buying Black Friday Deals Are Not Necessarily Deals When It Comes to Car Shopping

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Porsche Drive subscription program adds more affordable single-car tier

  Porsche Drive subscription program adds more affordable single-car tier This level slots between the super-short-term rentals and the costlier multicar subscriptions.Porsche announced on Tuesday that it will launch a new subscription tier of Porsche Drive. The Single-Vehicle Subscription grants its subscribers access to a single model of Porsche for either one or three months. The program, which kicks off on Sept. 25, will function like the Multi-Vehicle Subscription in that the entire thing -- the car, its insurance and any potential service -- will be offered for a single fee that covers everything but gas. Think of it like an abbreviated lease.

Rule 1: Do Not Go Car Shopping On Black Friday . Chances are whatever awesome price your neighbor got on Black Friday , you can come pretty close in December with the end of year deals . When it comes to car buying, the advice of focusing on total cost instead of monthly payments has…

While Black Friday and holiday sales events come with special deals , they can vary greatly among automakers and dealerships. "If you need or want a particular vehicle, the inventory might not be available later in the year, depending on what you're looking for," said Matt Jones, senior consumer

"Black Friday" in 2019 was one thing. Black Friday in 2020 is something else. It’s still the Friday after Thanksgiving and it's still the official unofficial start of the holiday shopping nuttiness. Have you heard about the COVID-19 pandemic? That changes a lot.

a person in a green room: Don't lose your head falling for the hype. This year, even during the pandemic, if you follow these four simple strategies you can get a great deal. © Best Content Production Group - Getty Images Don't lose your head falling for the hype. This year, even during the pandemic, if you follow these four simple strategies you can get a great deal.

Forget all the usual dealer come-ons. Yes, there will still be ads in the papers (if you can find a paper), and all sorts of pop-up ads will arise when you do a Google search for any car. But the big change is that, even amid Black Friday hysteria, your best strategy in 2020 may not be to go into a dealership at all.

Used car prices jump 10%, thanks to new-car coronavirus crunch

  Used car prices jump 10%, thanks to new-car coronavirus crunch Inventory shortages mean you're paying a lot more for a used car compared to last year, especially if you want a pickup truck.But for those moving to the used car market, it's a tough pill to swallow, too. Data shows used car prices are up a whopping 9.5% from this time last year. In dollars, the percentage increase translates to an average price hike of $2,193. The narrative remains the same, however. As more buyers can't find a new car they want due to inventory constraints, they're looking at a comparable used car. Supply and demand shows as more buyers want a used car, prices increase.

Shop deals early before Black Friday gets here this Thanksgiving season. CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. When is Black Friday ?

While Black Friday technically is the day after Thanksgiving, the deal season has stretched to include much more than just those 24 hours. Online retailers like eBay offer these kinds of items at deep discounts for Black Friday . When it comes to refurbished items, the term can mean a few different

Social distancing and all the precautions that go with avoiding the virus mean that dealers should come to you. See some car on sale that's intriguing? Call the dealer and tell them to come to your abode with one for a test drive. Take control of the transaction by working on your own territory.

It's best if you line up more than one test drive in a day. That will give you the ability to resist any sales pitch by claiming (honestly) that there are other cars on their way over.

It's also late in the year, when dealers are looking at their leftover 2020 models and plotting ways to clear out that soon-to-die inventory, and soon you'll be drowning in "December to Remember" promotions.

So it's a convergence of timing and holiday for car buyers. But don't go nuts. This isn't Presidents Day in February when people start getting their tax refunds and dealers want to soak up that free-floating cash. Nope, as always, the best thing to do is get serious while everyone else is giddy.

Why Honda Civic, Subaru BRZ Are Keeping Manual Transmissions Alive

  Why Honda Civic, Subaru BRZ Are Keeping Manual Transmissions Alive These new cars, plus the Mazda Miata and Ford Mustang, are some of the last hopes out there for stick-shift fans. Honda and Subaru both unveiled vehicles this week that offer manual transmissions: the 2022 Civic prototype and the 2022 BRZ.While sales numbers and availability of manual transmissions are shrinking, there remains an enthusiast market that is still hungry for three pedals. Young drivers are also still buying vehicles with manual transmissions.This week both the 11th-generation Honda Civic and 2022 Subaru BRZ were unveiled to the public.

Which is NOT true about Black Friday ? Black Friday is a national holiday in the US. Where does the name Black Friday come from? The police called this day Black Friday to remember the Black Friday deals are limited and not everyone will get one. People stand in long lines on Black Friday .

