Classics Datsun 240Z and 260Z Buying Guide

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A 240 Z has an L24 engine number, a 260 Z has an L26 while the 280ZX features an L28 unit. The 240 Z was fitted with Hitachi SU-type carburettors, which work fine; the 260 Z ’s aren’t so good. Want to buy a Datsun 240 Z ?

Datsun 240 Z Buying Guide – Video! April 22, 2015 by Greg. Our good friends at Hagerty Insurance bring you this comprehensive buyers ’ guide for those of you shopping for an early version of the legendary Datsun Z car.

<p>The 240Z is a classic that’s as desirable and as usable as it ever was, and it remains surprisingly affordable.</p>© Autoclassics

The 240Z is a classic that’s as desirable and as usable as it ever was, and it remains surprisingly affordable.

How much to pay



• Project $2100-4200
• Good $17,000-18,500
• Concours $23,000-31,000

Running costs ★★★
Spares ★★★
DIY Friendly ★★★★
Investment ★★★★
Desirability ★★★★

When Datsun launched the 240Z in 1969 it couldn’t really fail. Until that point it was the British that had the affordable sports car market sewn up in Europe and the US, but the products were unsophisticated and not all that well equipped.

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Including Parts For 260 Z and 280Z. Welcome to our great selection of NEW DATSUN Z BRAKE PARTS. Datsun 240 Z brake master. Correct for all 1970 to aug 1971 model years.

MODEL GUIDE : Datsun 280Z. YEAR GUIDE : 1970 to 1978. Code Guide : Datsun S30. Part: ZD08 no longer available *. Datsun 240 Z outer door mouldings squeegees.

Then along came the 240Z with better build quality, far superior heating and ventilation, hatchback practicality and an ultra-durable straight-six engine. The powerplant allowed this super-stylish sportster to swallow long distances with ease, helped by a capacious fuel tank. It may not have been available as a convertible but the 240Z – and the 260Z that came later – were still tremendous fun.

Over the past half a century or so rust has massively reduced the number of surviving 240Zs and 260Zs, but this is a classic that’s as desirable and as usable as it ever was, and it remains surprisingly affordable. However, with ongoing trends, prices are destined to shoot upwards in the near future.

Your AutoClassics Datsun 240Z inspection checklist

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Motoring Middle East: Car news, Reviews and Buying guides . Datsun ’s 240 Z (sold in Japan as the Nissan Fairlady Z) was the first generation of the Z GT two-seat coupe, a lineage that also gifted us cars like the Nissan 300ZX, 350 Z and , currently, the 370Z.

Datsun 240 Z , 260 Z and 280Z engine rebuild parts. Any item that is needed under the hood can be found here. new intake or exhaust valve guide for Datsun 240 Z , 260 Z , 280 Z and 280ZX, 1970-83.


The overhead-cam straight-six can be tuned to give a reliable 250bhp; with just 151bhp in standard form it’s far from stressed. That’s why with 6000-mile oil changes a Z engine will easily dismiss 250,000 miles. It’s essential that the coolant level is maintained, and the antifreeze concentration kept at 50/50. The alloy head corrodes if this isn’t undertaken and it will warp if the engine overheats.

A healthy engine will show 55psi while cruising, although sender units and gauges are unreliable. When an engine needs a rebuild there will be lots of rattling from the top end and rumbling from the bottom. Some owners just slot in a 2.8-liter engine from a 280ZX; if originality is important to you make sure this hasn’t already been done. A 240Z has an L24 engine number, a 260Z has an L26 while the 280ZX features an L28 unit.

The 240Z was fitted with Hitachi SU-type carburetors, which work fine; the 260Z’s aren’t so good. If the top of the carbs are flat (like a tin can), rather than rounded like an SU, the original units are fitted. It’s worth swapping these for SU HS2 items or you could fit triple Webers or Dell’Ortos, but you’ll need to upgrade the exhaust, valves and camshaft to make everything work properly.

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Looking for exterior parts for your Datsun 240 Z ? Check out our great selection of new datsun 240 Z parts in our webstore. Datsun 240 Z Parts, Exterior. Including Parts For 260 Z and 280Z.

Datsun 240 Z Parts, Interiors. Including Parts For 260 Z and 280Z. PAGE ONE. Code Guide : Datsun S30. DESCRIPTION: This pair of door panels right and left is an excellent quality reproduction of the originals.


Most US-supplied Zs got a four-speed manual transmission, but three-speed auto and five-speed manual gearboxes were fitted in other markets. The five-speed manual gearbox fitted to all UK-supplied cars is reliable, but if the car is displaying high-mileage on the odometer or has been abused, the synchromesh and bearings might be on their last legs. The parts are getting hard to find to rebuild these transmissions, which is why some owners fit a 280ZX transmission instead.

Differentials are strong and so are the universal joints on the driveshafts, but the latter wear, which results in clonking sounds. They’re not difficult or expensive to replace though.

Suspension and brakes

The Z’s rack-and-pinion steering should be pin-sharp; if it isn’t it’s probably because the rack mounting bushes have perished. Polyurethane replacements are available to sharpen things up, along with a plastic steering coupler in place of the original rubber item.

