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Who is Rodolphe Belmer, future boss of TF1?

Sunday  09:30,   25 september 2022

© Eric Piermont / AFP Rodolphe Belmer, next boss of TF1. Here, when he was still CEO of Atos, on February 16, 2022. this Friday, September 23, 2022, Rodolphe Belmer, a businessman specialist in marketing was chosen by the Bouygues group to take the >>>

Montpellier: Thanks to the "shock of the offer", the prices of real estate avoid the hot

Sunday  04:20,   25 september 2022

by promising 8,000 new dwellings within two years, the city has found the perfect anti-crise solution, rejoices A representative of the promoters © N. Bonzom / Maxele Press at the real estate fair, this Friday. Housing - By promising 8,000 new... >>>

“Do you think I have to try it?” : Simon Castaldi (fifty) about to change his job, he asks for advice

Wednesday  01:20,   14 september 2022

© Instagram screen capture @simoncastaldi “Do you think I have to try it?” : Simon Castaldi (fifty) about to change his job, he asked for advice currently in competition in the fifty on W9, Simon Castaldi wonders about his future. To help him in... >>>

China appreciates the permanence and stability of the British crown

Monday  15:20,   12 september 2022

© AP - Aaron Chown The Chinese number wishes to work as quickly as possible with Charles III, according to declarations reported by the Xinhua day of tribute agency on Monday in Edinburgh. The British will be able to see the queen's coffin in front >>>

A woman has twins of different fathers after having relations with the two the same day

Monday  15:10,   12 september 2022

supplied by Bang Showbiz A woman gave birth to twins of two different fathers after having reports with the two men same day. This 19 -year -old mother is only the 20th known case of what is called "heteropaternelle superfectation". The man she... >>>

orphans, the famous Corgis of Elizabeth II adopted by his son Andrew

Sunday  20:10,   11 september 2022

© Steve Parsons The Queen Elizabeth II and one of her Corgis dogs, on February 4, 2022 in London their fate had so far remained suspended : The adored corgis of Queen Elizabeth, inseparable dogs of the sovereign who died Thursday at the age of 96,... >>>

Uniper boss defends Sponsoring

Sunday  13:00,   11 september 2022

The gas importer Uniper, saved with tax billions, has defended his sponsorship activities. With the money, the money is dealt with "maximum carefully and consciously", said Uniper boss Klaus-Dieter Maubach in an interview published on Saturday of... >>>

Greens boss Lang, despite the energy crisis, penetrates the

Sunday  04:50,   11 september 2022

coal phase-out despite the energy crisis, Greens boss Ricarda Lang continues to prefer to exceed the coal phase-out. "It is necessary for us to get out of coal in 2030 - if only to reach our climate goals," Lang told the Funke media group... >>>

Nigeria. At least 20 dead in a collision involving a Bus

Saturday  19:20,   10 september 2022

© Infographic Ouest-France The accident left at least twenty people, confirmed Police a collision between a bus and a vehicle carrying passengers left at least 20 dead in the state of Oyo (Nigeria). We have counted more than 20 fully burned human... >>>

Tomorrow belongs to us (spoiler): Who has removed Timothy? Its captor unveiled on TF1

Saturday  11:40,   10 september 2022

supplied by the whole TV TF1 will launch a new week of tomorrow belongs to us on Monday September 12, 2022 in Access Prime Time. The Elsa and Judith's aggressor investigator will rebound. Police will bring his suspicion to Darius, the spa employee. >>>

craft continues to be increasing sales

Friday  11:03,   09 september 2022

in Germany that is subject to admission in Germany, sales continued to increase in the second quarter of this year. They were an average of 7.4 percent above the values ​​from the previous year, as the Federal Statistical Office reported on Friday. >>>

mercury murder? Mysterious legends around Johannes Kepler

Thursday  19:10,   08 september 2022

Modern Forensic Methods can enlighten a centuries -old murder - or also a falsely suspect. Just like Johannes Kepler, one of the greatest astronomers in humanity. © Lebazele/iStock Tödliche Wine Before Kepler gains world fame, he works as an... >>>

Archeology: Zéphyr, 145 million years, the new auction at the Drouot Hotel

Thursday  12:10,   08 september 2022

© Bertrand Guay / AFP is an exceptional fossil that is exposed to Paris. In the Giquello gallery in Paris, the Zéphyr dinosaur is about to find a new family. The 145 million year old skeleton, found in the United States, is estimated at nearly... >>>

"It's a cheesy": TPMP columnists unzip a Malibu alert star!

Thursday  04:30,   08 september 2022

It is on the TPMP plateau that the TPMP columnists have diszantled the international star David Hasselhoff. © Capture Screen - C8 It is on the TPMP plateau that the TPMP columnists have unzipped the international star David Hasselhoff. While the... >>>

Immobilier: sales of apartments at the highest in large Parisian crown

Wednesday  21:40,   07 september 2022

© Getty / Mint Images Immobilier: sales of apartments at the highest in large Parisian crown The notaries of Grand Paris presented their latest assessment of the 'Immobilier Ile -de -France. Two trends emerge: volumes of sales raised in large crown >>>