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buying 7 Good Reasons to Shop for Car Insurance in 2017

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  A Still-Functioning Auto Shop Relies on This Ancient Commodore 64 Computer A Still-Functioning Auto Shop Relies on This Ancient Commodore 64 Computer Amid all the fervor and hype surrounding the next-generation technology set to alter the way our transportation systems function, it’s good to be reminded once in a while that replacing outgoing models isn’t always a necessity.Case in point: There’s an auto-repair shop in Poland that, in 2016, is running at least some of its business on a Commodore 64.

Car insurance rates never stay constant for a long time. They vary car by car , state by state and company to company. How often do you check for Let’s say if a person buys car insurance in Kenya in the month of July and September, you may get good deals on car insurance rates as this period is

Car insurance is supposed to save you money in the case of an accident or theft, but that hardly feels true when you pay your monthly premiums. One way to ensure you get the best monthly rate is to shop for car insurance every six months. While this might seem excessive, there are many reasons

Car insurance forms and car key.© glegorly/Getty Images Car insurance forms and car key.

Car insurance is meant to provide protection from a large financial burden in the event of a crash, but how do you avoid paying too much for coverage? "Shop around for car insurance" may be an insurance cliché, but it's still the best advice on how to save money on your policy. It literally costs nothing to shop and can often result in hundreds of dollars in annual savings. How often should you look around? The answer is subjective, but we think you should look around every six months to make sure you're getting the best deal. Here's why.

1. You've maintained insurance coverage (and a good driving record).

10 lies people believe about auto insurance

  10 lies people believe about auto insurance 10 lies people believe about auto insurance

“ Shop around for car insurance ” may be an insurance cliché, but it’s still the best advice on how to save money on your policy. It literally costs nothing to shop and can often result in hundreds of dollars in annual savings. How often should you look around?

Compare car insurance rates Best car insurance Cheapest car insurance Car insurance reviews Car insurance discounts To find the best company for you while shopping for car insurance 2017 company satisfaction data from Consumer Reports’ most recent car insurance survey.

Mother driving with her kids.© Marc Romanelli/Getty Images Mother driving with her kids.

Normally, car insurance is most expensive when purchasing a policy for the first time or after you've been without coverage for more than a month. In fact, some companies look at drivers without coverage as being too high risk and will not offer a policy at all until that person has been insured elsewhere first.

As you maintain continuous insurance for six months, however, you are seen as a better risk by more companies and eligible for a prior insurance discount. Data from The Zebra's State of Auto Insurance report shows an average savings of $100 annually after being insured for just one year, and the discount continues to improve year over year.

Like most things related to car insurance, the amount of the discount varies by company, so shopping around every six months will help to maximize the benefit to your rate. And if you've had a lapse in coverage, it is even more important to compare rates since you may be losing part or all of the discount you have built up.

3 Things That Can Get You Dropped From Car Insurance

  3 Things That Can Get You Dropped From Car Insurance 3 Things That Can Get You Dropped From Car InsuranceWe've explored some of the most common reasons car insurance policies are canceled: things like failing to pay the premium, fraud, making unapproved modifications that change the value and functionality of your car, having your license suspended or revoked, and major moving violations (especially DUIs or DWIs). But here we'll explore some of the ways drivers end up getting dropped from their insurance policies that have nothing to do with their driving records — or anything they've done.

Scoring better car insurance rates starts with pinning down why your premiums might be higher in the first place. Beyond changes you make, you should also get a free quote for car insurance in your area. By shopping around and comparing insurers. you could get lower rates without changing a thing.

Car insurance is one of those things where you could be paying more than ,000 annually than you need to — just because you haven’t shopped “You have to shop individually with different insurers [by] calling them all.” As insurance is state regulated, Clark would love to see each state create an

2. You had a birthday since your policy last renewed.

Fallen Leaves on Parked Car© Arunas Klupsas/Getty Images Fallen Leaves on Parked Car

Here's a nice birthday gift for most drivers — the older you get, statistically the lower your insurance rates are (to a certain point, that is)!

Shopping around for a new auto insurance rate is especially important for younger drivers on their own policy since they pay the highest rates, but older drivers can qualify for better rates based on age too. The Zebra's research shows that rates drop by more than 50% on average for drivers between the ages of 16 to 19, drop slightly less than 50% for drivers between 20 to 25, and continue a downward trend until age 60, at which point they slowly increase as drivers age. The idea that rates decrease at age 25 is still correct, but the truth is that drivers can benefit from lower rates before and after their 25th birthday, and many other birthdays as well.

