology sector press some shares rapidly and Ensure generally for uncertainty. Chief Market Analyst Jochen Stampl by CMC Markets: "The recent measures do not ensure that new confidence comes in and that now also shakes the overall market." So fingers away from China? "We have this valuation discount.

for Christophe Licata, Dita von Teese a "An exceptional class"

" I feel like having a Christmas present this season! DITA von Teese is a diamond. It has a lot of potential. She also has an exceptional class. I am very proud to be with her. She just has a memorization problem ", we told Christophe Licata who found a way to communicate easily with the American, who speaks very little French.

" I bought a small vocal translator who helps me a lot"

" I trained a lot! I looked at the series in English, listened to podcasts. We can understand each other when we do not speak too much Quick. The last hour of training, I often have the brain on fire. So I bought a small vocal translator that helps me a lot. I feel that the language barrier fades ", explained to us Christophe Licata, who remained friends with the singers Amel Bent and Priscilla Betti or the comedian Laetitia Milot.

e-bike in the vintage look of Harley-Davidson comes this year .
1/6 pictures © Harley Davidson 2/6 images © harley davidson 3/6 images © harley davidson 4/6 images © Harley Davidson Natural pain relief with Nanotech Display Kailo The slideshow is continued on the next slide 5/6 images © Harley Davidson 6/6 Images © Harley Davidson The e-bike in the retro look only 650 pieces are sold. Half of them in Europe. © Harley Davidson Harley Davidson has announced his vintage e-bike s1 mosh / tribute for sale this year in Europe.

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