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This Is the Best Time of the Week to Buy a Car

Wednesday  10:05,   13 february 2019

It’s probably not the most convenient, but it will get you the best... >>>

Lexus finally launches its Complete Lease car subscription program

Monday  23:51,   11 february 2019

Customers can now get a two-year 20,000-mile lease on a UX that includes maintenance and insurance as an alternative to traditional... >>>

Hyundai Shopper Assurance stars in the brand's 2019 Super Bowl ad, but how does it work?

Monday  21:05,   11 february 2019

The South Korean automaker wants to take all the weirdness out of buying a new Hyundai and thinks that Shopper Assurance is the way to do... >>>

12 Tips for Negotiating With a Car Dealer

Tuesday  19:20,   05 february 2019

The best car-buying experience starts with preparation. Knowing what you want to buy by using resources like our new car rankings, knowing how to finance your purchase, and knowing how to avoid common traps will protect both your wallet and your... >>>

Find a Better Deal on Car Insurance? Make a Clean Switch

Friday  18:07,   01 february 2019

Life is subject to change. That goes for your car insurance,... >>>

Did You Know Mitsubishi Outsold Volvo, Land Rover, and Mini in the US in 2018?

Wednesday  22:06,   30 january 2019

The American thirst for cheap crossovers is strong, friends. And the carmaker you forgot about is capitalizing on... >>>

The 15 Cars Most Likely to Last 15 Years

Wednesday  18:10,   30 january 2019

The average age of a car or light truck on U.S. roads and highways is around 12 years. Some makes and models are so well-made, however, that their original owners keep them for 15... >>>

Traffic ticket? How much auto insurance goes up for 18 traffic violations

Friday  20:05,   25 january 2019

Analysis of auto insurance quotes and rates survey reveal average insurance increases for common... >>>

New Long-Range, Affordable Electric Cars Coming Soon

Friday  10:06,   25 january 2019

Tesla has not yet announced when its promised $35,000 Model 3 will be available for sale, but you’re in luck if you’re looking for a lower-priced electric... >>>

5 Disappearing Cars We Won’t Miss in 2019

Thursday  21:15,   17 january 2019

As the car market evolves, some good cars get the axe, leading us at Consumer Reports to shed a tear. And then there are those that go away without an ounce of regret from us. Below are five cars that we bid good riddance to as they end their... >>>

Best End-of-the-Year Car Deals

Thursday  19:00,   17 january 2019

As the end of the year approaches, great car deals are available now. New car shoppers will see significant rebates and more wiggle room in... >>>

Everything you need to know about switching car insurance policies

Saturday  00:30,   12 january 2019

How to switch your auto... >>>

5 Memberships That Offer Car Insurance Discounts

Wednesday  21:20,   09 january 2019

If you belong to one of these organizations or wholesale clubs, you're likely eligible for savings on your auto insurance policy — possibly worth hundreds of dollars a... >>>

Car Manufacturers Push Their Vehicles As Holiday Gifts

Monday  19:15,   31 december 2018

Almost every car manufacturer is offering year-end discounts in hopes of attracting consumers who want to give a car, pick-up, or SUV as a gift. The prices run from $15,000 for small economy cars to nearly $100,000 for some luxury vehicles. The car... >>>

10 tips on how to lower car insurance rates in 2019

Thursday  00:10,   27 december 2018

Car insurance is expensive enough without overpaying for a... >>>