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2021 Honda Insight price ticks upward, gains blind-spot warning

Friday  17:35,   27 march 2020

2021 Honda Insight price ticks upward, gains blind-spot warning originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 23 Mar 2020 13:22:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of... >>>

Every Automaker That Offers Incentives, Loan Support in Pandemic

Tuesday  21:30,   24 march 2020

Manufacturers are looking to boost sales, but they're also looking to help customers stay in their cars. Here’s a continuously updated list of the offers. Automakers are offering new incentives and support for current borrowers and lessees... >>>

How to Spot a Good Car Salesperson—Or a Bad One

Monday  21:05,   23 march 2020

Before you choose the right car, make sure you choose the right car salesperson. The post How to Spot a Good Car Salesperson—Or a Bad One appeared first on Reader's Digest.Over the course of more than a hundred transactions, I came to admire the >>>

2020: Best car insurance companies for baby boomers

Monday  17:15,   23 march 2020

Americans are healthier and living longer, which also means more drivers on our nation's roadways. More Americans are healthier and living longer, which also means more drivers on our nation's roadways. As baby boomers, in particular, get... >>>

Cue Snap! Because Dodge Has the Power (Dollars)

Wednesday  20:41,   18 march 2020

Dodge's Power Dollars incentive program returns for 2020, which means you can get up to $7,970 off of a new ChallengerStarting March 3, Dodge will reopen its Power Dollar deal. But this time around the sweet deal includes every Charger and... >>>

Here's how much a DUI can cost you

Wednesday  17:40,   18 march 2020

The financial impact of a DUI lasts well beyond the event, here’s how much a DUI can actually cost you.It is estimated that one in three people will participate in a drunk driving crash in their lifetime. According to the Federal Bureau of... >>>

Used car vs. new? These 10 vehicles have obvious answers

Monday  20:25,   16 march 2020

Some lightly used cars are bargains; with others, you may be better off buying new.The average 1-year-old vehicle costs about a quarter less than its new equivalent, but some models are as little as 5.2% below new, while others can save you up to... >>>

4 Overlooked Ways to Save 12% on Car Insurance

Thursday  21:30,   12 march 2020

Combining these easy-to-implement measures can net you an average of $186 in savings every year.That is among the findings of the 2020 The State of Auto Insurance report from insurance search engine The... >>>

2020: Best car insurance companies for millennials

Wednesday  19:10,   11 march 2020

Finding the right car insurance takes time and comparison shopping. To help you find the best car insurance companies for your needs, Insure.com's team of insurance experts and data analysts surveyed 1,231 millennial drivers to get their views... >>>

Car Insurance Gets More Costly When You Reach This Age

Thursday  18:40,   05 march 2020

Car insurance rates drift lower through a lifetime — until you hit this age.At that point, rates climb — and continue to do so for the rest of your life, according to the 2020 The State of Auto Insurance report from The... >>>

Coronavirus Unlikely to Affect U.S. Car Shoppers, for Now

Wednesday  20:15,   26 february 2020

Automakers tell C/D the supply chain for models sold in the U.S. is largely unbroken, despite virus-related plant shutdowns in China, South Korea, and even Europe.The main issue, of course, is people's health. But there's no getting around the fact... >>>

Would a $20,000 Discount Convince You to Buy a Jaguar XF Sportbrake Wagon?

Thursday  21:50,   20 february 2020

Brand-new Jaguar XF station wagons are apparently being heavily marked down by dealers.Oh,... >>>

Why take out damage insurance?

Thursday  16:35,   20 february 2020

With all the expenses related to the construction of your house, you reject the idea of ​​paying another charge? However, taking out damage insurance is compulsory. It is more essential than some people believe. © Provided by The newspaper of the... >>>

11 Best Presidents Day SUV Deals in 2020

Thursday  18:25,   13 february 2020

Lease, Finance, or Earn Cash Back on Your Dream... >>>

The Best Presidents Day Deals in 2020

Tuesday  17:40,   11 february 2020

Deals That Could Run for... >>>