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Five Things Dealers Try to Sneak on Used Buyers

Thursday  10:44,   05 october 2017

Here's what to look out for so you don't get screwed.Arbitration... >>>

Should I Buy an End-of-Summer New Car?

Thursday  10:44,   05 october 2017

Automotive advertising accelerates to a turbo-like frenzy in late summer as dealerships need to make room for the new model year vehicles. Big rebates and 0 percent financing offers can sure temp t shoppers to make a quick deal for a 2017 car. But... >>>

Ford plans to kill cars in order to spend on trucks, SUVs and EVs

Thursday  10:44,   05 october 2017

Some Ford car nameplates will go away.Ford is gearing up for the future with a new strategic plan, and that means massive overall spending cuts and, on top of that, redistributing development funds from cars to much more profitable trucks and SUVs.... >>>

GM's self-driving cars involved in six accidents in September

Thursday  10:43,   05 october 2017

General Motors Co's self-driving unit, Cruise Automation, told California regulators its vehicles were involved in six crashes in the state in September, but said none of automated vehicles were responsible. The accidents did not result in any... >>>

Chevy Bolt EV outsells Volt for third consecutive month

Thursday  10:43,   05 october 2017

September is also the seventh-straight month of Bolt EV sales increases.The Volt barely improved over last month with 1,453 sales. Last month it sold 1,445. In comparison, the Bolt EV sold roughly 1,200 more vehicles than the Volt, which doesn't... >>>

FCA Loses $20,000 for Each Fiat 500e Sold

Thursday  10:43,   05 october 2017

Automakers invest in EVs despite high battery costsOne reason for the EV push is government regulations in California that require automakers to make EVs or buy credits from the competition, in addition to China's EV production mandate. Erich... >>>

Alfa Romeo Giulia Named Top Safety Pick+ by IIHS

Thursday  10:42,   05 october 2017

"Good" scores in all five crash categoriesAlfa Romeo announced today that the Giulia has been named a Top Safety Pick+ by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. To get that rating,the Giulia had to earn a score of "Good" on all five types of... >>>

2018 Nissan Frontier Gets More Standard Equipment

Thursday  10:41,   05 october 2017

Bluetooth, rearview camera now standardIn addition to new standard features, the 2018 Nissan Frontier also gets a special Midnight Edition model with a gloss black grille, 18-inch black alloy wheels, black step rails, body-colored front and rear... >>>

Unshackled: Best Ways To Break A Car Lease

Monday  16:46,   25 september 2017

Leasing a car has its advantages over buying and financing one, but it’s far more difficult and costly to get out of the contract if you no longer want, or can afford, the vehicle.It’s no secret that consumers have embraced new-car leasing in recent >>>

Should You Refinance Your Car Loan?

Friday  01:03,   15 september 2017

If you’re paying an above-average rate on a car loan, perhaps because your credit was spotty when you originally financed the car or you simply signed on for a bad deal, now may be a good time to refinance.As with the interest rates for new cars,... >>>

Jaguar CPO Buying Guide

Wednesday  01:53,   13 september 2017

The Jaguar certified pre-owned program lets you enjoy the benefits of buying a new Jaguar, such as warranty coverage, and the benefits of buying a used car (a lower price). Both are particularly attractive when buying used Jaguars, as they tend to... >>>

Jeep CPO Buying Guide

Wednesday  01:53,   13 september 2017

The Jeep certified pre-owned vehicle program is operated under the umbrella of the Chrysler Group’s CPO program, so it is similar to the CPO programs from Chrysler, Dodge, and Ram. Like all CPO programs, a CPO Jeep offers the benefits of both new... >>>

Kia CPO Buying Guide

Wednesday  01:53,   13 september 2017

Getting a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle gives you the warranty of a new car and the lower price of a used one. Getting a CPO Kia means you knock a chunk of change off the already low price of a Kia vehicle, and get the famous Kia warranty to... >>>

Watch This 4,000 Horsepower Firebird Destroy the Drag Strip

Wednesday  04:06,   30 august 2017

This Firebird is a few horsepower away from taking flight.Unfortunately, it is hard to figure out real drag times from the video, but we know they are neck-snapping quarter miles. From the looks of it, Birdman is very much in his prime and running a >>>

2018 GMC Terrain First Drive Review

Wednesday  04:02,   30 august 2017

A fish out of... >>>