Should I wait until Black Friday to shop sales? Our Deals team is always searching for discounts, on Wirecutter picks, that meet our standards. Editorial note: The evaluations of financial products in this article are independently determined by Wirecutter and have not been reviewed, approved, or

You'll often find that the link that screams about Black Friday Deals leads to a website that's silent about the day. Instead they're featuring promotions built around the entire holiday season. There's no urgency to sign a deal on Black Friday, because the next day is Saturday, and the offers aren't likely to change. Even if dealers are offering, say, 40 percent off on a car you want if you buy on Black Friday, you can ask for that same deal the next day or the next week and stand a good chance of getting it. Their deadline doesn't have to be yours.

Dealers are playing the long game. They've been in the business a while and are keenly aware of how buying patterns vary during the year. After all, there was a Thanksgiving and a Black Friday last year, too.

Gallery: End of the Year Sales Tricks Car Dealers Use (The Family Handyman)

a car parked in a parking lot: The end of the year is often the best time to find deals on cars, but what are car dealers doing to entice buyers to stop into the showroom? Find out some common tricks car dealers will use with end-of-the-year sales to unload inventory to make room for new models.

Remain calm, relax, and apply a few simple strategies for getting a good deal.

Trend "Telfar Shopping Bag": This is the most popular bag in the world!

 Trend © Getty Images Trend bag: Telfar Shopping Bag Getty Images The world's most popular trend bag: the “Telfar Shopping Bag” This is what makes the trend bag of the decade out of The design could come from a child's drawing : A classic square shape with two handles, provided with a stylized logo that is somewhat reminiscent of that of the tennis brand Sergio Tacchini . However, these are the initials of the designer Telfar Clemens.

Black Friday is an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

Black Friday is the day after the American holiday of Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Because it is a holiday in the United States, it has long been a popular day for consumers to start shopping for Christmas. Over the last 20 years big retailers have started to offer

Look in the Back

First, it is late in the year. So, inquire about vehicles that have been in dealer inventory a while. Don’t expect these to be the hot sellers like the Hyundai Palisade or specialty beasts like the Audi RS7. These are the forlorn kittens hanging out in the back of the lot, but don't let that dissuade you: they may be just what you need. The trick here is the information sticker found on the driver's-side door jamb—if you're on the lot, shoot a cellphone photo for reference. It shows the month of manufacture, and if that's extended out five or six months, that vehicle has been lingering on the lot way too long. Make a lowball offer; there's no shame in asking.

Do Your Research

Second, there may be some real deals buried in all the hype. Scour the web, maybe look at one of those anachronistic newspapers, and pay attention to the big signs hanging over dealerships and their websites. You're more likely to find a great deal if you're out looking than you are just to stumble across one.

Get Financing in Order

Third, shop for your financing before you enter a dealership. Interest rates at the moment are low. So, don't get sucked into paying more than you should for the money to buy your next vehicle. Call a bank, ask at your credit union, and know your credit rating. Then go to the dealer and let them try to top your best offer. Right now, many manufacturers are backing zero-interest financing. And when you get to zero percent, there's no reason not to take out the loan even if you have cash to buy the car outright. Think back to your economics class and the principle of net present value.

Complete Guide: How to Buy a Used Car

  Complete Guide: How to Buy a Used Car ​The single easiest way to save money when buying a car is to purchase a used model instead of a new vehicle. When you buy a new car, the second you leave the dealer's lot, it starts to rapidly depreciate, losing a significant amount of its value in the first few years of ownership. When you buy a used car, the original owner absorbs the pain of its steep depreciation during its early years. You pay far less than you would have if you had purchased the car new. There may be more maintenance required on a used car that's out of warranty, and its financing may be a bit more expensive.

That noted, don’t let the financing distract you away from finding the lowest price. If you’re paying too much for a vehicle, what’s the point of low financing? You need to aim for both a low price and cheap money. If you don’t get both, walk out of the dealership and call an Uber.

Understand Your Own Negotiating Style

And finally, always be mindful of your own limitations. You can be fooled, you can be irrationally exuberant at times, you can do something stupid. Self-awareness is always your most precious asset in any negotiation.

Yeah, those four tips aren't much different from the advice you'll get the rest of the year. That's because Black Friday isn't that much different from the rest of the year. If you want to get a real Black Friday deal, go to Walmart and buy a cheap flat-screen TV. It may not be as fun as getting a new car, but at least you can be sure the deal is a real one. Or better yet, buy it online and let them bring that to you, too.

Happy Thanksgiving. There are vaccines on the way. Now calm down and make the dealers fight for your business.

Shopping in 2020: Bestselling exercise bikes .
Schwinn, Echelon, Sunny Health & Fitness: Readers preferred adjustable, affordable and compact exercise bikes this year.As gyms and recreation centers shut down across the country or limited their capacities, many people found new ways to work out at home, from treadmills to home gyms. Some turned to stationary bikes to burn calories, investing in models from brands like Schwinn and Echelon, the latter having launched an affordable bike on Amazon before the online retailer stopped selling it this year. Given the tremendous rise in popularity of these exercise bikes, we took a look back on the year and rounded up the bestselling exercise bikes we covered this year.

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