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14:25  25 january  2022
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of the Hairstyles Trend around Curtain Bang's is the perfect solution for all who tend to be after subtle change

 of the Hairstyles Trend around Curtain Bang's is the perfect solution for all who tend to be after subtle change The wet-cold autumn season is often exactly the time in which changes are considered. The change of the seasons often brings things to question things - such as the own hairstyle. The relationship with the Hair is generally a very special. If the hairstyle changes, the idea of ​​who wants to be. For which hairstyle trend one should not decide too much in such a situation? For the pony.

with "Hair Frosting" swobs a new dyeing trend from London to us over

  Alternative zu Balayage: © Getty Images

Balayage is a true classic, an undisputed dyeing trend and darling In the hairdressing salons. But a little variety is never bad, right? That's exactly what we get offered with "Hair Frosting" now. This style is considered an optimal alternative to Balayage, is already capitalized in London and has the potential to start worldwide.

& "Hair Frosting" is the new dyeing trend

"French Glossing" and "Expensive Brunette" are the dyeing trends that will probably increase their popularity 2022. Now a new look in the list of trendy hair colors with: "Hair Frosting". This alternative to Balayage was developed by Stuart Marsh, Color Director at Taylor Taylor London and makes her hair dynamic and fresh. The effect is produced by the color play of light and darker strands. More specifically, hairdresser choose: inside in this technique individual strands, which get a cool blondton from the approach to the tips. The rest of the hair remains completely untreated.

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& This makes the London alternative to Balayage from

the gentle contrasts that characterize the "Hair Frosting", ensure a multi-faceted finish, which is very harmonious despite the light salt pepper effect. The different nuances merge together while the brightened strands fall on the dark ones. Similar to the frost, which lets trees in winter. Therefore, by the way, the name that the dyeing trend from London has received. Incidentally, this is therefore a great alternative to Balayage, because here is worked here in a different way with highlights to create a result as kissed by the sun .

& these stars bear the dyeing trend "Hair Frosting"

"Hair Frosting" has already found internationally appeal. Hailey Bieber is one of the customer: inside, which already carry the dyeing trend with glow effect already now. The basis of your look represents the trendy "Expensive Brunette", which was refreshed with gentle, bright highlights and even more lively looks like.

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also stars like Halle Berry, Sofia Richie and Suki Waterhouse have discovered the hair color, which is likely to conquer the hairdressing salons 2022.


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