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18:32  10 may  2019
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Lincoln Continentals Recalled

Lincoln Continentals Recalled Lincoln Continentals Are Recalled Because Some Doors Won't Latch 

Relax, America. Nobody’s going to take your sedans away. In fact, there are some great deals to be had on very good cars, thanks in no small part to the surge in SUV sales. There’s been confusion about this since Ford announced it will stop building and selling sedans and station wagons in the United

Posted on August 4, 2019May 5, 2019 by Detroit Free Press. SUVs are hot , and that means there are good deals on some terrific cars, like the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Ford Focus, VW Jetta and Chevy Malibu.

Relax, America. Nobody’s going to take your sedans away. In fact, there are some great deals to be had on very good cars, thanks in no small part to the surge in SUV sales.

Nissan Altimas Recalled | Rear Door

Nissan Altimas Recalled | Rear Door Nissan Altimas Are Recalled Because the Rear Door May Open

More car news: SUVs are hot sellers and that means you ' ll find sweet deals on sedans . More car news: Google, Samsung team up with Fiat to launch global connected vehicle 'ecosystem'.

Find the product that's right for you . No one is saying that sedans might actually vanish from the market. Planners are thinking long and hard whether to renew some sedan models as opposed to replacing them with crossovers of roughly the same length, width and height -- but with more volume

There’s been confusion about this since Ford announced it will stop building and selling sedans and station wagons in the United States. Ford’s decision was the extreme case of an environment in which all automakers are emphasizing SUVs because they can charge higher prices for vehicles like a Honda CR-V than an Accord, a Ford Escape than a Focus, or a Chevy Equinox than a Cruze.

That’s how markets work. It’s good business for automakers.

But when everything’s running right, markets also work for consumers. In this case, it that means you can get a terrific sedan for thousands of dollars less than a similarly equipped small SUV.

SUVs are hot sellers and that means you'll find sweet deals on sedans© Provided by Gannett Co., Inc.

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Nissan Murano Recall

Nissan Murano Recall Nissan is recalling 86,265 Murano SUVs from the 2009 model year to address a potentially faulty part in the antilock brake system (ABS). If this part fails, the brake pedal may move closer to the floor than usual and more quickly than a driver might expect. Even though the brakes are engaging, it may feel like they are not, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Stopping distance may also increase because of the extra time it takes for the pedal to travel further to the floor.

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Data from KBB.com shows the average transaction price — an industry term that essentially means the average amount buyers pay —  of many popular SUVs is thousands of dollars more than the equivalent car in the automaker’s lineup.

Examples from KBB research are below. SUVs and their average transaction prices are listed first, cars and prices second:

  • Honda CR-V $28,387; Accord $26,330
  • Nissan Rogue $27,938; Altima $26,241
  • Toyota RAV4 $29,817; Camry $26,919
  • Ford Escape $28,572; Focus $20,887
  • Ford Ecosport $24,365; Fiesta $17,267
  • Hyundai Kona $24,137; Elantra $19,625
  • Chevrolet Equinox $30,296; Cruze $21,330
  • Mazda CX-5 $29,899; Mazda 6 $26,556
  • Mazda CX-3 $23,964; Mazda 3  $21,969

Bottom line? If you don’t care about the availability of all-wheel drive and the improved visibility an SUV’s height gives — that is, if you’re part of the “They’ll pry my sedan out of my cold, dead hands” crew — you can save serious bucks, and still get the type of vehicle you want.

Mercedes-Benz Recall | Automated System Problem

Mercedes-Benz Recall | Automated System Problem Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Recalled for Partially Automated Driving System Problem Mercedes-Benz is recalling 6,200 S-Class sedans, coupes, and convertibles from the 2018 and 2019 model years becaus e their automated steering functions, such as lane centering and lane keeping assist, may continue to work even when the driver’s hands are off the wheel for a prolonged period of time. When it is working as intended, the system should sound a warning if it doesn’t detect the driver’s hands on the wheel. If the driver doesn’t respond to repeated warnings, the car will turn on its hazard lights and slowly come to a stop.

A (compact) SUV can give you almost as much utility and space as a (midsize) car. "Consumers are fairly confident now, and that means they're more willing to take that risk that fuel prices will go up. It means that they're willing to spend a little bit more both in purchasing and in keeping the vehicle on

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SUVs are hot sellers and that means you'll find sweet deals on sedans© Jessica Lynn Walker 2019 Chevrolet Equinox

No shortage of sedans

Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Hyundai aren’t about to stop building cars because they sell big numbers and their cars have a reputation that allows them to charge more than Ford and Chevy can, even if it’s not as much as all leading automakers can all charge for small SUVs.

“This isn’t a new trend,” Tim Fleming, KBB manager of industry forecasting, said. “The momentum to SUVs really picked up about five years ago. The best deals were about two years ago because manufacturers were over-producing cars.”

Since then, Fiat Chrysler has stopped building the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 sedans, a legitimately seismic — and brilliant — strategic decision the public met with a yawn because nobody cared much about the cars and FCA announced the plan quietly and without any plant closings.

GM got more attention when it said it would close plants that build slow sellers like the Buick LaCrosse, Chevy Cruze and Impala. Chevy will keep building the Malibu midsize sedan because GM isn’t sure sedans are dead and perhaps to keep its plant running while the company decides where to build new SUV-type vehicles that will be more profitable replacements for the departed cars.

Nissan Altima Recalled Over Fire and Stall Risks

Nissan Altima Recalled Over Fire and Stall Risks Nissan is recalling 23,903 of its 2019 Altima sedans to fix an improperly installed hose that could lead to a fuel leak, raising the risk of a fire or an engine stall, according to the National H ighway Traffic Safety Administration. If the hose partly disconnects, the resulting fuel leak could start a fire. If the hose disconnects entirely, it could cut off the fuel supply to the engine and cause a sudden stall, which may lead to a crash. Nissan says that no crashes or injuries have been reported related to the fuel leak. The automaker also says it became aware of the problem after a customer complained about the smell of fuel.

Many choices for smart money

Ford caught hell because it neglected to tell people it would introduce new small to midsize SUVs to replace the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion and Taurus. That information vacuum led some people to conclude Ford thought it could force them to buy big F-150 pickups and Expedition SUVs to replace the smaller, less expensive cars they want.

It won’t, because it can’t. That’s how markets work, too.

If Ford doesn’t offer vehicles in the major market segments, profits will tank and investors will storm the gates at company HQ in Dearborn and lo, a new company strategy will be born.

Just about every brand, whether luxury or mass market, has at least one car model that offers outstanding value or more features per dollar than its SUV counterpart.

Some to consider:

  • Audi A8 luxury sedan vs. Q8 SUV
  • Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen 4Matic station wagon or Jetta sedan vs. VW Tiguan SUV
  • Chevrolet Malibu sedan vs. Blazer SUV
  • Jaguar XE sedan vs. F-Pace SUV
  • Kia Optima sedan vs. Sorento SUV

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This article originally appeared on Detroit Free Press: SUVs are hot sellers and that means you'll find sweet deals on sedans

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