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Ram CPO Buying Guide

  Ram CPO Buying Guide A CPO truck combines the best of two worlds: new and used vehicles. You get the peace-of-mind of a new-vehicle warranty and the cost savings of a used vehicle, as well as some other perks that we’ll cover in the following sections. Read ahead to learn how a certified pre-owned Ram is selected, what warranties and extras it comes with, how CPO Rams compare with other CPO trucks, and how to find a great deal on a CPO Ram near you. Which Used Ram Vehicles Are Eligible? Not all used Ram trucks qualify to be evaluated for certified pre-owned designation. To get to that stage, a Ram truck must have less than 75,000 miles on it and be less than five model years old. There can be no damage to the frame and it must have a clean title. Also, any aftermarket accessories installed on the truck must not compromise the safety, emissions, or operation of the vehicle. Inspection Process Each CPO Ram truck must pass a 125-point inspection. That inspection includes a number of mechanical checks, a road test, a steering performance evaluation, a powertrain and braking assessment, an exterior and interior condition examination, and fluid level evaluations. Any issues that come up during the process may be fixed using authentic Mopar parts, at the discretion of the dealership. Warranty Each Ram CPO purchase is covered by a seven-year/100,000-mile warranty.

When it comes to accessories and add - ons , don’t get so hung up on a few bucks especially if the items are part of the window sticker. Instead, focus on the total cost of the car and how that out the door price compares to other quotes on the same car .

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a car driving on a road© Provided by Univision Interactive Media, Inc. Most new cars are sold with a few extras, and most of the time these are functional items like floor mats and roof racks. Did you know that sometimes you can save some money on these items depending on how they are added to the price of the car?

When it comes to accessories like mats, racks, cargo boxes, tow kits, or even cosmetic stuff like moldings and window tint, for the sake of negotiating price these items break down into two categories—factory or port-installed and dealer-installed. This is important. When they’re applied to the car matters in terms of how much leverage you have in terms of getting the price down or paying for them at all.

Watch This Guy Battle An Engine Fire With A Yard Sprinkler

  Watch This Guy Battle An Engine Fire With A Yard Sprinkler How’s your day going? Bad? Is it “you lit your engine on fire and now you’re trying to put it out with a lawn sprinkler” bad? What you’re looking at here is a humble car vlogger’s adventures in automotive maintenance and modification. This YouTuber on The Rusty Toolbox documents some things he’s done to an LS-swapped BMW E36 3 Series (is that a basement vent grate on the hood?) and sets to installing a strut bar.At four and a half minutes in, stuff gets good.As you may know, installing a strut bar on most cars is pretty straightforward.

Then add anything you are paying at the time of purchase, included add - ons , taxes, and fees. Instead, you need to look at the price of the car and the total cost of purchasing it, including financing.

Whether they’re adding the extras for nothing, or they’re asking you to pay for them, it’ s worth understanding what you ’re getting for your money. Another add on you don’t need , paint protection says it will protect the finish on the body of your car . Negotiating For or Against Dealer Add Ons .

I’ve heard from folks that went into a dealer demanding saying only want to pay a certain price for a car without any extras, only to be told that some of those accessories come with the car and cannot be removed. That is because these extras are either factory installed or port-installed—meaning, put on the car once it arrives in the country. I’ve seen people walk away from a really good deal because there was $125 in floor mats on the car and the dealer would not take them out.

What car buyers should understand is that if an accessory like floor mats or a trunk tray is part of the window sticker, they cannot be removed from the car and pulled out of the price. Sometimes these items get bundled into something called a “protection kit” or something like that. What the dealer can do is sell you these items at a discount just like they would the car.

The Chevy Camaro Track concept is a 1LE by another name

  The Chevy Camaro Track concept is a 1LE by another name Basically it's a 1LE with an automatic transmission.For the 2017 Geneva auto show, Chevrolet has trotted out a big, green, track-ready Camaro that isn't called a 1LE. It's called the Camaro Track concept. It also has a different graphics package consisting of unique black stripes on the hood and roof. They're paired with a custom "satin green" paint job.

