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17:25  25 september  2021
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Modetrend: Marc Cains Shacket ist die hippste Übergangsjacke instagram/constantly_k, Georg Teigl Photographs © instagram / constantly_k, georg doughl photographs fashion trend: marc cains shacket is the hoodest transitional jacket Instagram / Constantly_k, Georg Teigl Photographs

"Shacket is back! "If you talk about this sentence several times a loud after each other, you might also mean it is a cool new hip hop song. Rather behind it is the coolest fashion news of the autumn.

Because after the shacket, a mix of classic shirt (English: "shirt") and jacket, already last year by far the coolest transitional jacket of the season, it is also in the fall of 2021 one of the most sought-after fashion trends .

no wonder, after all, the Jacken Trend looks casual and elegant at the same time. He owed to the perfect mix of classic fit and cool and modern materials as well as patterns (e.g., Karo, Tweed or Corde).

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 autumn trend: With this red buffer jacket you are doing all right © Getty Images Autumn Trend: This buffer jacket in red is now a must-have getty pictures red is not just a warm color - you is also a contradiction. For example, the sound is on the one hand for positive things like love and passion, but on the other hand for fire, danger and anger. according to the color expert * inside of Alpina has red but also other features: "No color is so present and intense as red. It stands above all for enforcing power and power. There is no way past her.

How geniome of this said mix looks in autumn 2021 proves the label Marc Cain . Their shacket is now the favorite fashion trend of influencers.

Fashion trend: Marc Cains Shacket is added the hippest transition jacket

that we discovered the transition jacket as a fashion trend was not exactly difficult. In the Instagram Feed, the Jacket is hard to miss thanks to its eye-catching carous pattern in yellow, orange and khaki.

Added to this is the cool cut and the extremely fluffy material. The latter consists of high quality mohair and alpaceau, which is aeraut and squeezed after knitting. Because the yarns are additionally processed with different knitting techniques, this creates a cool high-deeply pattern.

And even with the fit, the fine details make the transition jacket really hip. Instead of a classic button placket, the fashion trend has a zipper and the front pockets are not on breast heights, but on hip height.

So you can find the shacket as a fashion trend in autumn 2021 Styl

The rest of the styling is of course with such a striking transition jacket of course: less is more. Because only in combination with subtle parts, the checkered fashion trend can come correctly.

If you do not want to do without paint, you should choose tones that find yourself in the karo pattern of the jacket. And: For the fluffy yarn of the fashion trend, parts of (art) leather in the material mix look particularly awesome.

Because the shacket is not just a bargain with a price for more than 500 euros, we have picked up another checkered transitional jackets for aftershops:

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