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Morgan To Celebrate 110 Years With Anniversary Editions

  Morgan To Celebrate 110 Years With Anniversary Editions The company marks its "milestone" birthday next year.After the discontinuation of the V8-engined Plus Eight earlier this year, the Morgan lineup now comprises the 3 Wheeler, the 1.6-liter 4/4, 2.0-liter Plus 4, and the 3.7-liter V6-powered Roadster.

For the rest of us , however, this represents a rare opportunity to experience a cool home-grown sports car that’s a bit Lotus 7, a smidge Frogeye Sprite, with a healthy dash of Mazda RX thrown in for good measure. No, Maxton wasn’t successful, but these cars sure still seem to be .

Learn how to roller skate with Indy and Pigeon! In this tutorial we share some roller skate basics focusing on safety while learning to build confidence on

Only 50 copies of the Maxton roller skate were built. Why actually? In principle, 760 kilos and 200 hp are a good combination. In fact, Mazda's sunshine MX-5 is not uninvolved in the downfall of the roadster.

  Dieses Auto hatte einfach Pech - US-Roadster Maxton Rollerskate mit Wankelmotor © Maxton

As a car enthusiast, you are probably familiar with the famous quote from Ferry Porsche: "I could not find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself." Bob Sutherland from the United States followed this philosophy in the late 1980s , but in the end with less resounding success. The businessman and auto collector planned to build a car reminiscent of Healey Sprite, Lotus Seven and Ginetta G4. The most advanced unit at the time should serve as the drive: a Wankel engine from the first Mazda RX-7 generation.

Drop The Top In This Restored 1966 Chevy Corvette Roadster

  Drop The Top In This Restored 1966 Chevy Corvette Roadster This vintage beaut was displayed at the National Corvette Museum. Classic Auto Mall is offering the perfect chance to snag this award-winning and meticulously restored 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster. This particular example has been displayed in the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and scored a 97.3 out of 100 at the Corvette Nationals. It is safe to say that this Stingray is in tip-top shape. In car terms that could best be described as concours-worthy.

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Special for USA TODAY. We think of roller coasters as being all-American. They developed new breeds of coasters including inverted, in which the trains hang suspended beneath the track, and floorless, in which the trains ride above the track, but passengers' legs dangle in open cars .

Together with a designer, a racing engineer and a suspension specialist, Sutherland finally got the first running prototype on wheels in 1989. Impressed by the driving performance, the own creation should become a brand. However, not a vehicle manufacturer in the classic sense. The idea was to only sell the components of the car, which are then assembled at local contract workshops to form the finished vehicle according to customer requirements.

Overshadowed by classics

It took until 1991 for the first finished chassis to reach prototype status in terms of design. Previously, Sutherland went with the pre-series model called P2 on a 1,000-mile rally, which he successfully and problem-free. At the end of 1992 the time had come: The Maxton roller skate was to go on sale. Relevant media reported so euphorically about the small two-seater that one had to assume that the roller skate would inevitably become a bestseller. But it was not like that.

Internet Treasure: 1933 Chevy Roadster Found Online

  Internet Treasure: 1933 Chevy Roadster Found Online Greg Meyer found his 1933 Chevy on the internet and drove it home!"The trip wasn't without its surprises" Greg Meyer admits. "like when one side of the front bumper dropped off. But it was a great trip that I will always remember.

Before we begin we 'll give a brief overview of how an internal combustion engine functions. The crankshaft, in turn, transfers this motion through the transmission, which transmits the power to the wheels of the car . Simple right?

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The market for classic cars and performance vehicles changed and prices fell. Prospective buyers turned to popular classics that had just become affordable and so the little Wankel roadster fell behind. Although the price was only around $ 25,000, perhaps due to a lack of brand history, there was no more than a handful of interested parties. The fact that the Mazda MX-5 also saw the light of day at that time should not have helped either. Sutherland went on to give the already completed first batch as a bonus to deserved employees of his company.

Today there is a copy at auctions every now and then. Prices meander around the $ 20,000 mark, even for low mileage models. So if you don't mind buying a car that has no doors, the Maxton roller skate could become your very own driving pleasure companion. After all, 200 HP on 760 kilos speak a very entertaining language, right?

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If you want rare, we've got really rare right here.

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