8 Smart Ways to Save on Teen Auto Insurance

  8 Smart Ways to Save on Teen Auto Insurance Adding a teen to your policy can boost your rates by thousands of dollars. Here's how to snare great coverage at a reasonable cost.She or he is celebrating a big step towards adulthood, and you are excited by the break from constant chauffeur duties.

Car Negotiating Tips. Best Car Insurance For Young Adults. Close. Car insurance companies thrive on consumer complacency. Most people are happy to stick with the same carrier year-after-year, even as their Here are 6 reasons you should shop around for new car insurance every six months

Some of the best car insurance companies offer discounts on anything from bundled policies to good credit, zero claims, theft protection devices, and If your goal is saving money, the most important step in your search for car insurance is shopping around. Auto insurance rates can easily vary by

Further, since most auto insurance policy terms run for six or 12 months, you'll hit a birthday at least every other term as long as you stay continuously insured. (And even if you are on a 12-month term, you can still shop around and switch in the middle of your policy period.)

3. Your insurance rates fluctuate.

Two Drivers Exchange Insurance Details After Accident© Monkey Business Images/REX Two Drivers Exchange Insurance Details After Accident

Insurance companies often adjust their rating algorithms throughout the year to account for risk changes (think damaging storms or other weather events, changes in population, or even legislation), so rates can fluctuate month to month and even day to day. Although these rate changes are not usually significant on a short-term basis, they certainly can be over a six-month time frame.

This fluctuation essentially boils down to the fact that insurance companies are businesses – in fact, most major carriers are publicly traded companies and must answer to their shareholders, too. So if these companies have to pay out a lot in claims, they must account for that somehow so they remain profitable and financially solvent.

Car Insurance Rates Are Going Up

  Car Insurance Rates Are Going Up It turns out there’s a financial downside to cheap gas and solid job growth. As Americans drive more miles, car insurance claims are rising and so is the average insurance payout. Insurance compa nies are reacting by hiking premiums. Research Research New Used New & Used Make (e.g. Mazda) Model (e.g. CX-5) According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics car insurance rates rose more than 5 percent in the 12 months through March, a stretch when the overall inflation rate was less than 1 percent.

When shopping for car insurance became fun. Car insurance companies spend billions of dollars a year on advertising. Don’t just go with the big companies. Smaller to medium sized insurers that don’t advertise may be able to offer you a better combination of price and coverage.

Insurance for College Students. Best Cars for Teens. If you are hoping to finance and fully insure a salvage-titled car , you may be in for a surprise. Safety is one of the best reasons to avoid salvage-title cars . David Norton March 03, 2017 at 7 :26 PM. "Clean titled cars " are going through Detroit car auctions.

Insurance companies use historical data to forecast their potential exposure to claims payouts for the coming year and they may adjust what they charge in various areas due to an increase or decrease in risk. (Note, however, that the respective states' insurance departments must review and approve any rate hikes before they're enacted.)

4. Your vehicle value depreciates.

Two damage cars after accident© Eric Van Den Brulle/Getty Images Two damage cars after accident

The value of your vehicle is constantly decreasing so reassessing insurance rates regularly helps to keep your vehicle's value more relevant to your rate. In fact, our data shows that for each year a vehicle ages, the cost to insure it decreases by 2.4%. And for those fortunate enough to drive a luxury vehicle, rates are 20% lower for a five-year-old model compared to its newest version. In most cases, you will need to shop with a new company to take advantage of the cost savings since your existing company is less likely to adjust your rate. Why pay the same rate you did a year ago for a vehicle that has less value?

5. Carriers can be complacent.

should-you-shop-around-for-car-insurance© Blog should-you-shop-around-for-car-insurance

Insurance companies can insure millions of drivers at any particular time, which makes actively monitoring every single policy for rate updates impossible. Getting new quotes will ensure that you are being rated on the most up-to-date factors (and discounts) and that irrelevant factors don't hurt your rate.

Best insurance coverage for your car's age

  Best insurance coverage for your car's age Best insurance coverage for your car's ageWhy buy a new car when you can fix the old one and -- here's an added bonus -- pay less for insurance, too?

