Classics Editor’s Garage: Duralast Week To Wicked — Wheeler Dealer Mike is Back!

01:55  24 july  2020
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What Should I Do If The Dealer Won't Take My Lease Back?

  What Should I Do If The Dealer Won't Take My Lease Back? What Should I Do If The Dealer Won't Take My Lease Back?I am trying to return my lease and the dealer won’t take it back unless I get something from them but I don’t want to buy or lease from that brand. They said they will give me an extension, but that isn’t what I want to do. I tried calling the manufacturer, and they said the dealer has to take it back but didn’t offer a solution.

Can Mike and Edd buy and restore a SAAB 900 Turbo for only £1,000? Watch and find out! Watch and find out! For more car clips from Wheeler Dealers just head to: http REVIVING THE SAAB 900 TURBO - Продолжительность: 13:19 TLJ Garage 2 236 просмотров.

Mike heads to see a dealer with the intention of buying a Rolls Royce, but when he realises that it ' s not mechanically sound enough for him, he takes a look

There are some weeks where it seems like I get nothing done, and then a week comes along where I manage to get a lot done. This last week was pretty good—and in particular last weekend. On Friday night, I got a text from Mike Brewer saying he had completed his two weeks of quarantine after flying in from England and asked if I wanted to meet up at the Donut Derelicts on Saturday morning. Mike said he was in California to complete another season of "Wheeler Dealers" with Ant Anstead, plus he had a lot of other things to accomplish while he was in California.

Motorcycle Hydraulic Brake System Flush Tips

  Motorcycle Hydraulic Brake System Flush Tips Motorcycle Hydraulic Brake System Flush TipsRelated Content: Used Motorcycles

Wheeler Dealer , London, United Kingdom. 858K likes. The ‘ Wheeler Dealer ’ Mike Brewer and his mechanic Ant Anstead search the globe for great cars in nee Wheeler Dealer . 1 hr ·. 1st day back in the saddle.. # wheelerdealers missing UK Nick/John and Simon but this team will get it done ✅.

Mike Brewer reveals the secrets behind Wheeler Dealers , talks about modifying a E46 BMW M3, why the unlikely Christmas special won’t happen and how he met

a motorcycle parked on top of a car: 001-editor’s-garage-week-to-wicked © John Gilbert 001-editor’s-garage-week-to-wicked

Mike, Jim Dvorak from Mother's Polishes, and I went to a patio breakfast, and it felt really good out and goof off a little before heading home and handling the Saturday domestic chores. I think I'm the only one on my street that still washes their own car and mows their lawn. I wish it was a every Saturday occurrence, but the grass gets really tall and my GMC really dirty before I get around to pretending I'm a domesticated normal guy.

Sunday was the day we set aside to install as much as we could of the Vintage Air air conditioning in the 1966 Chevelle. Our friend Jason is letting us use his shop in Chino, and our friend Jay Ligtenberg has installed countless Vintage Air SureFit kits, so Jay came over and knocked it out in no time at all.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Dealer Orders Open June 22

  Ford Mustang Mach-E Dealer Orders Open June 22 Tele-dealer training will be shortly after, and we'll see the new Ford EV in driveways in late 2020.Ford will also hold online training exercises for dealers including a virtual walkaround of the vehicle. Something like this would normally be held in person, but since the pandemic ... you know the rest. Dealers won’t be able to physically interact with the car, but this teleconference will allow the Mach-E to stay on schedule. As we know, U.S. deliveries, at least, will still be on time. The only one you can’t get, as far as we’ve heard, is the First Edition, which is sold-out.

For more car clips from Wheeler Dealers just head to: http On the hunt for a Porsche 928, Mike Brewer spots a bargain on sale that seems too good to be true. Porsche 928 manual review - Продолжительность: 25:03 Harry' s garage 213 285 просмотров.

Wheeler Dealers ' experienced car trader Mike Brewer and acclaimed motor specialist Ant Anstead are gearing up to save motoring classics from the crusher. A few weeks ago, I dropped by to visit Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead at the Wheeler Dealers shop/television studio to get the downlow on what

Around 1 p.m., while we were working on the Chevelle's Vintage Air, my wife called and said her car broke down in a fast food line somewhere in Lakewood. She said it died making a loud knocking sound and then wouldn't restart, so she made a call to AAA and had it towed home. Now bear mind her car is a 1999 Mercury Sable station wagon with a transverse DOHC V-6, and it is not a particularly easy car to work on.

I got back home from Chino around 5 p.m. and discovered the lower radiator hose on the Mercury had blown apart from its plastic coupling that joins four hoses together and ran the V-6 dry until it rattled a boiling death and quit.

The Sable didn't smell bad like a car that had overheated just a tinge of burnt antifreeze. I had just changed the oil with Quaker State synthetic and maybe having clean synthetic oil helped to keep the engine from burning up. The hose I needed was specific for a 21-year-old oddball car, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to find one.

