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Mercedes Is Marketing Screen Size over Performance in the New C-Class

Wednesday  16:43,   24 february 2021

They’re impressive screens, with many features direct from the S-Class, but still. New Mercedes-Benz C-Class arrives in 2022; pricing is not yet announced.It’ll be loaded with safety, infotainment, and driver assistance tech, much of it borrowed... >>>

Gordon Murray T.50s Niki Lauda Looks Crazy Fast and Perfectly Balanced

Tuesday  05:55,   23 february 2021

The track-only supercar has extraordinarily powerful aero, a V12, and Niki Lauda’s name on it. Somebody slap... >>>

Lexus Let the Twitch Community Mod an IS and the Result Is Exactly What You’d Expect

Friday  21:52,   19 february 2021

Lexus Let the Twitch Community Mod an IS and the Result Is Exactly What You’d ExpectRegardless, Lexus has collaborated with Twitch streamer Fuslie to have her chat vote on the ultimate gamer modifications to a car, from what the internal aesthetic... >>>

How to check your car is ready for winter

Monday  20:31,   15 february 2021

With cold weather set to hit the UK, these are the ten top tips on how to ensure your car is fully prepared for... >>>

What's Your Take on Buying and Selling Cars With Cryptocurrency?

Wednesday  12:57,   10 february 2021

What's Your Take on Buying and Selling Cars With Cryptocurrency?We can pontificate about the dark art of crypto and how it fits in with and affects the buying and selling of cars all day but, instead, we'd like to hear what you all... >>>

Super Bowl 2021 commercial roundup: All of the car ads from the Big Game

Sunday  19:28,   07 february 2021

Super Bowl LV is almost upon us, but many car commercials have already hit screens, including some great ones.Whether you're here for beating Norway or getting emotional over a paralympic athlete, we've got you... >>>

Toyota, Lexus Upgrade Tools So You Can Buy New Cars 100% Online

Sunday  17:56,   07 february 2021

Toyota's SmartPath and Lexus's Monogram systems are expanding to a lot more dealers, meaning you only have to show up at a dealership if you really want to.The idea behind the year-and-a-half-old comprehensive retail program was to make... >>>

Someone Just Bought the Oldest New Car for Sale in the U.S.

Saturday  22:45,   06 february 2021

A brief story of an unlikely 2014 Lotus Evora and a Connecticut car dealer whose unwavering loyalty was finally rewarded. A Connecticut dealer just sold a brand-new Lotus Evora S coupe after having it in stock for seven years.We're calling this the... >>>

Super Bowl Ads: Automakers in the Game (and on the Sidelines)

Saturday  21:56,   06 february 2021

Commercials will be different this year, with fewer automotive brands and more feelings. GM has gotten the most attention leading up to Sunday's game, but Jeep might have a big surprise. The unpredictability and unknowns of pandemic life have,... >>>

Best-Selling American Cars

Saturday  10:40,   06 february 2021

The 25 most popular American-brand vehicles in the U.S.… The post Best-Selling American Cars appeared first on... >>>

Ahly fans project 'home' advantage at Qatar Club World Cup

Thursday  22:45,   04 february 2021

The third generation of the midsize pickup truck is finally here. It only took 17... >>>

Tesla’s Cybertruck Needs a Lot of Luck to Hit Its Production Target on Schedule

Tuesday  12:36,   02 february 2021

Elon Musk floats optimistic timeline for Cybertruck production start, but deeper questions remain. Elon Musk says that Cybertruck deliveries could start by end of year, but that the company would be"lucky" to achieve this.The Cybertruck is expected... >>>

Chevy and GMC gasoline-powered pickups close in on an expiration date

Thursday  20:45,   28 january 2021

General Motors hopes to only build zero-emissions vehicles come 2035, and that means the trucks as we know them will likely soon be gone.GM detailed sweeping plans and goals in a new climate plan on Thursday and included the efforts to only sell... >>>

Most Expensive New Cars in America

Saturday  18:52,   23 january 2021

Exclusivity for the well-heeled and well-wheeled.… The post Most Expensive New Cars in America appeared first on... >>>

Marca: Reinier loan from BVB could end prematurely

Friday  12:05,   15 january 2021

The guest appearance of the Brazilian offensive talent Reinier at runner-up Borussia Dortmund could end earlier than expected. © Provided by sport1.de Marca: Reinier loan at BVB could end prematurely The guest appearance of the Brazilian offensive... >>>