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Federal Network Agency: Gas consumption increases too much

Thursday  16:30,   06 october 2022

The federal government's appeals to save the water obviously does not yet apply to many consumers. The President of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, warned in Bonn: "Gas consumption rose too much last week." © Jens Büttner/dpa The gas... >>>

glitter, glamor, GDR - a model in the east

Wednesday  14:20,   05 october 2022

The GDR - also land of dreamer and birds of paradise, the unadjusted and creative. This story tells director Aelrun Goette in her film "in a country that no longer exists". © Peter Hartwig/Ziegler Film/Tobis/dpa Marlene Burow (L) as Suzie and Sabin >>>

at the head of a pimping network in France, a woman sentenced to Angers

Tuesday  21:30,   04 october 2022

© Ouest France Jun Wang was tried in his absence before the Angers Criminal Court, Monday October 3, 2022 in Angers. Considered the head of a vast network of pimping in the West, it was sentenced to six years in prison and is the subject of an... >>>

Midye 47 on the Kottbusser Damm: Finally mussels as a street food

Tuesday  18:50,   04 october 2022

The Midye 47 on the Kottbusser Damm serves the most popular street food Istanbuls: Midye Dolma, so mussels filled with rice and spices and served cold with a carving lemon. Our author tried the delicacy at the Mardin restaurant - and found a piece... >>>

Thermomix: On the occasion of its 51th anniversary, the star of the kitchen robots launches a new accessory, "it's a small revolution"

Monday  17:10,   03 october 2022

The thermomix users awaited him firmly. After 51 years of existence, the famous multifunction robot has a legumes. "A small revolution". It may cost € 1399,… He may cost € 1399, the famous thermomix robot in the German Vorwerk is popular with the... >>>

Federal Network Agency: Gas price cover by summer 2024 required

Sunday  09:10,   02 october 2022

The planned gas price brake must apply according to the Federal Network Agency for a period of almost two years. "We will be in some kind of tense situation until summer 2024," said network agency president Klaus Müller in a podcast by the... >>>

Talks with ambassadors are "natural": AfD boss wants to continue to maintain connections to Russia

Friday  16:00,   30 september 2022

Tino Chrupalla, despite the Ukraine War, with Moscow. He only spoke to Russia's ambassador Sergei Netschajew in Berlin in early September. © Photo: Reuters/Michele Tantussi Tino Chrupalla (AfD) on September 28th in the Bundestag. AfD boss Tino... >>>

Burma. A model sought by the power junta takes refuge in Canada

Thursday  08:30,   29 september 2022

after being blocked for almost a week at a Thai airport, the Burmese model known under the pseudonym Han Lay arrived in Toronto on Wednesday, September 28, 2022. Canada granted The right of political asylum to this woman who criticized the military >>>

Foreign Office according to Kubicki's rat comparison - respectful handling necessary

Wednesday  18:10,   28 september 2022

Berlin, 28th SEP (Reuters) - The Federal Foreign Office wants the rat comparison of the Vice President of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Kubicki, not commenting on the Turkish President - but protects against insulting statements. One spokesman said in... >>>

The manuscript text of "Starman" by David Bowie sold € 227,000 at auction

Wednesday  14:30,   28 september 2022

© Bertrand Guay/AFP David Bowie during a concert at the Olympia on July 1, 2002. The manuscript of "Starman", song emblematic of the Ziggy Stardust period of David Bowie, was sold at auction on Tuesday, September 27. It was the Museum of Old and... >>>

Cold: With this tip, the hot water bottle remains warm

Wednesday  13:10,   28 september 2022

© iStock/Sonja Rachbauer Cold: With this tip, the hot water bottle remains warm cold longer: With this tip, the hot water bottle stays warm. . Especially now that the heating costs threaten to explode, many rely on alternative heat sources, thick... >>>

Runner’s World Laufcoaching - With individual support for better performance

Tuesday  16:30,   27 september 2022

Here you can go directly to the Runner's World Laufcoaching © ISTOCKPHOTO for whom is Runner’s World running coaching? There are many good training plans for almost every running destination. But with these, running training is more or less firm,... >>>

CDU boss Merz apologized for "social tourism" expression

Tuesday  12:40,   27 september 2022

CDU boss Friedrich Merz has apologized to Ukrainian refugees for his allegation of "social tourism". "I regret the use of the word 'social tourism', wrote Merz on Tuesday in the short message service Twitter." That was an incorrect description of... >>>

Aufichtrat provides Hessian energy boss Schaller

Tuesday  00:00,   27 september 2022

Waldeck-Frankenberg. The managing director of an energy supplier from Northern Hesse has observed the choice of sham on Ukraine. The supervisory boards were not very enthusiastic about it. Now followed. © Uncredited A man in the Luhansk region... >>>

France: Green boss Julien Bayou, according to ex-partner's allegations of violence, returns

Monday  21:20,   26 september 2022

An ex-partner says that France's green party leader Bayou has taken her psychological violence. Now he has announced his withdrawal from several offices. Another party is under pressure due to similar allegations. © Ludovic Marin/ AFP An ex-partner >>>