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What Is a Good Credit Score to Buy a Car?

Saturday  22:30,   17 november 2018

Your credit score is one of the critical factors lenders look at when considering whether to finance your next auto loan and what interest rate to charge... >>>

Here Are the Best And Worst Certified Pre-Owned Deals Right Now

Friday  21:40,   16 november 2018

When car shopping, you’re bombarded with choices. Like choosing between buying new or... >>>

Do Banks Require a Service Contract For a Used Car?

Friday  19:45,   16 november 2018

Answers to questions about buying a service contract to get a loan on a used car, cosmetic damage on CPO vehicles and doing a private trade with an outstanding loan. First up, do lenders make service contracts mandatory for an “older” car? I... >>>

Be Extra Suspicious of Dealers Who Advertise This Way

Thursday  21:27,   15 november 2018

When it comes to buying cars, you should always have your guard up when working with dealerships. And you can get a really good idea on the type of operation they run based on their ads. As a professional car shopper, I’ve brokered hundreds of car... >>>

Think Twice Before Paying for Accident Forgiveness

Tuesday  22:30,   13 november 2018

If you pay extra for accident forgiveness with your car insurance, you might think your premium won’t go up if you cause a crash. But don’t bet on it... >>>

What is a limited warranty on a new car?

Tuesday  20:15,   13 november 2018

Understand what's meant by the term 'limited... >>>

What is dealer invoice?

Monday  16:20,   12 november 2018

Here's your guide to understanding this nebulous... >>>

Buy, Lease, or Subscribe? Automakers Offer New Approaches to Car Ownership

Saturday  03:45,   10 november 2018

Volvo and other automakers are betting that consumers are ready for a new, more flexible way of owning a... >>>

Why Won't Dealers Negotiate On Pre-Owned Cars?

Thursday  22:06,   08 november 2018

We discuss dealers not negotiating on used cars, paying for a private purchase from far away, and the disappearance of certified Audi A6 inventory. First up why don’t dealers negotiate on used cars anymore? I recently was in the market for a used... >>>

How much money should you spend on a new car?

Monday  19:02,   05 november 2018

Before you agree to a monthly payment for your new loan, keep these guidelines in... >>>

Should you buy a CPO used car, truck or SUV?

Saturday  09:56,   03 november 2018

Buying a certified preowned vehicle can save you money while offering new-car peace of... >>>

Car Dealerships Settle Fake Recall Claims With FTC

Monday  22:50,   29 october 2018

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settled what it called a first-of-its-kind deceptive advertising case against a Washington, D.C.-area car dealership group for allegedly sending recall warnings that were intended to boost the firm's repair... >>>

Drivers Say These Are the 11 Best Auto Insurers

Monday  17:55,   29 october 2018

Consumers have ranked these car insurance companies highest based on customer satisfaction. How does your auto insurer stack... >>>

These states have the most outrageous car insurance rates

Friday  19:45,   19 october 2018

Auto insurance will cost you up to 140 percent more in one state. Here's the easiest way to lower your rates no matter where you... >>>

Happy 25th Birthday: Lower Car Insurance Rates

Thursday  23:30,   18 october 2018

The money magic of your... >>>