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Joy and Rage: Why Car Dealerships Have the Most Polarized Online Reviews

Thursday  02:12,   26 july 2018

Forget politics—America is truly divided on the Yelp pages of car dealerships.That's the scoop from two strangers who visited the dealership and left online reviews on its Google Maps entry earlier this year, anyway. One beamed about the "smiling... >>>

This 1965 Corvette Sting Ray Prevented a Midyear Panic Attack

Thursday  02:11,   26 july 2018

It was around 2004 when Ohioan, Larry Woods was at a car show with his big-block '69 Corvette and overheard a comment that reversed the course of where he was headed with collecting Corvettes. In the past, Larry had owned a '64 and a '67 Sting... >>>

Big-block 1968 Torino pace car up for auction

Thursday  02:10,   26 july 2018

Rare Ford muscle car hits the block The post Big-block 1968 Torino pace car up for auction appeared first on Motoring Research. >>>

McLaren's Three-Seat Hypercar Will Be Called the Speedtail

Thursday  02:10,   26 july 2018

The name is a direct reference to the car's promise of being the fastest McLaren ever and its flowing bodywork. On top of offering what will surely be obscene forward thrust, McLaren says the Speedtail will also be the most luxurious car it's... >>>

Will Trump's tariffs make your car insurance more expensive?

Friday  01:25,   20 july 2018

Will Trump's tariffs make your car insurance more expensive?A White House proposal to raise taxes by up to 25% on imported auto parts would lead to higher costs for auto repairs and auto insurance, representatives from the insurance industry... >>>

Get These Tire Questions Answered When Buying Your Next Car

Saturday  18:52,   14 july 2018

As technology advances, you have many issues to consider when outfitting your next car, including the tires. Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with advertisers on this... >>>

Woodchucks destroyed Paul Ryan's car. Does insurance cover that?

Saturday  02:35,   14 july 2018

Woodchucks destroyed Paul Ryan's car. Does insurance cover that?One thing House Speaker Paul Ryan will not be enjoying during his impending retirement: the use of his Chevy... >>>

New Cars Aren't Always More Reliable, Despite What Buyers Think

Friday  19:01,   13 july 2018

Many new-car shoppers told Consumer Reports that concerns about reliability and repairs are why they’re not considering buying a used... >>>

Watch Out For Dealers Who Say The Price Of The Car Depends On Your Credit

Sunday  10:05,   08 july 2018

Some dealers don’t like to play ball with this whole internet shopping thing. Even so, most know that if they refuse online price quotes they will lose sales, but some will send you numbers only to try to pull some tricks later—like altering the... >>>

Which states let you use an app as proof of auto insurance?

Tuesday  21:45,   26 june 2018

Which states let you use an app as proof of auto insurance?Luckily, my state, New Jersey, has accepted electronic proof of insurance since 2015 (though I somehow did not know this until last year — like, I said, complacent). Almost every state now... >>>

Should You Consider Buying a Used Rental Car?

Thursday  19:41,   21 june 2018

Are the deals on used rental cars from rental-car companies as good as they seem? A. As you might expect, used rental cars have lived a harsher life than other used cars. Miles are piled on at a much faster rate, and renters may not have been the... >>>

Drivers Say These Are the 11 Best Auto Insurers

Tuesday  21:12,   19 june 2018

Consumers have ranked these car insurance companies highest based on customer satisfaction. How does your auto insurer compare?Here’s some good news about car insurance for a change: Folks are more pleased with their insurance companies than... >>>

How I Slashed Auto Insurance Costs by Nearly $400

Wednesday  19:01,   06 june 2018

Learn how this woman saved big on car insurance.One of the best ways I’ve found to save money is to avoid paying more than necessary for services you need. For example, I recently discovered that I was paying too much for auto insurance. By spending >>>

Best New-Car Deals for Memorial Day

Saturday  22:30,   26 may 2018

Memorial Day weekend is known for barbecues, parades, and road trips. But it’s also a great time to buy a new car. Consumer Reports has no financial relationship with advertisers on this... >>>

Declining Rental Car Insurance Abroad? Know the Risks

Friday  02:06,   25 may 2018

You’re on an overseas trip and about to rent a car. You decline the additional insurance offer and mentally high-five yourself for saying no because your credit card offers primary rental coverage. Not so fast, smarty-pants.Although the Nerds are... >>>