Car insurance estimates Best car insurance Cheapest car insurance Car insurance reviews Car insurance discounts Best cheap car insurance The only way to ensure you’re getting the best deal is to shop around. There are some savings at stake: A NerdWallet analysis found that good drivers

Find the best auto insurance in Illinois: Compare car insurance companies for free to get the cheapest insurance quotes and coverage. If you fall into this category, be sure to shop for new insurance rates just after the three-year and five-year anniversaries of your infraction.

For example, various violations like speeding or at-fault accidents are only legally allowed to be factored into your insurance rates for certain specified time periods. But if you have a traffic violation ticket on your record that passed that time period – but you are still in the middle of your policy term – you likely won't see any decrease until your policy renews. Therefore, by staying with your insurer instead of shopping around for a rate from a different insurance company (one that wouldn't be able to factor your previous violation into a new rate), you could be paying a significantly higher premium.

6. A lot of external factors apply.

Insurance claim form, expert at work.© Bart Coenders/Getty Images Insurance claim form, expert at work.

There are factors outside of your control that cause you to pay higher rates even if you have a clean driving record. Insurance companies view drivers who live in highly populated areas, areas with high amounts of vehicle theft, or areas with extreme weather events as more expensive to insure because there is a higher volume of claims being filed in those areas, and thus, a higher likelihood that you will need to file a claim. What can make this exponentially worse is if you are insured with a carrier that covers a large portion of your community.

Sure, the company is receiving premiums from many drivers, but that also exposes those companies to much more risk because of the density of its customer base. Imagine if a violent storm were to cause extensive damage in your area; then your insurance company is going to be faced with enormous claims payouts, which, as we've said, can cause your individual rate to be higher due to the increased risk in your area. Shopping around may introduce you to a new insurance company that covers far fewer drivers in your area, resulting in a lower rate.

10 Ways to Save When Your Teen Starts Driving

  10 Ways to Save When Your Teen Starts Driving Adding a teen to your car insurance policy is sure to boost your rates. But here are some good ways to keep those premiums lower.If your teen has turned 16, you’re probably nervous — both about the prospect of your child getting behind the wheel and all the costs associated with that new reality.

Find the best auto insurance in Georgia: Compare car insurance companies for free to get the cheapest insurance quotes and coverage. Drivers who are unable to buy Georgia car insurance on the open market — due to DUIs, poor credit or other reasons — can shop for coverage through the

Cheapest car insurance companies for young drivers. How much is car insurance for females vs The best advice we can give is to shop around with as many car insurance companies as possible. Aug 07, 2017 . If you don’t live in a flood plain, making sure your car insurance covers flood damage

7. Life happens & keeps happening.

Portrait of happy man driving car© Paul Bradbury/Getty Images Portrait of happy man driving car

There are aspects of your life that can also lead to additional savings on car insurance. Married couples normally qualify for better rates than their single counterparts (saving an average of $74 annually) because they are viewed as a statistically lower risk. Credit can also significantly impact rates (in all but three states); our study shows that drivers can save 17% on their car insurance by improving their credit by just one tier. Homeowners also pay about 2% less per year on their policies than renters. These factors may improve your rate with your existing company, but they also cause you to appear more favorable to other companies, which could result in significantly lower rates than even your provider can offer.

Because there are so many factors and variables the can cause rates to fluctuate, and because those things rarely line up on an annual basis, shopping around every six months will help to maximize your benefits and keep your insurance company honest. Insurance companies may have thousands, even millions, of customers at any one time, so it is up to each individual consumer to be on the hunt for the best rates.

Disclosure: Neil Richardson is a licensed insurance agent and advisor for The Zebra, an insurance comparison marketplace. An insurance nerd through and through, Neil has helped tens of thousands of customers understand and secure auto insurance with his expertise and unique knack for translating complex industry jargon into plain English.

Milestones That Can Change Your Car Insurance Rates, for Better or Worse .
his chart shows the average annual car insurance rates over the course of a lifetime for a single driver in the U.S. In general, 20-somethings pay extra because of their inexperience, while thos e 60 and older pay more for their increased risk of fender-benders. But different events over your life can translate into savings or penalties. Here’s what you can do to take advantage of the former and the sting out of the latter. Car insurance rates shown are national average annual premiums for a single driver.

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