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Caught Speeding: Top Excuses Drivers Give Cops

Friday  18:57,   08 may 2020

Find out the excuses drivers use most when pulled over for speeding, and how much insurance goes up after a speeding ticket.Carinsurance.com commissioned Op4G to survey 1,000 drivers about speeding. We asked when, why, how often and how much they... >>>

Buyers can get a deal on new, used cars — but it won't last long

Wednesday  15:42,   06 may 2020

The new and used car market is 'messed up' analysts say, ultimately making it a great time to buy a vehicle. Just don't look to sell one.That's the good... >>>

Polestar 2 Pricing Announced

Tuesday  15:40,   05 may 2020

New electric performance brand readies second model.… The post Polestar 2 Pricing Announced appeared first on... >>>

Now May Be the Right Time to Buy a Used Car

Saturday  02:10,   02 may 2020

For those who want a used car and are in a position to buy, now could be a good time to pull the trigger, assuming precautions are taken to avoid exposure to the coronavirus. Wholesale used-car p rices have fallen more than 11 percent since last... >>>

The Land Rover Defender: History, Buying Tips, and More

Friday  17:51,   01 may 2020

Land Rover Defender Essential History You might think the Land Rover Defender’s history stretches all the way back to 1948, and while you wouldn’t exactly be wrong about that, you wouldn’t be exactly right, either. While the Defender does trace its... >>>

Best Car Insurance for Teens and Young Drivers

Tuesday  20:01,   28 april 2020

Insuring a teen or young adult driver doesn’t have to break the bank. But price is not the only consideration when shopping for a newly licensed teen or young adult heading off to college. You should also look for providers that offer optional... >>>

At $7,500, Is This “Super Clean” 1995 Nissan 240SX A Super Steal?

Monday  17:41,   27 april 2020

Unlike most S14s you might find, today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe 240SX hasn’t fallen victim to the drifter crowd, or seemingly to the bad maintenance brigade. Let’s see if this survivor’s price can survive our scrutiny. A number of you complained... >>>

Zero-Percent Financing And Cheap Loans Don't Mean You Can Afford That New Car

Monday  17:41,   27 april 2020

Zero-Percent Financing And Cheap Loans Don't Mean You Can Afford That New CarOne of the biggest financial mistakes buyers make is when they put the car before the budget. I've had a few conversations with buyers who were looking for a specific... >>>

Six-Way Compact Crossover Battle

Monday  15:31,   27 april 2020

Ford Escape vs. Honda CR-V vs. Mazda CX-5 vs. Subaru Forester vs. Toyota RAV4 vs. VW Tiguan.Tall is the new normal. Americans bought roughly 8.5 million SUVs in 2019, making it by far the biggest single vehicle category. Some 2.9 million of those... >>>

Everything you need to know about insuring an electric vehicle

Saturday  00:35,   25 april 2020

Electric cars are here to stay. Read more to lean about purchasing and insuring an electric vehicle.Robert Anderson invented the first electric car in 1832, but only in recent decades have electric cars become major contenders in the automobile... >>>

Shopping for a Used Car? Keep in Mind That Tires Age, and Not Like Fine Wine

Friday  20:05,   24 april 2020

Even though they might still have plenty of tread, older tires can be dangerous. Here's what you need to know.There is some fluidity as to when tires go bad by age, because the reasons for their degradation are numerous. But 12-year-old tires... >>>

Is a $47,000 Ferrari F355 a Bargain or an Expensive Nightmare?

Thursday  21:26,   23 april 2020

Another week brings us another bumper crop of interesting Bring a Trailer auction... >>>

corona crisis: do customer teams actually have to pay engine leasing rates?

Wednesday  14:20,   22 april 2020

© LAT Haas team boss Günther Steiner wants to consult with Ferrari about engine leasing If no wheel turns in Formula 1, do the customer teams still have to transfer a fee for the drive trains to their engine suppliers? This question concerns the... >>>

Auto industry: Altmaier wants to promote the purchase of cars with low CO2 values ​​

Wednesday  12:11,   22 april 2020

© dpa The Federal Minister of Economics wants to keep an eye on climate protection. The Federal Minister of Economics does not want to copy previous measures for aid to the auto industry. It brings another idea into play. According to Federal... >>>

California's shelter-in-place order cut car crashes by 50%

Monday  20:22,   20 april 2020

Los Angeles' notoriously smoggy air hasn't been this clean in decades, as the drastic measures put into place in March show signs of success.Since March 19, when Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the shutdown rules, car crashes have fallen by... >>>