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Anna Brook’s restored Plymouth Satellite to GTX specifications is the car she wished she owned when she was in high school. Anna drove her Satellite for the better part of a decade, over which time it survived the first gas crisis in 1973. It was her daily driver and as such, it had developed a reputation

1971 Plymouth Satellite GTX Roadrunner DUTCHMAN PANEL PACKAGE TRAY trunk hinges. 1971 1972 1973 1974 Dodge Charger, Superbee or Plymouth GTX , Roadrunner, Satellite lower door and lower rear interior panel trim set.

Automotive enthusiasts build cars for a variety of reasons. A dream motivates many to build a classic hot rod, while for others it's the opportunity to own a car they lusted after earlier in life but couldn't afford at the time. But, for many, it's an attempt to recapture a fleeting moment of one's youth, that special car, most often one's very first car. And when it's built it's not the second-hand car first purchased decades earlier, it's the car they wished they purchased, with perfect paint, a pristine interior, and not with the entry-level slant six or small-displacement V-8, but with the biggest engine offered. This is the story of one couple's vision.

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1971 Plymouth Satellite , Road Runner & GTX Features Video from the Chrysler Master Technician Service Conference Training Series. Used as a training tool

1971 -1974 Plymouth GTX ,Roadrunner and Satellite tribute music Turn up the radio by Autograph.

In 1972 Anna Brook was a teenager living in Northwest Indiana. She saved up to buy her first car and, with the help of her parents, was able buy one that was better than most, a one-year-old '71 Plymouth Satellite Sebring two-door hardtop with just 2,800 miles on the clock, color code C7, In-Violet, with blue-cloth bench seat interior, pretty typical of the time. And it wasn't a big-block 383 or 440 wedge or a 426 Hemi, rather a much more pedestrian 318 V-8 resided under the hood, backed up with a three-speed TorqueFlite automatic, again pretty typical of the era.

Anna drove her Satellite for the better part of a decade, over which time it survived the first gas crisis in 1973. It was her daily driver and as such, it had developed a reputation for being somewhat undependable, to the degree that she gave it a nickname, "Unpredictable." And over those eight years, she learned how to deal with whatever it through at her. Over time the 318 developed an appetite for oil as she found herself adding a quart of oil with every fill-up (no, it wasn't a two-stroke 318).

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  There's an All-Original 1970 Plymouth Superbird Headed to Auction This is a rare chance to own muscle car royalty.The Plymouth Superbird is muscle car royalty. When it came out back in 1970 with its aerodynamic nose cone, ridiculous spoiler, and a horn that made the same sound as the famous Road Runner cartoon, it stunned the motoring community. Legend says the whole reason the car was built was to motivate Richard Petty to race for Plymouth again—and it worked.

The Plymouth Satellite is a mid-size automobile introduced in the 1965 model year as the top trim model in Plymouth 's "B" platform Belvedere line. Available only in two-door hardtop and convertible models, the Satellite remained the top of the line model until the 1967 model year

Plymouth had a new body shell this year, and it was a very nice change. The car's nose seemed lower in this iteration, and it flowed very nicely toward the

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Besides the niggling mechanical issues, the gas gauge stopped working, stranding her with an empty tank on more than one occasion. Finally, in 1979, about the time of the second gas crunch, she had enough and sold it.

Almost three decades later, in 2007, after having built several award-winning show cars with her husband, Howard, an industrial engineer, now retired from UPS, with incredible mechanical and restoration skills, and whose spheres of enthusiasm ran from restoring an E-Type Jaguar to a '59 Chevrolet sedan delivery. More than a decade ago the couple faced the dilemma of what to do next? It was Anna who suggested a '71 Plymouth Satellite Sebring, like the very first car she owned in high school.

Like when formulating a plan, the search turned to the buff books, online classifieds, and eBay. Their search took them to Arizona where sight unseen, they purchased a '71 Plymouth Satellite Sebring. The seller presented it as a solid, running, virtually rust-free western car. After it was shipped to their home in Western New York Howard concluded that the 35-year-old car had been honestly presented by the sell but quickly the decision was made to do a full restoration with a twist. The plan was to restore it to GTX trim (1971 was the final year for the GTX as a separate model) with a bored and stroked 440, punched out to 457 ci, backed up with a five-speed Tremec manual transmission. Most of the heavy lifting on the engine was completed by Van Gordon Racing in Upland, California.

