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04:20  24 july  2021
04:20  24 july  2021 Source:   caranddriver.com

Happy Way Day!

  Happy Way Day! "Halftime Report" trader Jon Najarian spots unusual activity in the options market.

Buying a car with a salvage title can lead to a lot heartaches. But there are a number of reasons from crashes to vandalism that can brand a car with the DMV equivalent of caution tape. Investing in a car with a checkered past can also allow you to lead a champagne lifestyle on a Coors Light budget by scoring an incredible deal. The hard part is finding the right car, but that's the kind of hard work that the Window Shop crew likes to do.

Not convinced that buying a salvage car is a good idea, deputy testing director K.C. Colwell decides to minimize his outlay by buying a Chevrolet Caprice that led a former life as a police car. According to the listing, a front-end collision caused the tainted title, but the repair appears good in photos.

Tested: 2021 BMW M4 Delivers What Matters

  Tested: 2021 BMW M4 Delivers What Matters Do whatever it takes to ignore the new BMW M4's toothy grille and just drive it. Apparently, there's something about having a highly anticipated BMW M car that alters the atmosphere in Los Angeles. Months of blue skies and shorts weather ended as soon as our M4 test car arrived. Of course, correlation does not imply causation, but we're superstitious. A few years ago, a new M2 brought a massive storm during a multiyear drought, and now the M4 brings rain? You'd be a little'stitious too.

Contributor Jonathon Ramsey isn't fazed by spending more to get more, so he presents an E60-gen BMW M5, a car that once wore a near-$100,000 window sticker. The crew points out the many problems that plague that generation M5, but Ramsey is unmoved.

A second BMW follow's Ramsey's. Senior editor Joey Capparella selects the rare and controversial Z3 coupe. Ones with clean titles trade for over $25,000, so Capparella's seems like a relative deal. R&T editor John Pearley Huffman goes for a salvage-title 1965 Chevy that he thinks would make a great project. And deputy editor Tony Quiroga presents his ridiculous Maserati Biturbo with an electric drivetrain that no one can get behind. As usual, there are plenty of laughs. You might even learn something, but we make no guarantees.

2022 Toyota GR 86: More powerful sports car coming to America late this year

  2022 Toyota GR 86: More powerful sports car coming to America late this year More power and more torque should equal more fun.They're good specs if you're a fan of the slow-car-fast lifestyle. As we already knew, the car ditches its old 2.0-liter boxer-four engine for a larger displacement 2.4-liter unit. With the switch comes a power bump from 205 horsepower to 228 hp. Torque increases, too, which is perhaps more important for this car. The 2022 GR 86 -- that's its full name, by the way, and stands for "Gazoo Racing" -- makes 184 pound-feet of twist, compared to the old car's 156 lb-ft.

calendar: Is buying a car with a sketchy past a good idea? We attempt to find out. © Car and Driver Is buying a car with a sketchy past a good idea? We attempt to find out. Looking to purchase a car? Find your match on the MSN Autos Marketplace

Who's loving the semiconductor chip shortage? Car dealerships .
With inventory so tight, car buyers are ready to pony up and pay sticker price.Reuters reported on the state of the industry on Monday and profiled a couple of dealerships caught in the middle of eager car buyers and too little inventory. It's a simple story of supply and demand: Automakers can't build enough new vehicles, due to chip shortages, and car buyers want them. In turn, many buyers have no problem paying sticker price and foregoing the wheeling and dealing that can knock a couple grand off the MSRP. Dealers get to keep even more cash in their pockets and buyers get their new car. Record profits ensue.

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