Auto Shows Selena Gomez carries this unexpected blue tone on the nails - and it is the colorful nail trend for autumn

17:41  31 august  2022
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Selena Gomez wears this unexpected blue tone on the nails

  Selena Gomez trägt DIESEN unerwarteten Blauton auf den Nägeln - und er ist der farbenfrohste Nageltrend für den Herbst © Getty Images

as owner of her own beauty brand white Selena Gomez , of course, of course, What is the order of the day. But not just in terms of make-up! Because currently the owner of "Rare Beauty" shows us a nail trend that will sweeten us autumn 2022.

& Selena Gomez now wears turquoise on the nails

. Tom Bachik, who is responsible for the nails of some prominent customers: on August 29, 2022, posted a clip that Selena Gomez had previously uploaded to her Tikok account. It can be seen how she presents her new song "Calm Down", which was created in collaboration with the rapper Rema. But for Tom Bachik, the focus is not on the song, but on the nails of Selena Gomez, who, according to Hashtag, are his work. & popular blue tone: That is why nail polish in turquoise is so special , of course, the nail artist reveals his followers: Inside, immediately, immediately which color and fire it is: the nail polish color turquoise from Mia Secret.

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That this

blue tone

becomes an nail trend is not that surprising. After all, blue in all its facets has always been one of the most popular nail polish colors - especially in summer. With turquoise, which is actually a color between blue and green, you can carry this summer favorite perfectly on the nails in autumn. The color is radiant, reminds of the sea and is a real happiness booster for us. Perfect for autumn, if the mood can quickly turn into melancholic. \ \ By the way, special properties are also awarded in color psychology. So it should heal emotions, create an emotional balance and stability and top up the mind. It is somehow clear why Selena Gomez relies on this nail trend, after all, she is known for campaigning for mental health . &

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Selena Gomez makes this unusual nail polish a manicure trend for the winter 2022 .
Selena Gomez is a real power woman who has already survived deep rainfall in her life. A current documentary on Apple TV + "Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me" now tells of this. But these times are now behind the actress and that pressed her look at a premiere of her documentary and shone in bright evening robe. The singer not only rely on a good mood tone with her outfit, but also with her nail polish .

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