1986 Zimmer Quicksilver Adds Classic Style To The Pontiac Fiero

  1986 Zimmer Quicksilver Adds Classic Style To The Pontiac Fiero Only 170 of these kit cars were ever built, and this is undoubtedly the nicest around.As if the low miles and even lower production numbers aren't enticing enough,  this car has a throwback design that exudes elements similar to classic GM luxury coupes like the Cadillac Eldorado and the Oldsmobile Toronado. There is lots of chrome on this car with big bumpers and wire wheels, and the white paint job is contrasted by the bright red interior. The overall design has surprising balance with its loped nose and boat tail, but despite the rebodied exterior, the interior remains mostly stock with the exception of a new center console, different seats and stitched trim.

WHEELER DEALERS is back on TV with a new presenter and a huge lineup of classics. Ant Anstead is the new master mechanic alongside trader Mike Brewer in the Discovery Channel restoration show. The rally legend is one of a number of "Fast Fords" that have surged in price in the last year.

Mike Brewer received horrific DEATH THREATS after Edd China quit Wheeler Dealers . Presenter Edd announced last week he would be leaving because producers Velocity had planned to cut back on his role in the programme. Edd China has revealed that Mike Brewer has received death threats.

I went online to the AutoZone near my house and I couldn't believe it they had the exact hose I needed in stock. The hose clamps were impossible to get to, so I used a razor-sharp knife made in Finland and a Dremel tool to cut the clamps off.

My wife has trust issues with Mercury now, so I've been driving it to work all week testing it and it performs like it never happened — I got lucky.

a car parked in a parking lot © John Gilbert

1957 Chevy Project X Stored in The MotorTrend Tech Center

Monday morning, we started to prep the Tech Center for Duralast's Week To Wicked build of a 1967 Chevy II Nova Presented By Classic Performance Products. In the back of the MotorTrend Tech Center, the one and only Project X sits waiting for its next adventure.

a man standing in front of a car posing for the camera © John Gilbert

Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer Is a Donut Derelicts Regular

There are guys in the automotive aftermarket that are the nicest people you'd ever want to meet, and Mike is one of them. The red Porsche 911 SC is Mike's daily driver when he's home in Southern California.

a blue boat sitting on top of a car © John Gilbert

1966 Chevelle Malibu With Hidden Plumbing For Vintage Air

For just a little extra work, a person can route the heater and air conditioning hoses for Vintage Air A/C behind the right front fender above the wheel well and end up with an A/C install so clean it will be hard to detect the car has air conditioning.

How F1 teams have to adapt to COVID-19 garage protocols

  How F1 teams have to adapt to COVID-19 garage protocols Racing Point Formula 1 technical director Andrew Green says routine pit garage jobs will take longer as a result of the new restrictions during race weekends. © Glenn Dunbar / Motorsport Images Lance Stroll, Racing Point RP19, and Sergio Perez, Racing Point RP19, in the garage Lance Stroll gave the RP20 a run in what was officially a 100kms promotional event, but the team also took the opportunity to prepare for the start of the season by trialling the social distancing and PPE requirements that are now mandated by the FIA for race weekends.

Video of Mike Brewer talking bad about Edd China on why Wheeler Dealers fell apart at a car show in Connecticut.

Week to Wicked . 19 November 2019 ·. Day 1 getting started! This morning we started on Tech Editor Mark Houlahan' s 1990 Mustang LX Week to Wicked build. Stay tuned throughout the week as we take Mark' s original owner LX from Week to Wicked .

a group of items on a table © John Gilbert

Monster Brake Calipers with Duralast Max Pads For 1967 Nova

Here's a sneak peek at the brakes going on the Duralast Week to Wicked 1967 Chevy II Nova. The front rotors are 13 inches with massive CPP calipers and 12-inch rotors with CPP calipers fully equipped with parking brakes. Duralast Max premium semi-metallic brake pads are on all four corners.

  Editor’s Garage: Duralast Week To Wicked — Wheeler Dealer Mike is Back! © John Gilbert

1999 Mercury Sable Radiator Hose with A Flawed Factory Design

In all fairness, the Ford Motor Company had no idea a 1999 Mercury Sable station wagon would still be on the road in 2020. The factory original radiator hose pressed into a plastic Y fitting, and that's where the hose blew out, which dumped the contents of the cooling system. The design of the hose I bought from AutoZone is much improved.

a group of people standing in front of a blue car with a dog © John Gilbert

Tie Your Bulldog to A 5-Window Chevy Advance-Design Pickup

As a rule, dogs can tend to be hard to photograph but not this bulldog; I asked him to move into the sunlight to get his face properly illuminated, and he was more than willing to help out. Vent windows, lack of vent windows, push-button door handles or turn-down door handles help to identify Advance-Design year models.

“My Dream Garage”: FCA Revolutionizes Car Rental .
© Bloomberg / Getty Images “My Dream Garage”: FCA Revolutionizes Car Rental Owners of an electric Fiat 500 will be able to rent a vehicle from Fiat Chrysler Cars to choose from among thirteen models offered, in just a few minutes. Perhaps this is an argument that will convince some people to buy the new electric Fiat 500. As the Italian news agency Ansa explains, this purchase will indeed open the doors to “My Dream Garage”, a system that is revolutionizing car rental.

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