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10:40  14 october  2021
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"Fast & Furious 9" beats Marvel adventure "Black Widow": Best thumbnail in the Corona Time for Vin Diesel & Co.

 with 520,000 visitors from Thursday to Sunday (and about 600,000 including previews) Breeded Vin Diesel , Michelle Rodriguez & Co. directly to the top position of the German Kinocharts. These are the principal calculations: movie and inside: cinema published - and they show that people in Germany are looking for a month's time on the couch to leave the house again to watch movies to see on the big screen.

As always, we ask at this point is a selection of interesting cinema restarts before that you can watch it from now on - today with Liam Neeson as a trucker in the ice, a medieval, directed by Ridley Scott duel and a moving road trip with Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci.

Diese Woche neu im Kino: Eisige Action mit Liam Neeson und der neue Mittelalter-Film des © Code Entertainment this week at the movies: Icy Action with Liam Neeson and the new medieval film "Gladiator" -Regisseurs "The Ice Road": Liam Neeson has a convoy over ice drive

action star Liam Neeson plays a trucker who must ensure that several trucks to the rescue of buried miners go unscathed across a frozen Canadian lake. But the ice is fragile, because " The Ice Road " plays late April - and the convoy is attacked, so Neeson has also ward off all sorts of enemies in the whole action.

Box-Office US: Shy Starts for Old and Snake Eyes

 Box-Office US: Shy Starts for Old and Snake Eyes The American Box Office is in Bern! Old takes the ranking head with only $ 16.5 million in recipes. The movie, however, allows you to beat Snake Eyes, Spin-Off of G. Joe, which starts well below the other movies of the saga.

Movie guide to "The Ice Road"

"The Ice Road" is the right film for an audience that like in one of his typical age roles sees the Oscar-nominated actor Liam Neeson - and on frosty Survival thriller stands with simple-effective Gaga-premise. The trucks have on the fragile ice - it is hard to remember to "speed" of a better idea for a thriller set on vehicles, which is why "The Ice Road" is always best if the action with huge trucks on the ice is central.

"The Last Duel" ( "? Can You Ever Forgive Me") #metoo medieval

Together with the indie director Nicole Holofcener have Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for "the Last Duel" their first common scenario since the oscar-winning script for "Good Will Hunting" written. It's about a case of something like that actually the 14th century has happened in France: Jacques Legris (Adam Driver) raped Marguerite de Carrouges (Jodie Comer), wife of Jean de Carrouges (Matt Damon), the Jacques then wants to fight in a duel to the death.

The Bog (TFX): Fastly casting, planetary tube ... everything about the genesis and the scenes of the cult film that revealed Sophie Marceau (video)

 The Bog (TFX): Fastly casting, planetary tube ... everything about the genesis and the scenes of the cult film that revealed Sophie Marceau (video) © Dr the Boum (TFX): Fastly casting, planetary tube ... all on The genesis and the scenes of the cult film that revealed Sophie Marceau (video) The film of Claude Pinoteau La Boum has become, according to his multiple television rebroadcasts (like tonight at 21h on TFX), a cult film that transcends the generations. Hence the desire to tell you more on the scenes of his manufacture, with our video.

Our 3-star review of "The Last Duel"

At the end of " The Last Duel " is staging the latest official Knight duel in the history of France, with Ridley Scott makes it a massive, blaring fight, as one the director behind "Gladiator" and "Kingdom of heaven" just expected. Previously, Scott shows the events surrounding the rape of Marguerite de Carrouges from three perspectives, can without a doubt rise to the descriptions of Marguerite. However, the figures often sound there when they would take part in a debate # metoo the present, our chief critic Christoph Petersen "The Last Duel" has therefore become a very deliberate and academic film.

"Supernova": Stylish howl with top actors

Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci are close friends, they are among the best actors of our time and play in " Supernova " a couple that embarks on a journey together, because one is sick of them from dementia. And yes: "Supernova" is actually just as good and sad, as you can already think the reference to the brief introduction.

Our four-star review of "Supernova"

What can be had in the wrong hands at a kitsch celebration that would be interspersed with calendar sayings about farewells, relationships and gratitude, is under the direction of Harry Macqueen to a sensitive, well also funny movie about the end of a long relationship - told against the stunning natural backdrop of North West England.

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DTM training Norisring: Lawson brings on Fridays Best time, BMW again weak .
© DTM DTM Leader Liam Lawson starts optimally in the title finale on the Norisring preliminary measure on the Norisring for DTM Leader Liam Lawson at the season finale on the Norisring unknown for him: The New Zealand Red Bull Youngster secured the day best of three Mercedes AMG pilots in 49.375 seconds during Friday training in the AF Corse Ferrari in 49,375 seconds. And that in dry conditions and temperatures just at the 17 degrees.

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