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17:05  28 november  2021
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Transitional Jackets: These models are this autumn in trend

 Transitional Jackets: These models are this autumn in trend transitional jackets are a must-have in autumn. With them we are prepared for any weather conditions and every sudden weather exchange. Five models are fully in trend in 2021. We introduce them to you. © Shutterstock / GaretsWorkshop Transitional Jackets are available in countless variants. Logical! But with which model are you in the autumn 2021 in the trend? Quite simply - we brought you five trendy models.

when it became clear to us of a 2021, then that tight-cut jeans trends have finally disappeared from fashion radar. Instead, we have changed to anti-skinny jeans collectively and have diligently filled our wardrobe in recent months with pants that are casual, relaxed and cut .

Jeans-Trend im Winter: Trouser Jeans sind 2021 unverzichtbar! Getty Images © Getty Images Jeans Trend in Winter: Trouser Jeans are indispensable in 2021! Getty Images But just when we thought we have really collected all the

jeans trends of the season, screaming a new look on our wish list, before the fashion year 2021 increases the end. This is known as Trouser Jeans and plays with the perfect balance of elegant and casual . We reveal, which distinguishes the new jeans trend of fashion professionals and how to wear it in winter 2021. Jeans Trend: Trouser Jeans are the new denim darling for the winter 2021/22

Kate Moss makes the Boot Cut Jeans back to the fashion trend

 Kate Moss makes the Boot Cut Jeans back to the fashion trend © Getty Images Kate Moss makes the Boot Cut Jeans from the 90s back to the fashion trend Getty Images What we love to Kate Moss so? This woman always remains true to himself. This is especially noticeable at her style. For since she started in the 90s as a young model, the Britin is known for her casual chic, which never acts overstyles and is therefore suitable for everyday use. How much she hangs on her style, the 47-year-old once again proved at this year's London Fashion Week .

The new fashion trend of Trouser Jeans united

the best of two garments : the casualty of jeans and the elegance of classic pants (English : Trousers) made of fabric. The jeans trend is inspired by suit, cigarette, marlene and paperbag pants and therefore comes with typical elements of the elegant classic made of fabric. These include waistband on the trouser legs, decorative pockets and decorative seams, a gathered paperbag waistband with belt or wide, flowing pants legs , as we know you of palazzo and marlene pants. These give jeans trends a fresh update this winter and give it a new, sophisticated touch.

At the same time, the denim fabrics in

blue, black or cream but also for the certain Nonchalance , which is why Trouser Jeans are a relaxed, casual and less formal alternative to classic pants made of fabric. Thus, the jeans trends can not only be in the office , but above all in the free time, to the Café-Date with the * of the best friend * in, mulled wine round or in the favorite restaurant . Of course, it is important that the trouser jeans inspired by fabric pants should never sit too tight: The trouser legs are now preferably straight, issued or extra far cut so that the look really looks modern. Jeans Trend: So Trouser Jeans are styled in winter 2021/22

Chunky boots with high shaft will be in the autumn / winter of the shoe trend

 Chunky boots with high shaft will be in the autumn / winter of the shoe trend © imaxtree shoe trend autumn / winter: Chunky boots with high shaft are now in Imaxtree Chunky Boots counting for us very clearly to the best fashionable phenomena Last years. After all, these shoes are not only totally robust and weatherproof, but also especially Edgy. No matter what you combine, everything works with Chunky Boots in autumn / winter just a bit cooler.

jeans are not for nothing an all-time favorite basic in the wardrobe, after all, these can be wonderfully versatile - and this also applies to the new jeans trend Trouser Denim. In

everyday you can style this relax with a knit sweater in neutral nuances, flat chunky boots and a long wool coat style. Who likes it something elegant , on the other hand, for shirt bluses or turtlenecks made of cashmere, ankle boots with paragraph or loafers and for a trench coat above the denim outfit.

and even

At Partys , the Trouser Jeans Trend is now ensuring a stylish appearance: simply with an emphasized glamorous top (transparent organza blouse! White sluff blouse! Sequined body!) Combine this casual in the Insert the waistband, set a pair of sparkling jewelry accents and hatch in peak pumps . Which occasion you ultimately decide - Trouser Jeans are our new all-rounder for the cold season and finally a denim trend that can be interpreted both casual and elegantly.

fashion trend: 5 basics belonging in winter 2021 in each wardrobe .
© Getty Images Fashion trend: This 5 basics needed in winter 2021 really every * R Getty Images a golden shopping rule in our lives is: Buy only If you have at least three styles with the piece in the head. Does not always work, but more and more often (finally there are so many Fancy Pieces , which just have to stand alone for yourself).

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