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10 Best Holiday Car Deals in 2019

Thursday  20:50,   12 december 2019

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End of the Year Sales Tricks Car Dealers Use

Thursday  20:50,   12 december 2019

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12 Best End of Year Car Deals

Wednesday  19:09,   11 december 2019

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Should I buy a car before or after I retire?

Tuesday  22:55,   10 december 2019

This week we are discussing the timing of buying a new car around retirement, dealers that won’t sell out of state, and the best low-cost but high MPG manual car. © Photo: VWFirst up, if you are coming up on retirement and think you may need to buy... >>>

Don’t Be Fooled by These Costly Car Traps

Tuesday  18:45,   10 december 2019

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11 Best End of Year Truck Deals in 2019

Tuesday  18:10,   10 december 2019

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Is the End of the Year Really a Good Time to Buy a Car?

Tuesday  18:10,   10 december 2019

If you’ve been thinking of getting a new set of wheels, you might be tempted to check out those seasonal promotions. © Photo: ShutterstockUsed car sales are up and new car sales are down, according to Jessica Menton at USA Today, which makes dealers >>>

5 States Where a Car Accident Claim Will Cost You Most

Thursday  23:45,   05 december 2019

If you are at fault in an accident in these states, prepare to pay up for car insurance afterward.However, the toll is higher in some states than... >>>

Woman says ultrasounds looks like her late father kissing her baby

Thursday  21:12,   28 november 2019

"It could be him, just saying, ‘Hey, I’m here, and it’s all good," Shantel Carrillo said.“I posted the ultrasound," Carrillo told NBC San Diego, "and right when I posted it, like 30 seconds later, someone's like, ‘There's an angel kissing your... >>>

13 Car Leasing Mistakes That Cost You

Wednesday  21:40,   27 november 2019

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There Are Still Around 5000 New C7 Corvettes Reportedly Sitting on Chevy Dealer Lots

Wednesday  17:00,   27 november 2019

Don't want to wait for a new mid-engine C8? There are still plenty of new C7s out there to choose from. © Chevrolet Don't want to wait for a new mid-engine C8? There are still plenty of new Want to get your hands on a new mid-engine C8 Chevrolet >>>

25 Ways To Score a Good Deal on a Car Out of State

Tuesday  21:35,   26 november 2019

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The Best Black Friday SUV Lease Deals in 2019

Friday  22:45,   15 november 2019

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12 Best Black Friday Luxury Car Deals in 2019

Friday  22:05,   15 november 2019

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The Best Black Friday Lease Deals for 2019

Wednesday  19:00,   13 november 2019

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