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17:40  13 october  2021
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Automess: IAA wants to convince with a new concept

 Automess: IAA wants to convince with a new concept The Autausesse IAA should become the folk festival for mobility. The industry association VDA wants to achieve such a broader target group and counteract the loss of meaning. © dpa The Automesse IAA takes place 2021 with a new concept and for the first time in Munich. Anyone who visits the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) this year can test E-bikes in Munich's city of e-bikes, go to concerts, let themselves make up and discuss with climate activists.

The electrification of road traffic must significantly win ride from the point of view of a government commission in the coming years.

Bundesverkehrsminister Andreas Scheuer auf dem ITS-Weltkongress für Mobilität und Logitik in Hambureg. © Markus Scholz / DPA Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer at the ITS World Congress for Mobility and Lion in Hamburg.

"Despite significant technical progress, the transport sector has not reduced CO2 emissions in recent years," it says in the final report of the National Platform Future of Mobility (NPM), which was presented on Wednesday. The traffic volume is especially in freight traffic. At the same time, climate goals would be tightened.

According to the Expert Board, up to 14 million electric vehicles in Germany must be on the road by 2030 in order to deliver a sufficient contribution to the implementation of the climate goals intensified in June. As a previous planning horizon for the car industry, seven to ten million E-cars had been grown 2030. Against the background of the intensification of fleet limits and announcements of the manufacturers prepared by the EU Commission, however, a significantly higher stock is considered realistic and may be required for achieving the climate goals ».

to Corona no rethinking in mobility?

 to Corona no rethinking in mobility? The Corona Pandemic has temporarily changed the mobility of the Germans to a true rethinking, this will not lead to a study. © Henning Kaiser / dpa Travelers walk at Dusseldorf Airport with suitcases through the departure lounge. "The results suggest that the large mobility revolution has failed," writes the Fraunhofer Institute for System and Innovation Research ISI (Karlsruhe) with a view to a representative survey.

However, the targeted order of magnitude is the German car fleet still very far away, even if the proportion of e-cars rises in the new registrations. The AutoIndustryverband VDA reaffirmed its reminder that a nationwide charging infrastructure is necessary for the drainage of electromobility, "which makes people's confidence that they can load everywhere».

expressly renounces the platform to concentrate on e-mobility on the conversion of car traffic. This recommends that the PLUG-IN HYBDRIDE PLUG-IN HYBDRIDE, driving with electric drive and internal combustion engine, as "landingers", which could lead customers to electromobility.

The NPM had been commissioned by the Federal Government three years ago to submit proposals for climate neutrality in transport and preserving a competitive auto industry. Participants of the Commission consisting of a total of 240 experts criticized that the conclusions are too carolastic. Although the final report also recommends that public transport on road and rail must be more attractive and more flexible. Several associations, including the federal government and the German city day, criticized "the lack of will, to reduce car traffic," and demanded priority for foot and cycling and public transport from the next federal government. The chairman of the Federal States' Minister of Transportation, the Bremen Senator Maike Schaefer (Greens), also emphasized, the mobility transition needs more alternatives to the car website.

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Federal Minister of Traffic Andreas Scheuer rejected the criticism. 95 percent of traffic-related CO2 emissions accounted for road traffic. "That's our topic, where do I take the fastest mass in achieving the climate goals, and that's just the topic street, and there is the car." VDA boss Hildegard Müller stressed, especially in the countryside cars for many people are indispensable. They are ready to use different means of transport, but not always suitable offers. "Here there is still a lot of catching up."

Scheuer appealed to the auto industry to produce more parts in Germany. It would be the wrong message to the motorists to deduct premiums for the purchase of electric vehicles, "the end consumers but then have to wait a three-year year on the product because different parts are not available». In the industry, it always comes to production stops because, for example, semiconductors are missing. Important suppliers are sitting in Asia. The CSU politician said, "I hope that not only the global look of a manufacturer is the crucial, but also what it must remain in Germany in order to keep the supply chains in Germany".

NPM boss Henning Kagermann showed optimistic that the climate-neutral conversion of traffic under the dash of more jobs creates as destroyed. However, the biggest challenge is the qualification. "The difficulty is there to come there because there are other jobs» and significantly more experts for digitization and services would be needed. "The question is: Can I get today's employment team over to the new world?" It is also important for employment to be able to produce as many the parts necessary for e-mobility competitive in Germany.

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