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Look Like a King for Less Than $10,000: Window Shop with Car and Driver

Sunday  04:20,   04 october 2020

We search for once ridiculously high-priced cars that have depreciated so much that they're now affordable, but that doesn't mean you should buy one.In searching for these kings of depreciation, we discover that some big Mercedes-Benzes,... >>>

2020 Acura MDX Hybrid: What You Need to Know

Sunday  04:20,   04 october 2020

The 2020 Acura MDX Hybrid ranks in the bottom half of the luxury hybrid and electric SUV class. It has composed handling, but it’s held back by a subpar predicted reliability rating and a cabin that lacks the refinement of more luxurious rivals. ©... >>>

Chevy Dealer Gives Free Car to 104-Year-Old War Veteran Who Came in to Buy One

Saturday  23:20,   03 october 2020

Joe Basil Chevrolet was visited last Thursday by 104- year-old veteran Clint Johnson, and though specific details of his service weren't shared, both his centenarian status and Twentieth Air Force cap suggests he served in World War II. Joe... >>>

Electric Ford F-150 Patent Drawings Show Swappable, Range-Extending Gas Generator Disguised as Toolbox

Saturday  21:35,   03 october 2020

Electric Ford F-150 Patent Drawings Show Swappable, Range-Extending Gas Generator Disguised as ToolboxThat may seem like an odd solution, but it's what Ford is considering doing, according to patent documents discovered by The Drive submitted to the >>>

2020’s Best New-Car Intros — So Far

Saturday  19:20,   03 october 2020

Virtual vehicle debuts in a world without shows.… The post 2020’s Best New-Car Intros — So Far appeared first on... >>>

Best-Selling Cars of 2020 . . . So Far

Saturday  01:35,   03 october 2020

25 most popular vehicles in the U.S. through September 2020. … The post Best-Selling Cars of 2020 . . . So Far appeared first on... >>>

Car specs explained: Common automotive terms and what they mean

Friday  04:35,   02 october 2020

Researching the best car to buy can get confusing when you don't know all of the terminology. Here are the most common car terms, like torque and horsepower, to help you make the best purchasing decision.In this video I define the specs most... >>>

Why Nike's earnings success is far from being a recovery for other clothing manufacturers

Thursday  10:35,   01 october 2020

While Nike recently presented a significant increase in profits, other clothing retailers cannot keep up. Some stocks in this sector don't even make it to their pre-crisis levels and can't keep up with Nike for a long time. © Provided by Finanz.net >>>

10 Questions to Ask Before You Buy an Electric Car

Sunday  15:31,   27 september 2020

If You’re Considering an Electric Car, Be Sure to Do Your Homework Just a few years ago, many people may have never seen an electric car in person, unless they lived in a place like California where electric vehicles are popular and readily... >>>

7 Electric SUVs and Crossovers Worth Waiting For

Sunday  15:31,   27 september 2020

Get ready to see a lot of EVs in this general size range and... >>>

What's the One Feature Stopping You From Buying That New Car?

Sunday  12:35,   27 september 2020

What's the One Feature Stopping You From Buying That New Car?If the recently-revealed BMW M3 and M4's massive snouts were the first things to come to mind, you're probably not alone. The cars will likely be epic to drive but could you really... >>>

With Used-Car Demand Up, How to Get the Most When You Sell

Saturday  21:25,   26 september 2020

Follow these guidelines to make it look its best on paper and in person, and if your used vehicle is electric, to make it most appealing to the prospective buyer.Most sellers can name the basics, like having good, clean pictures of the car if you're >>>

Best New Cars under $30,000 for 2021

Thursday  23:36,   24 september 2020

These 13 award-winning cars prove excellence and affordability can... >>>

Tested: 1992 Nissan NX2000 Reshapes the Sentra SE-R

Thursday  18:36,   24 september 2020

From the Archive: Maybe the world's quickest ovoid. (Go look it up.)Mix equal parts style, spirit, and frugality. Stir briskly. Season to taste with serious performance capability. Serve to youngish car shoppers anxious to make a statement but... >>>

What Is Amazon Alexa Auto?

Wednesday  00:45,   23 september 2020

Make Your Car Smart on the Cheap Cars are getting smarter and smarter, with built-in features that can act as a DJ, a co-pilot, a personal assistant, and much more. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto now available in a majority of cars, Amazon is... >>>