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Car and Driver's 10Best Cars through the Decades

Thursday  00:20,   19 november 2020

Here's how we've delivered 10Best trophies out to over 100 different models over the last 38... >>>

2021 Honda Accord: Car and Driver 10Best

Wednesday  20:20,   18 november 2020

The best car that everyone used to buy is now the best car that everyone should be buying. But now that we think about it, there is actually one more thing we want. For the first time ever, a manual transmission is no longer part of the lineup. As... >>>

Tested: 2007 Compact Car Comparison

Wednesday  10:20,   18 november 2020

Somewhere south of 20 grand, there's a sweet spot of cheap miles and wide smiles. We compare seven of the contenders—Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, Mazda 3, VW Rabbit, Nissan Sentra. From the December 2006 issue of Car and... >>>

All the stars of the National Historic Vehicle Register

Tuesday  20:31,   17 november 2020

All the stars of the National Historic Vehicle... >>>

A friendly start to the week: DAX also lingers on green terrain

Monday  13:15,   16 november 2020

On Monday, investors on the German stock market are extremely friendly. © Contributed by Finanzen.net Mario Vedder / Getty Images The DAX started the Monday session 0.72 percent stronger at 13,170.52 points and wins added on. Currently, the German... >>>

What taxation applies for a loan between individuals?

Saturday  15:20,   14 november 2020

If a loan with family or friends should not be carried out randomly, the legislator recently dropped ballast on the formalities to be accomplished © IStock / City Presse MONEY - If a loan with family or friends does not should not be done just any... >>>

Used car prices jump 10%, thanks to new-car coronavirus crunch

Thursday  21:35,   12 november 2020

Inventory shortages mean you're paying a lot more for a used car compared to last year, especially if you want a pickup truck.But for those moving to the used car market, it's a tough pill to swallow, too. Data shows used car prices are up a... >>>

Medien: Real are considering premature end of Reinier loan

Friday  08:50,   06 november 2020

Madrid (SID) - The previous times of the Brazilian offensive talent Reinier at Bundesliga soccer club Borussia Dortmund are said to have triggered mind games at Spanish record champions Real Madrid about an early termination of the loan... >>>

Hand dryers: Manufacturers complain about Corona regulations

Friday  08:20,   06 november 2020

Manufacturers of warm air hand dryers fear for their business because of the Corona pandemic and accuse the authorities of regulatory anger. © picture alliance / dpa New requirements for occupational safety in times of the corona pandemic are... >>>

Honda teams up with Fair.com to offer leasing of CPO used cars

Thursday  21:06,   05 november 2020

Honda teams up with Fair.com to offer leasing of CPO used cars originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 5 Nov 2020 13:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of... >>>

What Was the Last 3-On-the-Tree Column-Shift Manual Car Americans Could Buy?

Thursday  18:45,   05 november 2020

The most common sort of transmission setup in North America during the 1940s and 1950s, the column-shift 3-speed manual stayed in service longer than you might think. © Plymouth Division, Chrysler Corporation 1939 Plymouth brochure Chrysler put the... >>>

Four weeks Tölz: Nürnberger loan out bires

Monday  21:15,   02 november 2020

The Nürnberg Ice Tigers from the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) are the eleventh player to loan Andrej Bires until the end of this month. © imago images He is about to do a short assignment in Tölz: Andrej Bires (# 81). The 26-year-old attacker... >>>

Voodoo industrializes the creation of mobile games

Monday  06:25,   02 november 2020

© Bruno Levy for Challenges Voodoo This French start-up turned unicorn is multiplying its releases thanks to a lean and shortened manufacturing process. Its growth driver: Asia. Would inventing video games vaccinate against the big head? Alexandre... >>>

The Best $1 You Can Spend to Save Your Parked Car's Interior Is This Cheap Moisture Remover

Saturday  23:35,   31 october 2020

The Best $1 You Can Spend to Save Your Parked Car's Interior Is This Cheap Moisture RemoverThis is a PSA to the most humid cities in the United States. Those mentioned above, as well as others like Milwaukee and Portland, all have an average... >>>

What Current Car Is Guaranteed to Be a Future Classic?

Saturday  05:40,   31 october 2020

What Current Car Is Guaranteed to Be a Future Classic?Now, I'm the last person that you'd want to take financial advice from, but I do fancy myself as a connoisseur of all things... >>>