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How Much Does it Cost to Charge an Electric Car?

  How Much Does it Cost to Charge an Electric Car? When shoppers are considering the purchase or lease of an electric vehicle (EV), one of the first questions they ask is, "how much does it cost to charge?" While it's easy to answer that question for a gas-powered car by looking at its fuel economy and your gas station receipt, it gets a bit more complicated for an electric car. If you're charging from a home charging station, the cost of charging an electric vehicle is based on the vehicle'sIf you're charging from a home charging station, the cost of charging an electric vehicle is based on the vehicle's energy efficiency and the cost of electricity, which can vary greatly depending on where you're charging.

At the same time, buying a used car can be frustrating, especially if you don't like haggling, are on a limited budget, or don't have much time to shop around. To stay in the driver's seat, do a little research before looking at cars and have any car you want to buy inspected thoroughly before you sign on the Arrange test drives for cars you're not familiar with. Just looking at a model on a website doesn't tell you anything about how that car drives or how comfortable you'll feel driving it. If you're interested in a particular model, go out and drive one to see how it feels. You might also consider renting the car

Setting a used car buying budget isn’t as simple as looking for a pre-owned car , truck, or SUV that gets a monthly payment you think can manage. While the monthly payment does need to be affordable, you need to look beyond it to get a proper idea of the total cost of owning the car . That includes the cost of interest on your car loan, how much you’ll have to pay to insure your new-to-you ride, parking, and maintenance costs. Our car insurance hub provides tips to help you find the right insurance coverage, while our used car rankings and reviews include information on the cost of ownership for different

diagram: By identifying the pros and cons, this guide answers the important questions you need to ask before buying a pre-owned automobile. © Brett Affrunti - Car and Driver By identifying the pros and cons, this guide answers the important questions you need to ask before buying a pre-owned automobile.

diagram: buying a used car at a used car dealership © Brett Affrunti - Car and Driver buying a used car at a used car dealership

When buying a new vehicle is too expensive or the prospect of significant depreciation is too much to stomach, the vast used-car market is the best place to turn. Just because a pre-owned car, truck, or SUV isn't brand-spanking new doesn't mean it's without its own set of advantages. They're almost always more affordable, some come with a warranty, and many allow shoppers to get exactly what they want. Research is an important part of any vehicle purchase; buying used, whether from a dealership or a private party, requires extra investigation to ensure your prospective purchase is reliable. We've assembled this guide to help you navigate the process by identifying the pros and cons of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle and answering the questions that will inevitably arise along the way.

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible puts style at the forefront

  2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible puts style at the forefront The LC 500's good looks make up for this car's few shortcomings.Regardless of body style, the LC is a looker. My tester is covered in a luscious shade of red paint, which is probably the most gorgeous rouge this side of Mazda's Soul Red. Lexus' spindle grille doesn't look bad in this application, and I love how the distinct headlight shape is echoed in the taillights. Front to back, the LC is stunning.

Learn how to call the owner of a used car , figure out what the car is worth, run a free VIN number check, and many other tips and tricks. If you see a used

“ Buying a used car involves a little more risk than buying a new car because you never know how the previous owner treated that vehicle,” Clark admits. “One way to minimize that risk is to buy used car models that have proven to be reliable. Another way is to get a mechanic to inspect a vehicle prior to purchase.”

Is a Used Car Right For Me?

The decision to buy a used car versus a new car usually comes down to cost. Since pre-owned vehicles are cheaper than new ones, comparatively speaking, they make more sense for shoppers on a budget as well as people who are simply shrewd spenders. For instance, "nearly new" vehicles–as in pre-owned vehicles from the previous model year–typically provide several thousand dollars of savings versus an identical version from the current model year. Buying used at this point in time is particularly challenging, though, because the worldwide chip shortage has caused dealers' new-car inventories to dwindle and used-car prices to skyrocket. Still, the basics of careful shopping remain the same.

Many people who want to buy used can't afford a "nearly new" or certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle. Luckily, there are a variety of alternatives for people who can't go either of those two routes. Not only is buying an older used car a good way to save money, but it's also a way for discerning shoppers to find a better equipped or a fancier model for less than it would've cost them new.

2021 Ford GT quick drive review: Still so special

  2021 Ford GT quick drive review: Still so special Ford's GT is no longer the new hotness, but it's an exciting supercar that still turns heads -- especially at Monterey Car Week.Driving the Ford GT is an experience. The dihedral doors don't lift quite as far as I want, making the shimmy into the cabin extremely unglamorous. The seat in this car was clearly designed for someone much taller than me, and while the pedals do move and the steering wheel telescopes slightly, at 5 feet, 8 inches tall, I'm still arms out and legs crunched. (Maybe I should've used a pillow.

I'll teach you how to buy a used car from a dealer!

How to buy a used car for 0. I show you where to find inexpensive used cars that need work so you can fix them up and have a reliable car . I also show

Certified Pre-Owned: Real or Rip-Off?

Buying a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle, which typically ranges between two and three years old and has relatively low mileage, is considerably more affordable than buying a brand-new version of the same model. Since CPOs come with a manufacturer-backed warranty and a thorough inspection by a factory-trained mechanic, they can provide similar peace of mind and protection from catastrophic issues as vehicles fresh off of the assembly line. CPOs are also often the only type of used vehicle that can be leased.