Junkyard Find: 1973 Plymouth Road Runner

  Junkyard Find: 1973 Plymouth Road Runner The year 1973 was an important one for the Plymouth Road Runner. To get under the $3K threshold and tickle sales, the lowly 318 2-barrel economy mill replaced the 340 as the standard engine. That's right, Road Runners were available with a single 2-barrel carb for the very first time. But get this, instead of the lame single exhaust used in other 318 applications, Road Runner retained the full dual exhaust system used on the (now optional) 340 small-block. Better yet, out back, every Road Runner got the cool slotted chrome and orange bazooka exhaust tips first seen in 1971.

Original 1971 GTX . Correct 440/370 HP . 3.23 Sure Grip rear . Factory tach . Original build sheet and fender tag . Drives excellent. Lot F305 Indianapolis 2010 May 19-23. 1971 Plymouth Satellite GTX 2-Door Hardtop. 440/370 HP, Automatic featureNo Reserve.

Find out why. Close. Unforgettable 1971 Plymouth Satellite GTX . HOT TRENDING. 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX in Silver & 426 Hemi Engine Sound on My Car Story with Lou Costabile - Duration: 10:23.

1971-plymouth-satellite-gtx-15-three-quarter-overview.jpg © Hot Rod Network Staff 1971-plymouth-satellite-gtx-15-three-quarter-overview.jpg

With a solid restoration plan in place, the couple showed the car to Ken Pezdek, the owner of Aero Collision and Fabrication in Lancaster, New York, where it was treated to a full rotisserie restoration. Ken's team meticulously addressed the bumps and bruises that the car had accumulated over the previous 35 years with Howard and Anna doing much of the car's disassembly before Pezdek's team took over.

One sheetmetal issue that needed to be addressed was work to the tunnel section of the floorpan to accommodate the six-speed Tremec transmission whose dimensions were different than the outgoing Chrysler four-speed.

As the paint was applied, a modern update of the classic B5 Blue, the car began to really take shape. For re-chroming, Howard shipped the bumpers to Advance Plating in Nashville, Tennessee. The companion stainless steel trim went off to Stainless Trim Restoration in Depew, New York. The bright work on the car is substantially better than when it rolled down the Los Angeles assembly line.

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My Plymouth Satellite 1971 starting up for the first time. Restored Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus, Restyled with VHT and Dupli-Color Paints - Продолжительность: 4:38 Vht Paint 39 959 просмотров.

1971 Plymouth Satellite , Road Runner & GTX Sales Features - Dealer Promo Film - Продолжительность: 10:36 MyMopar. com 47 250 просмотров.

B-Body Mopars from this era weren't known for perfect fit and finish coming down the assembly line. Ill-fitting panels and orange-peel paint was the norm, not the exception. This didn't stop Ken and his team to reassembling the car to exacting standards, with the alignment of the front fenders, doors, hood, and decklid being closer to a modern-day Lexus than a mass-produced Plymouth from more than four decades ago. Again, as the photos illustrate, the car displays outstanding panel fit.

Because the car, when finished, would have something close to three times the power of the well-worn and anemic 318, local supplier SSBC was called upon for an updated front- and rear-disc brake setup with powdercoated calipers along with a billet proportioning valve, and a master cylinder and booster. Getting the power to the ground would come courtesy of a heavy-duty 8-inch rear end that Howard carefully rebuilt.

As Anna's long-lost first car was a bench-seat model, Howard sourced a set of GTX-style high-back buckets along with a set of factory gauges and the sporty center console. The interior trim was restored to better-than-new quality using white vinyl seat upholstery and door panels from Legendary Auto Interiors. The results, with the white vinyl contrasting with the bold exterior, as the photos show, is a dynamic combination. This is such a contrast to the muted colors of today's cars — even when the exterior is a bold color such as this. There's just so many things that you can do with black, charcoal, and taupe.

Under All That Dirt Is a Rock-Solid, Garage-Find 1972 Plymouth Duster 340

  Under All That Dirt Is a Rock-Solid, Garage-Find 1972 Plymouth Duster 340 Danny Ravas knew about this Plymouth Duster, a 340 with a four-speed, 32 years ago. "It was a block away from my mother's, and I spotted it outside," he says. A Mopar enthusiast from way back, Danny inquired about buying the pint-size Plymouth muscle car, which, in 1985, would have been just 13 years old.Danny kept after the owner on and off through the years, but the answer was always no. He was building up a collection of Mopar muscle, and this Duster was one of his first acquisitions. "He had hopes of restoring it someday," Danny says.

