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01:11  03 december  2021
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In the past, accessing odometers required technical skills and tools such as a drill and vise. Nevertheless, modern, convenient filters access the vehicle's digital service interface installed behind the dashboard. Thanks to the ground-breaking software of these freely available devices, the mileage can be calibrated as desired. And they can even control several units in the car, making it even more challenging to detect manipulation.

The installation process of the odometer correction tool takes only a few minutes and requires little effort because any part of the vehicle or dashboard does not need to be removed. In modern cars, mileage is stored in many different control units. Mileage data can be frozen in one or more control units using this blocking device installed behind the car dashboard.

Why might a mileage correction be needed?

The odometer correction filter is used for different purposes. And it is not necessary to correct the odometer reading as a pre-sale preparation of the car. Naturally, some car owners do it to sell their automobiles faster. But the odometer blocker is used for several other tasks as well.

For instance, to assess the current technical condition of a car. Or to control drivers using a branded car (in taxi services, freight companies, etc.).

Often, the programmer for twisting the odometer is used after a significant overhaul of the car. In this case, it helps to normalize the operation of sensors and auto components.

Additionally, the filter for odometer correction is used after:

  • installing new tires;
  • buying tires of a different setup;
  • repairing specific elements of the car.

After such work, the odometer readings and the actual speed of the car often diverge. And the device for calibrating the odometer helps to fix this.

Highlights of the device

The new equipment was developed following the requirements and wishes of the customers, which provided the manufacturer with valuable information and demonstrated the solutions included in the design. The mileage blocker is the most advanced product currently available on the market. It can handle many ICs but is mainly known for its many programs that allow you to make adjustments behind the dashboard.

The mileage freezer is a very versatile programming device for odometers and other automotive electronics. By choosing such a unique device as an assistant for mileage calibration, the car owner gets reliable protection from the too-large odometer reading. With this device, you can quickly start and stop the mileage numbers — everything is as easy as it seems to be. When a person opts for a ground-breaking solution, he only gets the best high-quality device from the best manufacturer.

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