"Supplemental stickers" list new- car add - ons , such as paint protection, that offer high profits for a dealership. Here ' s how to deal with them. Window tinting is another common add - on . A dealer might charge 5 for window tinting that you could buy in a specialty shop for 5.

Leasing a new car is simple in theory: you ’re just paying for the part of the vehicle’s depreciation that On the following pages, we’ll outline the 10 steps you need to know to negotiate the best new The terminology of leasing is different than that of vehicle purchases or auto loans, so here ’ s a key to the

But a dealer is not going to deduct a few hundred bucks off the price simply because you don’t want the floor mats or the roof rack, just like they won’t give you an extra discount on a car with navigation because that isn’t an option you requested.

Sometimes dealers will put their own accessories on a car, and then you may have a bit more wiggle room on how you can work the price. Often I see dealers that will offer a super competitive discount off the MSRP only to add in an overpriced dealer installed accessory package later. Dealers in the South are notorious for adding window tint, door edge guards and nitrogen in the tires and charging upwards of $2,500 for these additional items. There’s also the classic VIN etching kit that some of the shadier stores to jack up prices by a few hundred bucks.

Dealership To Pay $1.6 Million For Bullshit "Theft Protection" Package

You can just flat out refuse to pay extra for these kinds of items. While it may be possible that something like window tint cannot be removed from the car, you can probably negotiate the price down or find another competing dealer in the area that doesn’t put pad the price with those add-ons. That’s why it is crucial that you get itemized out the door prices and compare them line by line.

2018 Jeep Wrangler Officially Revealed

  2018 Jeep Wrangler Officially Revealed Our first official look at the new Wrangler ahead of its LA Auto Show debut.Jeep is mum on specifics as of this writing, only confirming there will be “dozens of different door, top, and windshield combinations," according to the company's official press release. As you can see here, the Wrangler will continue to be offered with two doors or four, hard- and soft-top options, and an evolutionary design that stays true to the iconic Jeep shape. There's supposedly a Wrangler pickup in the works, too, but that won't come out for another few years.

Here are some examples to watch out for to help you avoid becoming another one of the countless businesses lost to unforeseen issues related to commercial real estate. Michael Bivona also warns, “Tenants have to be very careful with escalation clauses as they can be a very costly add on .

Negotiating a used car deal doesn't have to be stressful, but it' s necessary if you want a great deal. It applies here , too. When you make an offer on a house, it’ s usually contingent upon an inspection Everything You Need to Know About Certified Pre-Owned Cars . Shopping and Negotiating .

Now there may be items you want to be added to the car like roof racks or a remote start system. Dealers will be happy to add these to the price at a cost, but I recommend that you shop around for some aftermarket solutions first before paying dealer retail prices. I had a client looking to add some roof racks to his new CR-V, but the trim he wanted to buy didn’t have the rail system installed and he didn’t want to upgrade to the more expensive car.

I got a quote from the Honda dealer of almost $750 including installation for roof rails and crossbars. I suggested my client look into a kit from someone like Yakima or Thule that generally run about $500 and are often more flexible with the types of gear and equipment you can carry on top.

When it comes to accessories and add-ons, don’t get so hung up on a few bucks especially if the items are part of the window sticker. Instead, focus on the total cost of the car and how that out the door price compares to other quotes on the same car.

And if you think you may want to add some things on your own, a little online shopping may keep some money in your pocket.

Mopar Preps 2019 Ram 1500 for Adventure .
Will offer over 200 parts and accessories for the new full-size pickupMore important than the off-road kit, however, is the new Ram Rack cargo rack—an item more commonly seen on midsize trucks. First seen at the 2016 SEMA Show on the Ram Macho Power Wagon Concept, the Ram Rack gives owners the ability to throw oversize objects like kayaks and SUP boards onto the roof of the truck. It mounts to the optional built-in utility rails, so you'll want to check that box on the order sheet if you want to add the Ram Rack later. As a bonus, Mopar also adds a bed step to the tailgate for easier access.

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