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How to Get the Best Deal on a Car

Friday  22:40,   11 december 2020

How to Get the Best Deal on a CarBuying a new car can be challenging. From deciding which car is best for you to knowing whether or not you're getting a good deal, the entire process can leave even the most prepared car shopper... >>>

Honda starts advertising non-certified used cars on its website

Tuesday  18:06,   08 december 2020

Honda starts advertising non-certified used cars on its website originally appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 8 Dec 2020 09:20:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of... >>>

Complete Guide: How to Buy a Used Car

Saturday  00:30,   05 december 2020

​The single easiest way to save money when buying a car is to purchase a used model instead of a new vehicle. When you buy a new car, the second you leave the dealer's lot, it starts to rapidly depreciate, losing a significant amount of its... >>>

2020 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class: What You Need to Know

Saturday  00:25,   05 december 2020

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLS ranks in the middle of the competitive luxury large car class. It has a stunning interior, intuitive tech features, balanced driving dynamics, and muscular engine performance, but a snug back seat and small trunk hold it... >>>

What Was the Last 3-On-the-Floor Manual Car Americans Could Buy?

Thursday  19:11,   03 december 2020

The 3-on-the-tree manual disappeared from new cars here after 1979. How about the 3-on-the-floor?Since General Motors was the last holdout to sell new US-market cars with three-on-the-tree manual transmissions, it comes as no surprise that GM also... >>>

Best time to buy a used car: The months and surprising holidays to score a deal

Thursday  14:30,   03 december 2020

Deals favor the start and end of the year, but read on for the best day to take home a used car because it's honestly surprising.Let's start with the most interesting part of the data: holidays. While Black Friday deals existed this year, it's... >>>

Coronavirus creates UPS, FedEx delivery van crunch as holiday shopping moves online

Monday  17:31,   30 november 2020

The companies need more vans. Like, now.Bloomberg reported Wednesday that both of the parcel delivery companies are facing a serious delivery van shortage. In other words, both need more vans as soon as possible and its partners have started to... >>>

Here Are All of the New Muscle Cars You Can Buy in 2021

Wednesday  07:05,   25 november 2020

Despite the threat of an electric-car takeover (maybe) looming on the horizon, it’s a fantastic time to be a devotee of internal combustion. Specifically, the American V-8 continues a healthy level of production and innovation, even as the... >>>

Black Friday Deals Are Not Necessarily Deals When It Comes to Car Shopping

Sunday  22:45,   22 november 2020

Don't lose your head falling for the hype. This year, even during the pandemic, if you follow these four simple strategies you can get a great deal. Forget all the usual dealer come-ons. Yes, there will still be ads in the papers (if you can... >>>

Best Gifts for Car-Obsessed Teens

Saturday  22:50,   21 november 2020

Shopping for a teenage auto enthusiast or a first-time driver this holiday season? Here are 20 gift ideas they'll... >>>

The Drive Picks: The Best Car Toys for Black Friday

Saturday  13:05,   21 november 2020

The Drive Picks: The Best Car Toys for Black FridayAre you looking to save big on cool car toys and fun auto gifts for the holidays? You'd better get shopping. Car toys are expected to be a huge hit this Black Friday, with retailers dropping prices... >>>

The 2022 Subaru BRZ Platform Isn't Exactly New. But That's Far From Bad

Thursday  05:35,   19 november 2020

The 2022 Subaru BRZ Platform Isn't Exactly New. But That's Far From BadIndications from spy photos also point to a re-tuning and re-hashing of the existing BRZ platform, with parts like the rear control arms, front knuckles, brake calipers... >>>

Why Honda Civic, Subaru BRZ Are Keeping Manual Transmissions Alive

Thursday  00:20,   19 november 2020

These new cars, plus the Mazda Miata and Ford Mustang, are some of the last hopes out there for stick-shift fans. Honda and Subaru both unveiled vehicles this week that offer manual transmissions: the 2022 Civic prototype and the 2022 BRZ.While... >>>

Car and Driver's 10Best Cars through the Decades

Thursday  00:20,   19 november 2020

Here's how we've delivered 10Best trophies out to over 100 different models over the last 38... >>>

2021 Honda Accord: Car and Driver 10Best

Wednesday  20:20,   18 november 2020

The best car that everyone used to buy is now the best car that everyone should be buying. But now that we think about it, there is actually one more thing we want. For the first time ever, a manual transmission is no longer part of the lineup. As... >>>