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Used EVs are better in every way except one | An EV owner's journal

Tuesday  00:35,   02 july 2019

Depreciation can be your friend, if you understand how to harness... >>>

2019 Family road trip report: Rising gas prices, jobs impact summer road trips

Monday  17:57,   01 july 2019

2019 Family road trip report: Rising gas prices, jobs impact summer road... >>>

Jeep Gladiator Prices Are Soaring As Some Dealers Add Markups of up to $20,000

Friday  18:30,   28 june 2019

The hottest new Jeep or a Mercedes-Benz E-class? Both are selling brand-new at similar prices. But alongside the fair sticker prices are heaps of absurd Gladiator listings. You'll find Rubicons listed above $80,000, bare-bones Sport S trims on... >>>

Teen driving safety 2019: Least and most dangerous states

Friday  20:15,   21 june 2019

Is your teen driver... >>>

How Much a Ticket Might Hike Your Car Insurance Rate — and What to Do About It

Wednesday  18:56,   19 june 2019

Traffic violations can raise the cost of your insurance coverage — but it's not entirely out of your... >>>

How to Sell Your Car and Get the Most for It

Wednesday  22:40,   12 june 2019

Follow these easy steps for a smooth, quick sale that nets you the most money. If you're selling your car yourself, there's a good reason to learn how to do the job right: money. No matter what sort of vehicle you'll be buying next, following a few... >>>

6 Websites Everyone Should Check Before Buying a Car

Monday  21:50,   10 june 2019

These websites will save you money, time and stress when shopping for a new or used vehicle. 1. Edmunds This automotive research firm dates back to the 1960s. Its website is a wealth of information. In particular, car shoppers should check out the:... >>>

How I Was Scammed When I Bought My First Car

Friday  21:31,   07 june 2019

Learn from this woman's bad car-buying... >>>

Why Do Car Listing Websites Let Dealers Post Deceptive Prices?

Friday  21:21,   07 june 2019

As Jalopnik’s resident car buying expert and professional car shopper, I get emails. Lots of emails. I’ve decided to pick a few questions and try to help out. This week we’re talking about deceptive online pricing, finding a cheap car for a young... >>>

How To Buy a Car With Your Costco Membership

Friday  21:15,   07 june 2019

You could save thousands through the Costco Auto... >>>

How to Avoid Car-Buying Fees

Friday  20:50,   07 june 2019

Purchasing a new car is stressful enough, so it helps to go into a showroom knowing which of the charges that show up on your bill are unavoidable, which can be negotiated, and which you can skip altogether. And remember: You have the power to walk... >>>

Leasing vs. Buying a Car: Which Is Right for You?

Tuesday  17:10,   28 may 2019

The answer is: it depends. Our financial experts' insight on whether leasing vs. buying is right for you, will help you make the best decision for... >>>

Should I Be Worried If a Used Car Has an Incomplete Service History on Carfax?

Tuesday  17:08,   28 may 2019

Should I Be Worried If a Used Car Has an Incomplete Service History on... >>>

Mazda3 Defectors Are Being Urged To Stay With Sweet Incentive

Tuesday  17:08,   28 may 2019

It's available for all versions of the new 3 and it extends to members of the household. With the revamped Toyota Corolla out and the Honda Civic a solid competitor as ever, the battle in the compact segment in the United States is heating up and... >>>

2019 Acura NSX Gets "Secret" $20,000 Rebate

Thursday  21:35,   23 may 2019

Acura is leaving a ton of cash on the hood of their handbuilt supercar – just don't expect to see it advertised anywhere. If you find yourself supercar shopping (and if you are, we envy you), there's something you should consider – Acura is leaving... >>>