The MacPherson strut suspension is reliable, but check for sagging coil springs or leaking dampers. US cars have softer suspension, which can be fitted with shorter, stiffer springs and a thicker anti-roll bar to tighten everything up.

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Datsun 240 Z / 260 Z /280Z. 1969-1978 Datsun Z Parts Manual Index. The legendary Datsun Z, also known as the Datsun Fairlady Z in some markets. Produced by Nissan with model code S30.

This is a buyer 's guide for anyone who is in the market for an S30 ( 240 Z , 260 Z , 280Z) Datsun Z. We'll talk about how to buy , and where to buy a Datsun Z project car.

Be wary of cars with over-sized wheels. The originals were 5.5 inches wide and, while it’s acceptable to go up to 7J rims, anything more than this will put too much strain on the suspension and bearings, leading to rapid wear.


Most Zs have rusted away. Many survivors are often rusty or poorly restored (or both). The biggest problem is the mass of subtle curves that are very hard to recreate properly, so look for mismatched swage lines and awkward panel gaps.

The area that causes the most problems is behind the doors where three swage lines converge; fixing this is very involved. Rotten floorpans are common, especially the longitudinal crossmembers beneath the seats, and the front chassis legs that run the length of the engine bay. The flitch panels in the front wheelarches also dissolve, particularly the double-skinned base of the strut towers.

Other areas likely to be rusty include the tops and trailing edges of the front wings, the door bottoms, the base of the windscreen plus the tail panel around the rear lights. Interior Many Zs have had their original quilted trim and resin-coated wooden steering wheel replaced, so there are few original interiors left. Repro parts are available to return a Z cabin to standard though.

More of a problem is a dash top that’s cracked from years of exposure to the sun. Replacements aren’t available and repairs are tricky. Although, if the dash has faded it’s usually possible to recolor the plastic.

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Datsun 240 Z Parts, Exterior. Including Parts For 260 Z and 280Z. Page One. Datsun 240 Z rear bumper over-riders. Correct from 1970 to june 72 model years. Sorry left side no longer available.

Datsun 240 Z , S30, Fairlady Z. Many applications also available for 260 Z , 280 Z and 280ZX. Please call for more details. Items with " BUY NOW!" are available for purchase online at www.Shop.UpgradeMotoring.com.


* 1969: The 240Z goes on sale in Japan.

* 1970: The UK and America get their first 240Zs; American editions get a four-speed manual gearbox while UK cars have an extra ratio.

* 1971: The transmission and location of the differential are improved. A Jatco three-speed automatic is offered in some markets while the rear quarter panel and hatch are redesigned for improved through-flow ventilation.

* 1972: The compression ratio is lowered from 9.0:1 to 8.8:1, reducing emissions and power. Automatic seat belt retractors are installed and the rear window defroster lines are now horizontal.

* 1973: The carburetors, manifolds and cylinder head are changed to meet emission standards. Intermittent wipers are now fitted along with tinted glass, three-point adjustable seat belts, a collapsible steering column and fire-retardant trim.

* 1974: The engine capacity is increased to 2.6 liters, and the car is renamed the 260Z. There’s also a new 2+2 body style, with fold-down rear seats.

* 1975: The US now gets a 2.8-liter model, the 280Z, with Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection.

* 1975/76: The UK market loses the coupe; only the 2+2 is marketed for this period.

* 1977: The 260Z coupe is relaunched in the UK with revised interior trim, improved suspension and a more luxurious specification. The coupe and 2+2 continue alongside each other until the introduction of the 280ZX.

* 1978: An all-new, second-generation Z-car debuts: 280ZX. Only the engine, transmission and differential are carried over.

AutoClassics say...

These Z cars can fulfill pretty much any role you like, from occasional shows to long-distance touring, racing or rallying. If there’s one thing that limits these cars’ usability it’s the thirst of the six-cylinder engines; it’s not crippling but the cost adds up if you cover a heavy amount of miles.

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Datsun 240 Z : Buying guide and review (1969-1974). Which one to buy ? Out of all the Z cars, the 240 Z is bar far the most sought after, although later (and more rare) 260 Z does have many benefits over its older brother.

1970-83 Datsun Z / ZX History And Information. Yutaka Katayama introduced the 240 Z in October 1969 to the US. Powered by a 2,393 cc, 2.4 liter in-line OHC 6 cylinder with two sidedraft SU carburetors, the engine produced 150 horsepower.

There were lots of different derivatives sold in the various markets; Europe got one set, the Japanese market another while US buyers got a different spec again.

The 240Z has more of a following than the 260Z and 2+2s aren’t very sought after, as few people buy these cars for family use. Very few of these cars are still original, so whatever you buy might be a bit of a mongrel, but if done well that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, collectors generally want cars as close to original spec as possible and that’s what we’d recommend for the authentic Z experience.

Find a good one and you’ll soon see that significant changes just aren’t needed; this is a car that’s a blast to drive just as Nissan built it.


Datsun 240Z :
- Power : 151bhp
- Top speed : 125mph
- 0-60mph : 8.0sec

Datsun 260Z :
- Power : 162bhp
- Top speed : 127mph
- 0-60mph : 8.8sec

Want to buy a Datsun 240Z? Find a Datsun Z-series car near you

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