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Coronavirus has dealerships moving to online sales — and car buying may never be the same

Monday  16:40,   20 april 2020

One dealer predicts most new car dealers will have by yearend the e-commerce capability to handle everything but test drives and final signatures.“This is going to fundamentally change how people view buying a car,” said Rhett Ricart, CEO of Ricart... >>>

The BMW 3 Series: History, Buying Tips, Photos, and More

Friday  19:15,   17 april 2020

BMW 3 Series Essential History To many, it may seem like the BMW 3 Series has always been with us. It nearly has, getting its start in 1975 as a two-door coupe that replaced the aging BMW 2002, itself a small, fun-to-drive coupe that both saved the... >>>

2020 Toyota RAV4: Model overview, pricing, tech and specs

Tuesday  16:31,   14 april 2020

The RAV4 has been a leader in the compact crossover segment since it hit showrooms in the mid-1990s. 1/26 SLIDES © Provided by Roadshow 2/26 SLIDES © Provided by Roadshow >>>

Need an 84-month loan? You can't afford the car

Tuesday  15:48,   14 april 2020

The average US new-car loan just topped 70 months for the first time. Pandemic or not, is an 84-month term ever a good idea?When it comes to the auto market, coronavirus has created no small number of unknowns—chief among them, how long will the... >>>

U.S. Auto Sales See a Steep Decline amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Thursday  18:06,   09 april 2020

Eagerly awaited first quarter sales reveal the extent to which COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on car buying in the U.S. Stay-at-home orders prompted by the spread of COVID-19 have brought economies to a screeching halt and first-quarter auto sales are... >>>

Cheap auto insurance: Find cheap car insurance in 10 easy steps

Monday  18:30,   06 april 2020

Looking for cheap car insurance, but don't know where to get started? Here's a few ways to save big money. >>>

How to Buy the Best Camper Van for Your Needs: Which Conversion Is Best?

Monday  18:06,   06 april 2020

The camper van craze is in full swing, and that’s great news if you’re just starting the sample what #vanlife has to offer. With so many companies offering their take on what camping in a van should look like, ranging from bare-bones basics to DIY... >>>

Can You Get a Decent Car for $1000 or Less?

Monday  16:18,   06 april 2020

Yes, and Here’s a Pathway through the Junker Jungle . Read more at Car and Driver. Today it’s as easy as it has ever been to buy a vehicle for less than a grand—and equally dangerous to your financial health. The internet has allowed more sellers... >>>

2021 BMW 330e Plug-In Hybrid Starts at $45,545, EPA Rated at 75 MPGe

Wednesday  18:06,   01 april 2020

The all-wheel-drive 330e xDrive will cost you $2000 more, but only gets an EPA-rated 67 MPGe. The 2021 BMW 330e and 330e xDrive plug-in hybrids have been EPA rated at 75 MPGe and 67 MPGe. They're powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter in conjunction... >>>

Best New Overland Vehicles: Factory-Backed Off-Roaders Ready for the Trail

Tuesday  16:52,   31 march 2020

For many overlanders and off-roaders, modifying their SUV or truck is half the fun—I know this full well, as I’ve watched my wife turn her Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid into a light-duty overland expedition rig. But modifying any vehicle (not to mention... >>>

Is a 1996 Porsche 911 GT2 Worth a Million Bucks? We'll Soon Find Out

Tuesday  16:17,   31 march 2020

Behold! One of fewer than 200 993-generation 911 GT2s is on the block and it can be mine (or yours) if I (or you) can shore up between $950,000 to $1,100,000 in a couple of days and use it to make the winning bid in RM Sotheby’s online-only Palm... >>>

Coronavirus and Car Buying: What You Need to Know

Monday  22:20,   30 march 2020

Coronavirus and Car Buying: What You Need to KnowThe effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to spread throughout the world, creating disruptions in the economy, sending the stock market into steep losses, shaking consumer confidence,... >>>

Coronavirus Pandemic: What Should I Do if I Can't Make My Car Payment?

Monday  19:50,   30 march 2020

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic pummel the U.S. economy, mandatory business shutdowns and reductions in consumer demand are leading to massive job cuts. Many car owners will find it hard to make their car payments and avoid defaulting on... >>>

Average car insurance rates by ZIP code for 2020

Friday  22:30,   27 march 2020

We show rates by ZIP code for every neighborhood. The difference can be hundreds of dollars.Use our average car insurance rates tool above to compare rates. Enter a ZIP code to see the average monthly premium for your neighborhood. You will also see >>>

Coronavirus drags car dealers into digital commerce

Friday  18:51,   27 march 2020

HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/USA-AUTODEALERS (PIX):Coronavirus drags car dealers into digital commerceNEW YORK/DETROIT, March 23 (Reuters) - Auto retailers have been slow to embrace e-commerce, but the coronavirus pandemic is changing... >>>