A 1971 440 Plymouth GTX I shot at Floyd Garrett Muscle Car Museum Very Nice Car check it out!! 1971 Satellite , Road Runner, GTX Features Training Film - Продолжительность: 10:36 SuperBeeRegistry 23 651 просмотр.

"U.S. Car of the Year." 1971 Plymouth Satellite Commercial. 1971 Plymouth Satellite , Road Runner & GTX Sales Features - Dealer Promo Film - Duration: 10:36. MyMopar. com 38,002 views.

Other upgrades to the interior included a Quiet Ride Solutions AcoustiShield Thermal Acoustic Interior Insulation Kit in place of OEM-grade sound deadening panels. Howard notes that the kit is vehicle-specific, arriving pre-cut and ready to install. The results? A '70s-era B-Body that's as quiet as a new Chrysler 300.

While the body and interior work was underway, Van Gordon Racing completed the engine work. Next, Howard installed the clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel, along with the throwout bearing, bellhousing, and transmission. The final touch? A set of Pirelli P-Zero Rosso tires mounted on Boyd's Crown Jewel alloy wheels. Not long after the car was completed, the car debuted at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California. After that Anna and Howard enjoyed the car for many years together.

"Anna was a car girl's car girl," says Howard. "We were a team, on almost every car we built. It was a partnership. She had her opinions, I had mine, and we always seemed to make it work. But this car, when we built it, was much more her car than mine, and the way it turned out really reflects that. That's what made what happened last year at times so hard to accept. She learned last February [2017] that she had cancer and just 40 days later, she was gone. But the thing about this car is that it is a reminder of our more than 38 years together, 36 married. Yes, it's bittersweet at times, but every time I go out to the garage I feel her spirit. It with me always, especially when I get behind the wheel. The car certainly was a collaboration, but when you look at in retrospect, this was truly her car."

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1971 Plymouth Satellite GTX Check out this amazing Plymouth Satellite GTX Classic car We are frontseatreviews. Please Subscribe for more. Music by Kevin

1971 Plymouth GTX on Hot Rods, Customs and Classics TV. 1969 Plymouth GTX , Road Runner, Satellite and Belvedere Features - Продолжительность: 9:58 SuperBeeRegistry 146 563 просмотра.



Type: R

Cubic Inches: over 440

Bore: 4.32 inches plus .40 over, total of 4.72

Block Modifications: bored .040 over

Block: Chrysler

Bore x Stroke: stock 4.72 x 3.75

Rods: stock, cast

Pistons: Speed-Pro, 9.8:1 compression

Crankshaft: stock steel

Cam: Comp Cams hydraulic

Lift: .470 at .050 224

Valves: Milodon, 2.14 intake, 1.81 exhaust

Valvesprings: Comp Cams

Rocker Arm: stock

Intake Manifold: Edelbrock Aluminum Six Pack

Carburetors: Holley Six Pack

Distributor: Mallory

Exhaust: Chrysler RB Hi-Performance

Muffler: Spin Tech

Exhaust Pipes: Muffler Tech Performance

Inlet/Outlet Size: 2.50 inches

Exhaust: aluminized 2.50 inches

Exhaust Tips: stainless steel tips with YearOne red inserts

Engine: built by VanGordon Racing Engines (Upland, CA)


Transmission: manual five-speed

Manufacturer: Tremec/Keisler Engineering/Silver Sport Transmissions (Wixom, MI/Rockford, TN)

Shifter: Hurst Pistol Grip

Clutch: Hays 11-inch long style

Rearend: Chrysler 8

Ratio: 3.55:1 Sure Grip

Steering: Firm Feel Inc.

Brakes: Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation

Front Brakes: Tri Power Calipers 13-inch Big Bite cross-drilled rotors

Rear Brakes: Sport R1 Calipers 11.25-inch Big Bite cross-drilled rotors

Wheels: 18x7 (front) and 18x8 (rear) Crown Jewel Alloy Wheels By Boyd's

Tires: 245/45ZR18 (front) and 255/55ZR18 (rear) Pirelli P-Zero Rosso


Seats: Legendary Auto Interiors white vinyl

Instruments: Tachman tachometer with Auto Instrument OEM cluster

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