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Burnt Orange 1970 Charger still a stunner

Friday  23:26,   21 september 2018

Back in 2013, a reader contacted us, saying he had the 1970 Dodge Charger his Grandmother had bought brand-new. She had gone into the dealership to purchase a new Dodge Monaco, but saw the Charger sitting in the showroom and had to have it. We met...[...]

These Two Barn-Find Plymouth Superbirds Are Going to Sell for All the Money

Friday  03:05,   21 september 2018

Just under 2,000 Plymouth Superbirds were ever produced in all of their too-high rear spoiler glory. Just under 2,000 Plymouth Superbirds were ever produced in all of their too-high rear spoiler glory. Finding one of these for sale is rare...[...]

One Year Later, Michigan Man Ordered to Sell 20 Cars a Month Is Out 160 Cars but Remains Upbeat

Thursday  00:10,   20 september 2018

One year ago today, we introduced Ron Dauzet, a Michigan man who was being forced by his local township to sell 20 cars per month because the 218-vehicle collection on his property ran in violation of a local blight ordinance. On Sunday, I caught up [...]

Bill Tower’s Amazingly Advanced 1956 SR-2 Corvette: Decades Ahead of Its Time!

Wednesday  23:15,   19 september 2018

There were exciting things were underway inside of Chevrolet in 1956. Corvettes set records at Daytona Beach and took a class win at the 12 Hours at Sebring; memorialized with the now classic "Real McCoy" print ad. Things were looking up for...[...]

Jaguar Land Rover releases a vintage-looking infotainment system for classics

Tuesday  22:05,   18 september 2018

Bluetooth audio and navigation are the two biggest bonuses.Five distinct designs of these "Classic Infotainment Systems" are offered in an effort to have an option that fits well with the interior of any particular car offered by Jag or Land Rover...[...]

Rare Finds: 1970 Plymouth ’Cuda 440 Six Pack Was a Show Car

Monday  22:50,   17 september 2018

"I saw the car in the back of a shop, just covered up. I thought, Man, if that guy decides he isn't going to finish that car, let me know." Jeff Clark has a regular job. On the weekends and some evenings and days off, he restores muscle...[...]

That Time When Porsche Tried Building a Jeep

Monday  18:12,   17 september 2018

The West German Army didn’t want Porsche’s utility vehicle in the 1950s, but we sure do.Known by its Porsche type number, 597, the Jagdwagen (literally, "hunting car") pulled a page from the VW playbook. Where Ferdinand Porsche’s Kübelwagen borrowed [...]

Gassers Galore! A Southern California Rev Fest

Friday  18:52,   14 september 2018

For the fifth year in a row, the gasser owners of Southern California have gathered to show off their machines, rev their engines, and lay down some rubberPie crust slicks, sky high straight axles, roots blowers with mechanical injection, fenderwell [...]

1973 Ford Bronco by Velocity Restorations

Thursday  20:00,   13 september 2018

Blue beauty can be yours for only $229,000Bronco, Bronco II, or baby Bronco—it'll still be awhile before we can drive a new one from Ford. But in the meantime, if you don't mind owning a vintage restomod and have a pile of cash on hand, check out...[...]

1969 Boss 429 Mustang: The Perfect Day-One Restoration

Thursday  19:35,   13 september 2018

Anyone who's has been around muscle cars for long knows that not all restorations are created equal. For some, a restoration is nothing more than fixing any visible rust and applying a fresh coat of paint. A little further up the restoration...[...]

Drive It While You Still Can! Dale Mosti’s 1962 Corvette #goDRIVEit

Thursday  18:32,   13 september 2018

In June 2016, Dale Mosti took a ride in his Corvette for the first time in 26 years. He's been driving it ever since, but his eye troubles have worsenedDale Mosti grew up in the car business. His grandfather, an immigrant from Italy and new...[...]

This 900HP 1974 Malibu Will Make You Re-Think the Mid-’70s!

Thursday  18:30,   13 september 2018

It's rare to see iron from the mid-'70s being built into muscle cars.It's rare to see iron from the mid-'70s being built into muscle cars; the era was marked by a significant drop in performance from the factory. In the case of GM's...[...]

This 1970 SS454 Chevelle Was Saved From An Alabama Backyard

Thursday  15:58,   13 september 2018

Iconic muscle cars like a 1970 Chevelle SS454 can't be found sitting in a backyard anymore, or can they? The overwhelming state of incredulity you're feeling is also how a few guys felt as we were hanging out "chewing the fat" a local car show...[...]

2018 Shades of the Past Triple Crown of Rodding is Crowned

Monday  18:51,   10 september 2018

The highpoint of the 36th Annual Shades of the Past Hot Rod Reunion is the awarding of the Painless Performance Products Triple Crown of Rodding. Each year there have been spectacular cars that have taken home the awards for Best Street Rod, Best...[...]

Wheelstands and World Records Immortalized “TV” Tommy Ivo’s First Dragster in 1958

Saturday  02:55,   08 september 2018

Wheelstands were so new and controversial in 1958 that pioneer promoter C.J. Hart supposedly disqualified Tommy Ivo for failure to maintain steering control of his first rail at Santa Ana, California. Sixty years later, we popped the question to the [...]