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16:30  06 october  2022
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Oktoberfest boss scattered all worries: "The Oktoberfest will take place"

 Oktoberfest boss scattered all worries: Clemens Baumgärtner, the Oktoberfest boss since 2019, has taken the wind out of the sail of all ambiguities for the Oktoberfest. "The Oktoberfest will take place," he clarified in a press conference. Most recently, there was speculation about whether there would be Corona restrictions and whether the Oktoberfest should be held in times of energy and gas shortages. "We have a difficult environment: corona, inflation, energy shortage, Ukraine war," admitted Baumgärtner.

The federal government's appeals to save the water obviously does not yet apply to many consumers. The President of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, warned in Bonn: "Gas consumption rose too much last week."

Der Gasverbrauch der Haushalte steigt nach Einschätzung der Bundesnetzagentur derzeit zu stark an. © Jens Büttner/dpa The gas consumption of households is currently increasing too much, according to the Federal Network Agency.

According to the figures of the supervisory authority, the gas consumption of private households and smaller commercial customers in the 39th calendar week with 618 gigawatt hours was almost 10 percent above the average consumption level from 2018 to 2021. According to the Federal Network Agency, the consumption of industrial customers was also included last week 1370 gigawatt hours only a good 2 percent below the level of previous years.

Germany will hardly be able to avoid a gas emergency in winter without at least 20 percent savings in the private, commercial and industrial sector, emphasized Müller. "The situation can be very serious if we do not significantly reduce our gas consumption."

The private households and smaller commercial customers are responsible for around 40 percent of gas consumption in Germany. The remaining 60 percent are eliminated by large industrial customers.

Gas: A decline in gas filling was a transmission error .
© provided by Handelsblatt in Elsfleth in Lower Saxony, gas is saved. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = On Friday the federal government celebrated the reaching of the 95 percent mark as an “important milestone”. At the weekend, the level was short again below 90 percent. But it was just a registration error. On Sunday, the Association of European Gas Infrastructure Operators (Gie) corrected the error on its website. He then returned the level of the German gas stores with 95.28 percent.

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