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Can I Buy a Car With a Credit Card?

Tuesday  18:30,   18 july 2017

In general, the answer is no, and in most cases you won't be able to do it anyway. But is it a good... >>>

Are Americans Being Priced Out of New Cars?

Tuesday  01:10,   18 july 2017

Many people living in lower-income areas simply cannot afford new vehicles, says Fortune.Fortune is investigating the car-buying experience, and how we can deal with it. The publication's latest article focuses on lower-income families that already... >>>

Should I Buy a Used Fleet Vehicle?

Monday  19:19,   17 july 2017

Somewhere in your used car buying odyssey, you’ve probably come across a used fleet car for sale. Should you buy one? The answer depends on several factors, including what kind of fleet vehicle it was, how much of a discount you can get,... >>>

Great Used-Car Bargains Hide among the New-Car Losers

Friday  21:35,   26 may 2017

Great Used-Car Bargains Hide among the New-Car... >>>

Falling New Car Sales: How You Can Benefit

Thursday  23:06,   25 may 2017

After several years of robust growth following the Great Recession, new auto sales declined 4.7 percent in April, following a 1.6 percent decline in March. The drop occurred despite manufacturers spending an average of $3,814 per car sold in the... >>>

Ram Offers Discounts as High as $11,000

Wednesday  01:37,   24 may 2017

Ram was just hit with a massive recall. It is almost certainly a coincidence that the full-sized pickup brand has discounts that total over $11,000 on one model and more than $10,000 on another. Research Research New Used New & Used Make (e.g.... >>>

How to Buy a Car at an Auction

Tuesday  22:06,   23 may 2017

Car auctions are a method of buying a used vehicle that often gets overlooked – sometimes for good reason. Going to car auctions can be an adventure, and some buyers find it very rewarding. A successful day at the auctions can yield a decent car at... >>>

What Is the Best Age and Mileage for a Used Car?

Tuesday  20:50,   16 may 2017

Buyers have a lot to think about when deciding on a used car. It can be tempting to just go buy the cheapest thing you can find. Sometimes, that can be a mistake; those cars are usually cheap for a reason. Buyers have a lot to think about when... >>>

Best New Car Deals for Mother's Day

Thursday  22:36,   11 may 2017

Choosing the right car for Mom—and by extension the whole family—can take a lot research. You'll want a car that best baChoosing the right car for Mom—and by extension the whole family—can take a lot research. You'll want a car that best... >>>

What's the Best Month to Buy a Car?

Thursday  02:40,   11 may 2017

If you’re planning on ponying up for a new car this year, know that certain months may be lighter on your wallet than others. Avoid Spring Spring is the least budget-friendly season; warmer weather attracts people eager to spend after enduring a... >>>

5 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Trade-In Value

Tuesday  04:50,   09 may 2017

One thing many car buyers look forward to is the ability to get a good deal on their vehicle’s trade-in value. One thing many car buyers look forward to is the ability to get a good deal on their vehicle’s trade-in value. But when a car is... >>>

The Pros and Cons of Shipping a Car or Truck

Tuesday  01:25,   09 may 2017

Some people love vehicles and search all over the country to find the right one. Alternatively, some people need to re-locate for a job or family and driving a car from point A to B is not always possible. There is plenty to worry about when it... >>>

Can Facebook Compete with Craigslist for Used-Car Listings?

Thursday  19:31,   04 may 2017

Facebook is wading in and trying to take some of this business.But unlike the old Sunday classifieds, which relied on three lines of text and creative abbreviations to entice buyers, Craigslist offers up to 24 pictures, as much text as you care to... >>>

Car Salesman Confidential: How to Keep Your Car From Burying You

Wednesday  23:35,   03 may 2017

Avoiding the Albatross of Negative EquityA couple of years ago I saw a story about a man who died and was buried in his automobile. I forget what kind of car it was. I think it was a 1958 Pontiac, and the man bought it new and drove it his whole... >>>

The Poverty Tax: How One State Plans To Make The Poor Pay More

Tuesday  01:35,   02 may 2017

Imagine you're finally about to buy the car of your dreams after working hard for many years and saving up a healthy nest egg. You go for a drive. Love it. Sign the bill of sale, and head out to the local government office that will issue you a... >>>