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Hyundai Will Pay You $50 To Test Drive A New Car

Wednesday  18:40,   11 september 2019

The promotion is currently running in the U.S., though it may send you to a dealer hundreds of miles away. © Hyundai Website Screenshot If you’re in the United States, have a bit of free time, and are interested in driving something with... >>>

Four new North American cities join Porsche subscription schemes

Tuesday  22:55,   10 september 2019

Successful pilot in Atlanta paves way for more areas to become part of Porsche Passport subscription and Porsche Drive rental programmes The post Four new North American cities join Porsche subscription schemes appeared first on Motoring Research.... >>>

10 cars with inventory surpluses ripe for a sweet deal

Tuesday  22:55,   10 september 2019

With lots of these vehicles left on dealer lots, automakers will be eager to move them to... >>>

2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Deal Brings Close To $6,000 In Savings

Monday  22:55,   09 september 2019

The offer runs through September 3. If you're shopping for a rugged truck, there is nearly $6,000 in incentives available on the 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, according to Cars Direct. The automaker's offers don't generally apply to this... >>>

This car vending machine lets you pay for the vehicle with a phone

Monday  18:16,   09 september 2019

No physical payment needed, just a... >>>

Lease A More-Expensive Jeep Gladiator For Less Than A Wrangler

Wednesday  15:46,   04 september 2019

Though, there might be some bait-and-switch happening... >>>

Chevy Baits Ford Mustang Owners with Special Camaro Discount

Thursday  18:40,   22 august 2019

It's a good try, but Ford's still ahead on sales and has an offer of its own. Current Ford Mustang owners can get $2500 off a new 2019 Chevrolet Camaro this month, assuming they would make such a switch. The Mustang continues to lead the Camaro in... >>>

What to Know About Auto Lease Transfers

Thursday  17:10,   22 august 2019

Get out early, get in... >>>

Kia Stinger Being Offered With $3,000 Secret Incentive

Thursday  15:35,   22 august 2019

There's one dealer offering a massive $12,000+ discount. If you’ve been saving to buy a Kia Stinger, now is probably the right time to take the plunge as there are some sweet deals out there. Our colleagues at Cars Direct have managed to find out... >>>

The C8 Chevrolet Corvette Starts Under $60K…But Only for the First Year

Wednesday  22:15,   21 august 2019

Our source says to expect a price hike on 2021... >>>

Youngsters still want to buy their cars at dealerships

Wednesday  22:00,   21 august 2019

Despite internet-heavy options, young buyers favor brick-and-mortar... >>>

382 Cities Ranked for Car Thefts

Tuesday  17:50,   20 august 2019

The West and California in particular fare... >>>

Beware Of These Outdated Used Car Buying Tips

Monday  16:16,   19 august 2019

Buying a used car can be a bit more stressful than purchasing a new one. While it is possible to get a quality pre-owned vehicle, it requires a bit of patience and vigilance. However, you will want to be aware that there are some outdated but still... >>>

Jaguar woos Tesla owners with $3,000 I-Pace EV discount

Friday  20:21,   16 august 2019

Jaguar woos Tesla owners with $3,000 I-Pace EV discount originally appeared on Autoblog on Wed, 14 Aug 2019 Read More >>>

We've Weighed the Pros and Cons of Leasing vs. Buying a Car

Wednesday  22:51,   14 august 2019

Let's break it... >>>