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5 Disappearing Cars We Won’t Miss in 2019

Thursday  21:15,   17 january 2019

As the car market evolves, some good cars get the axe, leading us at Consumer Reports to shed a tear. And then there are those that go away without an ounce of regret from us. Below are five cars that we bid good riddance to as they end their... >>>

Audi Closes Down European Delivery Program For U.S. Purchases

Thursday  19:31,   17 january 2019

You'll have to pick up your R8 at the dealership like everyone else. Audi had something of a rough year in 2018. In a press release last week, the German automaker cited “inventory challenges” behind a whopping 16 percent year-over-year decrease in... >>>

Best End-of-the-Year Car Deals

Thursday  19:00,   17 january 2019

As the end of the year approaches, great car deals are available now. New car shoppers will see significant rebates and more wiggle room in... >>>

Everything you need to know about switching car insurance policies

Saturday  00:30,   12 january 2019

How to switch your auto... >>>

5 Memberships That Offer Car Insurance Discounts

Wednesday  21:20,   09 january 2019

If you belong to one of these organizations or wholesale clubs, you're likely eligible for savings on your auto insurance policy — possibly worth hundreds of dollars a... >>>

Car Manufacturers Push Their Vehicles As Holiday Gifts

Monday  19:15,   31 december 2018

Almost every car manufacturer is offering year-end discounts in hopes of attracting consumers who want to give a car, pick-up, or SUV as a gift. The prices run from $15,000 for small economy cars to nearly $100,000 for some luxury vehicles. The car... >>>

10 tips on how to lower car insurance rates in 2019

Thursday  00:10,   27 december 2018

Car insurance is expensive enough without overpaying for a... >>>

7 Costly Car Insurance Shopping Mistakes — and How to Avoid Them

Wednesday  01:55,   19 december 2018

Don't let these auto insurance policy-buying missteps cost you hundreds or thousands of... >>>

What is the term of a car loan or lease?

Saturday  20:30,   15 december 2018

Explaining what a loan and lease are, as well as which might be better for... >>>

The Complete Guide to Getting the Best Possible Deal on Car Insurance

Saturday  01:40,   15 december 2018

This is the last article on understanding and shopping for car insurance that you'll ever... >>>

Should you trade in your car?

Thursday  10:41,   13 december 2018

How to determine the right trade-in price for your... >>>

The Best Time of the Year to Buy a Used Car: Right Now

Tuesday  22:30,   11 december 2018

As new car prices rise, so too do used car prices. But if you're in the market for a good used car, you can't beat the deals available in... >>>

Why Getting Paid $50 to Test Drive a New Car Is Easier Than It Looks

Tuesday  00:15,   11 december 2018

Hyundai and many other brands offer these deals. Here's why they're worth it for both the customer and the... >>>

What does 'drive-off cost' mean, and what does it include?

Tuesday  00:15,   11 december 2018

Also known as "total due at signing" or "out the... >>>

How to Buy a Car

Tuesday  00:05,   11 december 2018

Read this guide on how to buy your first car and have a stress-free car-buying... >>>