Classics Carlo Masala at "Maischberger": "Putin can no longer win the war militarily"

12:40  24 november  2022
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Greens boss Lang, despite the energy crisis, penetrates the

 Greens boss Lang, despite the energy crisis, penetrates the coal phase-out despite the energy crisis, Greens boss Ricarda Lang continues to prefer to exceed the coal phase-out. "It is necessary for us to get out of coal in 2030 - if only to reach our climate goals," Lang told the Funke media group newspapers. "We want to reaffirm that at our party conference," she added with a view to the meeting planned for October. © John MacDougall Despite the energy crisis, Greens boss Ricarda Lang continues to prefer to exaggerate the coal phase-out.

The Cologne military expert discussed the current situation in Ukraine and the strategy of the West on Wednesday evening. The Russian army has strengthened its air raids in the past few days and mainly relies on targeted attacks on the civil infrastructure in Ukraine. There are heavy battles in the east, but the Ukrainian army holds its positions.

Carlo Masala (Militärexperte) diskutiert mit Sandra Maischberger und dem zugeschalteten Boris Bondarew (russischer UN-Diplomat) über die Lage in der Ukraine. © WDR/Oliver Zieben Carlo Masala (military expert) discusses the situation in Ukraine with Sandra Maischberger and the Boris Bondarew (Russian UN Diplomat).

that the Ukrainian troops defeat the Russians militarily doubts Carlo Masala. The goal must be that a continuation of the war is no longer useful for the Kremlin: "Then they can get to the negotiating table without priority."

9-euro ticket, housing benefit, gas price: On Wednesday at MPK

 9-euro ticket, housing benefit, gas price: On Wednesday at MPK The heads of government will come together for a special conference in Berlin on Wednesday (12.45 p.m.). The topic of the Prime Minister Conference (MPK) is the planned third relief package against the consequences of the energy crisis. © AFP MPK: NRW Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (left) and the Mayor of Berlin Franziska Giffey (right). , unlike originally intended, there will be no federal-state talks with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) afterwards.

Maischberger: Former UN graduate believes in Ukrainian victory "on the battlefield"

of the former Russian UN Diplomat Boris Bondarew, at “Maischberger” by live switch from a secret place in Switzerland, part of the show is more optimistic.

"With the help of the West, Ukraine can even win the war on the battlefield," said the former Russian diplomat, who resigned from its offices in May 2022 in protest against the Russian invasion. Putin waged a war against all democratically guided countries in Europe. Therefore, there could only be one solution: “Do not allow Putin win the war. Point. ”

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Russia is pursuing the goal of pulling and selling the Ukrainians with the current war strategy. Masala agrees. Russia has the strategy of "bumbling Ukraine back to the Stone Age," said the Cologne military expert.

Lithuania: Management staff of German Brigade put into service

 Lithuania: Management staff of German Brigade put into service Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht put the leadership staff of the German Brigade into service for increased protection on the NATO-East flank when visiting Lithuania. © Mindaugas Kulbis/AP/dpa Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht is received with military honor in Lithuania. «Lithuania's security is the security of Germany. It is this promise of common security, which we are committed to today, »she said at a ceremony at the Lithuanian military base Rukla.

The recapture of Cherson by Ukrainian troops, however, resulted in strategic and logistical problems for Russia. It is now "almost impossible" to conquer Odessa. "This idea is to keep the whole area from east to the down to the Crimea, which has now been laid," said Masala.

Carlo Masala near Maischberger: "Putin cannot afford to lose war"

He fears that the longer the war would last for arms deliveries and support of Ukraine. Less than half of all Germans would already support arms deliveries and would like a diplomatic solution.

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agree that Bondarew and Masala are that Putin, as the "leader of a wolf pack" (Bondarew), is at stake. “Putin cannot afford to lose war. On the other hand, he has no way to win him militarily. ”

Putin at the management staff, finally wants to subject Donetsk .
The Russian troops have continued their attacks in the Donetsk area in Moscow. The opposite attacks of the Ukrainian army were fended off. On the other hand, the Ukrainian military announced that the Russians' breakthroughs had been prevented on the line of defense. © Screenshot Putin spent the Friday at the "Special Operation" management staff of the Kremlin informed that President Vladimir Putin had spent all day in the management staff of "Military Special Operation".

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