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Buying a car: How long should you keep your clunker?

  Buying a car: How long should you keep your clunker? My philosophy has always been to pay cash for a lightly used car and then drive it until the doors fall off. But which repair should be the last?In their respective driveways, my neighbors' heads immediately turned toward the chaos to see what was wrong. I took a deep breath, and slowly backed my 15-year-old car, with 200,000 miles on it, out of my garage, fresh off its primal scream.

Pros and cons of new cars . Pros are that no one else has used the car , so every mile, scratch, dent, and ding are personally yours. You know it’s there are a ton of things to consider when purchasing a new or pre owned vehicle. I have a car buying service that can help guide you to a great overall deal.

Pros -. If you can buy the car from a person you know or get to know, you can somehow judge how well the car was maintained and bargain. Cons . Might have to pay a bit of brokerage (But, you are paying for the additional facilities. So not really a con ). Pros . They will guide you with the best car you

Patrick Rizzo in a car talking on a cell phone: Buying a car© Deposit Photos Buying a car

So, you’re ready to buy a new car. There are more options than ever these days, but they all pretty much come down to two main categories:

  1. Buying a car from a private seller that you found online

  2. Buying a car from a car dealership

Which one should you choose? There are plenty of pros and cons to buying a car online and buying a car at a dealership, meaning the best choice depends on what’s important to you.

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of buying a car at a dealership to help you decide whether or not this option could work for you.

Pros of buying a car at a car dealership

  • You can view a variety of cars in person, and you can test drive the ones you’re most interested in.

    Porsche will let buyers skip the dealership and buy cars online

      Porsche will let buyers skip the dealership and buy cars online A new pilot program launching with 25 Porsche dealers will give potential owners a totally different purchasing experience.Buying and leasing options for new and used vehicles are included. You'll be able to browse available inventory online and handle nearly every part of the process without stepping foot in a dealership. All that's needed at the end is a visit to the dealer to sign final documents, and obviously, drive the vehicle away.

    Dealership Pros * Reputable dealerships will want to ensure they sell a good quality car . Being less than honest with customers could result in less customers. * A dealership will ensure there are no liens on a car .

    The Cons : You pay the store price, period. No adjustments for this, that, or the other thing that you might or might not like, no haggling to get a better price The one pro - you will have no stress. The con - you will pay too much. At a minimum you should contact as many dealerships as you can and

  • You can get help with financing your car.

  • You’ll have options to protect your purchase, such as warranties.

  • If you buy a used car at the dealership, you might be protected by lemon laws, which can protect you if your car turns out to be a piece of junk. Not every state has this law on the books, though, so make sure you review your state’s position on lemon laws before buying a used car.

  • A dealership might offer you a vehicle history report on used cars you’re interested in, although those reports aren’t always a completely reliable method for learning if the car has been damaged in the past.

  • Going to a dealership means you could look into leasing a car instead of buying one. You might also have the option to trade in your current car, helping you knock down the price of the new purchase or lease.

    The Most Expensive Car Buying Mistake Has Nothing To Do With How Well You Negotiate A Deal

      The Most Expensive Car Buying Mistake Has Nothing To Do With How Well You Negotiate A Deal There are a lot of mistakes that buyers can make if they aren’t careful that could end up costing them, including not understanding your budget or comparing deals. But the worst mistake. according to Edmunds, often comes after a savvy shopper closes their deal. © Photo: APWe all know that new cars start to depreciate as soon as they are driven off the lot, and while the rates of depreciation will vary from model to model, Edmund’s car-buying expert Matt Jones (via AP) explains that trading in that new car too early can erase all the hard work you did shopping for your deal.

    If you’re shopping for a used car , chances are you’ve already looked at some former rentals—used lots are full of them. Buying an ex-rental car , just like buying any other used car , has its benefits and its drawbacks in terms of mileage, maintenance, model year, resale value, and more.

    The Pros and Cons of Buying a Car from a Dealer . by The MotorCartel Article & Research Team : March 14th, 2016. If you’re looking to buy a car , there are a number of decisions you will have to make. The type of car you purchase and the amount of money you can afford to pay are primary

Cons of buying a car at a car dealership

  • You could get stuck paying hidden car dealership fees.

  • You might find yourself haggling with a professional salesperson.

  • Not all, but some dealerships employ a “bait and switch” — that’s when you call to ask about a car, come in to look, and are told that it’s gone but there are other (often more expensive) models to look at instead.