The Acura Integra will return in 2022

  The Acura Integra will return in 2022 Acura's compact coupe is making a comeback -- for real this time.No, I'm not pranking you. The Integra is coming back, and I'm stoked. The drones first showed the original 1986 Integra's shape -- complete with pop-up headlights -- before morphing into the new model's sleek silhouette. The name Integra was prominently displayed with flashing and moving lights, before the number "2022" also lit up in the sky. And then the crowd cheered, obviously.

While buying a used car is certainly more of an art than it is a science—there are many factors at play, and there is no single correct formula—today we will be arming you with some information you should bear in mind while buying a used car , so without further ado let’s get started. Learn Here: How To Inspect A Used Car Before Buying ? If the said vehicle is a JDM, it is essential that you check and verify the Auction Sheet, which comes with every car that is imported from Japan. Do not buy the car if the seller does not provide the sheet; no car comes without one.

We’ve made sure that buying a used car through carwow will give you complete peace of mind. Not only will the car come from a reputable dealer who’s approved by the car manufacturer, the car itself will be checked over before it’s sold. To see the stock of used cars on the site, you’ll need to be signed in as a registered user, but that’s a What are the disadvantages of buying a used car ? Flippant as it sounds, the simple disadvantage is that the car is used and you can’t be sure how it’s been used . You won’t be its first owner – which is important to some people – and you won’t be able to choose exactly

Most automakers have a CPO program, which means that buyers have a wide selection of models to chose from, depending on local inventory. While a CPO vehicle is more expensive than buying an equivalent non-CPO model, the added costs offset the risks, especially since some include a vehicle-return policy. However, always make sure to understand the terms as CPO programs vary among brands.

Video: Car specs explained so you can understand a car before you buy it (CNET)

Where is Best to Buy a Used Car?

With the proliferation of used-car shopping sites–of varying quality and credibility, mind you–there are more ways than ever to buy a pre-owned vehicle. Traditionalists can always stroll into a dealership and make a purchase face-to-face if that's what they prefer. Simply put, choosing the best place to buy a used car comes down to personal preference, and that often includes the advantages and disadvantages to both buying online or in-person.

Ford debuts the 2022 GT 64 Prototype Heritage Edition at Monterey Car Week

  Ford debuts the 2022 GT 64 Prototype Heritage Edition at Monterey Car Week The car celebrates both the final year of GT production and the only surviving GT prototype with its original livery.The 2022 Ford GT 64 Prototype Heritage Edition celebrates the final year of GT production with what is arguably the best-looking of the GT Heritage Edition cars. It features Ford's wonderfully creamy Wimbledon White paint on most of its body, and the rest gets a mixture of Ford's might-as-well-be-black Antimatter Blue on the hood, fender tops and as a racing stripe extending back over the roof and onto the active spoiler. The carbon-fiber wheels are also Antimatter Blue and sized at 20 inches. It's a helluva thing.

Shoppers looking to buy certified pre-owned (CPO) can visit their local dealership or the dealer's website. Online-only used-car retailers let you shop from the comfort of your home while still enjoying the benefits of their financing and trade-in offers. Less risk-averse shoppers can peruse websites such as Craigslist for a used vehicle of their liking, but this route typically requires the most research.

Choosing the Right Used Car

Once the decision to buy a used vehicle is made, your attention should turn to choosing the right one. Most importantly, the list of candidates and the final choice should be determined based on your budget. After finding a comfortably affordable price range, the search can begin by identifying the type of vehicle or focusing on specific makes and models.

The risks associated with buying a used vehicle can scare people off. And buyers with bad credit or past financial troubles can be taken advantage of. However, by avoiding predatory buy-here, pay-here (BHPH) dealers as well as understanding and preparing for the work that's involved with buying a pre-owned vehicle, the experience can be a positive one, albeit it one with varying levels of risk.

Used car price rises not letting up as predicted, and the peak hasn't come yet

  Used car price rises not letting up as predicted, and the peak hasn't come yet It looked like the market was set to peak this past summer, but new car inventory woes continue to push used prices higher.Year-over-year, wholesale prices are up 27% compared to September 2020. From August, September saw prices climb 5.3%. The increases coincide with continued difficulties for automakers to build enough cars to meet people's demands. The semiconductor chip shortage, according to the most recent estimates, may not start to stabilize until sometime next year. And only in the first half of 2023 may the industry enter an actual recovery phase. Without enough chips, carmakers will remain stuck as buyers won't be able to find the vehicle they're shopping for.

Selling Your Own Car: Trade-in Vs. Selling it Yourself

While some people are searching the used-car market for their first vehicle, many are also shopping for a replacement or an upgrade from their current wheels. Depending on the condition and value of that vehicle, dealers will allow shoppers to trade it in and apply the credit to the next vehicle purchase.

This method is often easier than selling it yourself, but it's not uncommon for used cars to sell privately for more money than they'll earn as a trade-in. It just depends on how much work the seller is willing to put in to maximize the vehicle's desirability and worth.

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Tesla FSD 'issues' in 10.3 update result in rollback, before apparent fix .
Tesla attempted to update its driver-assist system beta software, but it apparently caused a lot of trouble for the company and drivers.According to Tesla owners on social media, cars were opting out of various active safety features, such as automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning without the driver's input. In addition, other drivers mentioned issues with the forward collision warning blaring without any immediate danger in sight. Perhaps worst of all, Teslas began applying the brakes for no reason whatsoever, according to other social media reports.

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