  • The process of buying a car at a dealership can be a long, often multi-day endeavor.

  • Many warranties require you to get any work done on the car at the dealership’s service center, some of which tend to get negative reviews.

  • If the dealership you go to doesn’t have the exact make and model you want, you could end up driving all around town to find it.

How to make sure you end up with a good deal no matter where you go

Trying to close a deal on a new car (or a new-to-you car) can be a lot of pressure. You may have an urgent need to replace your car, and the seller needs to move theirs off the lot (or driveway, as the case may sometimes be). Don’t succumb to the pressure just to get the deal done.

Why Does The Dealer Want Me To Agree To A Price Before A Test Drive?

  Why Does The Dealer Want Me To Agree To A Price Before A Test Drive? This week we are discussing shady test drive procedures, delivery miles that were more than promised and treating yourself—to a reasonable car. © Image: Jason Torchinsky (Jalopnik)First, why would a dealer make a buyer agree to a price prior to a test drive?“I recently tried to buy a Nissan Leaf and the local dealer only had one available and told us we had to sign a paper agreeing to the price before we were permitted to drive it. We declined that offer and they said, we could only look at it.

Buying a used car from a dealership is one of the most popular choices for consumers today. Some people consider it a “safe” alternative to buying from The other type is Used Car Dealerships which only sell used cars ; they procure used cars primarily from car auctions. Pros and Cons of Buying a

A car buying service will help take a bit of the negotiating responsibilities off of your hands. If you are a terrible negotiator and cave under pressure, using There are three main ways you can use a service to buy a car while skipping a trip to the dealership : individual brokers, clubs that you already belong

This is a purchase you’re going to be living with for years to come. Your auto loan alone could tie you to a car for four to five or even six years. Keep a cool head to ensure the car you’re about to buy is both what you want and what you need. Then get all the details you can about its history if it’s used and do some research on the car’s value, so you’ll understand whether or not you’re getting a fair price.

And if you have to walk away because the deal is starting to seem like a bad one, do it. Sometimes it takes going to another dealership or seller to get the deal you need.

How are car dealerships faring in the age of the internet?

One almost has to wonder how car dealerships are faring overall now that it’s easier than ever to purchase a car online. Well, according to data from the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA), they seem to be doing reasonably well.

NADA published a 2018 financial profile of new-car dealerships, which stated that car dealerships in the U.S. had overall sales of more than $28 billion in 2018, with the average sales per dealership coming in at $30 million.

People are obsessed with buying their cars through Costco instead of at auto dealerships — these are the biggest differences between the two

  People are obsessed with buying their cars through Costco instead of at auto dealerships — these are the biggest differences between the two The Costco Auto Program allows Costco members to buy discounted cars through participating dealerships.

Dealership pro : Certified pre owned cars have passed factory mandated inspections in order to qualify for extended factory warrantys. This can be cool when buying a 1–2yr old car that now has a 7yr warranty instead of an initial 3–4yr one like when it was new. This is why car business people prefer

Cons : The entry fee to buy an existing dealership isn’t cheap. You’ll have to have a lot of capital and qualify for a large line of credit. I’m not going to get too detailed but the biggest pro for opening a car dealership is becoming the boss of your own business.

As for what consumers were spending, the average price of new cars sold at new-vehicle dealerships in 2018 was $35,249, while the average price of used cars sold by the same dealerships was $20,390.

So, how much did they spend to reach these sales? The profile says that the average advertising spend per “new unit” per year was approximately $625 in 2018. That led to a total of $4.51 billion in total advertising spend for the year.

In other words, new-vehicle car dealerships spent about the cost of three months of car payments to get consumers in the door and into a new car.

All in all, car dealerships are working hard to get people in the door, and internet car shopping doesn’t seem to be hampering their results – what’s more, people’s ability to search online to narrow down their choices (including on car dealership websites) could be becoming a standard part of a shopper’s experience. Although people can now buy cars privately online through Craigslist and online-only car sales websites, it seems that traditional car dealerships’ sales are still going strong.

This article originally appeared on UpturnCredit.com and was syndicated by MediaFeed.org.

Is the End of the Year Really a Good Time to Buy a Car? .
If you’ve been thinking of getting a new set of wheels, you might be tempted to check out those seasonal promotions. © Photo: ShutterstockUsed car sales are up and new car sales are down, according to Jessica Menton at USA Today, which makes dealers extra amped to unload some of their lingering inventory. On top of that, the federal funds rate cuts this year have led car loan interest rates to drop.

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