Classics In Meaux, the houses remain affordable and sell like hot cakes

18:20  17 september  2020
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They always sell like hotcakes . The 2K model cars by BMW sold like hot cakes , and it was hard to produce them by company to fulfill the demands. There is no clear origin. However, hotcakes are always a stable at any fair and sells out rather quickly. It is easy to believe that this has been the

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Meaux (Seine-et-Marne), le mercredi 9 septembre 2020. Le marché est très dynamique en ce moment, notamment au niveau des maisons. © LP / Valentine Rousseau Meaux (Seine-et-Marne), Wednesday September 9, 2020. The market is very dynamic at the moment, especially at the level houses.

If you are interested in a house in Meaux with 500 m² of garden in the range of 250-350,000 euros, you will have to be very responsive. "We have some, but it goes very quickly," confirms Audrey Iscain, boss of the real estate agency L'Adresse. For a house in the city center, count around thirty buyers. “It's not a recent phenomenon. People want a house, not far from the station. Where there are more requests it is Boulevard Jean-Rose, ”continues the professional. In the station area, a 64 m² apartment went for 285,000 euros, a 194 m² house 393,000 euros.

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Prices that remain affordable

According to Meilleur Agents, a specialist in real estate valuation, prices are stable: + 1% over one year for the hybrid price (apartments and houses). With an average price per m² of 2,899 euros for apartments and 2,488 euros for houses, the northern Seine-et-Marne municipality of 54,000 inhabitants remains affordable, while offering significant disparities depending on the neighborhood.

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The most expensive areas being, not surprisingly, the center, République, Gambetta, Saint-Faron, in the hospital sector according to Marc Rodriguez, director of the Arthurimmo agency, while the east of the town is less expensive, with, here again, exceptions: “The towers which fell in the district of the old Pierre Collinet have been replaced by buildings lower down. There have been rearrangements. It is not given ”, he continues.

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The idiom to sell like hotcakes comes from the United States where the term hotcake was coined in the nineteenth century. It is simply a synonym for a pancake. For something to sell like a hotcake it must be bought in mass quantities with little effort on the part of the seller, usually so much so that it is

Houston’s reputation as a relatively affordable big city has taken a battering in recent years. Despite a downturn in oil prices, the real estate market has continued to set price records—to the joy of sellers and brokers, but to the dismay of buyers and renters.

The Covid effect is felt

With its train station (25 minutes from Paris), its access to the motorway, to the N3, its schools, its hospitals, the city has long attracted not only the locals but also those of the inner suburbs and Parisians. "The demand had already been present for a few years and with the development of teleworking, it has only increased since the deconfinement", notes Amélia dos Santos, director of the Era agency. His colleague, Marc Rodriguez, confirms that there was indeed a Covid effect: “Everything was sold at high speed, sometimes at surprising prices. People are afraid of not finding and they tend to negotiate less, ”he notes. The situation has, in his eyes, calmed down since the end of June. The real estate agent goes so far as to speak of a shortage because supply is not flourishing in the face of demand. “There are fears at the level of employment, but also of what we will find as good if we sell our own. All this slows down the sale, ”he points out.

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To sell like hot cakes means to sell quickly and in large quantities; to be quite commercially successful. Hot cake (or hotcake ) is another word for pancake or griddle cake , an item which tends to sell quickly and in large numbers wherever they are offered.

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Meaux (Seine-et-Marne), le mercredi 9 septembre 2020. Les appartements sont toujours autant recherchés avec une petite exigence supplémentaire d’un extérieur ou d’un gain de surface de vie. LP/Valentine Rousseau © Provided by Le Parisien Meaux (Seine-et-Marne), Wednesday, September 9, 2020. Apartments are still in great demand with a small additional requirement for an exterior or a gain in living space. LP / Valentine Rousseau

For Amélia dos Santos, we can have this feeling of shortage, but the number of transactions is on the rise at the level of her agency: “This feeling is due to shortened sales deadlines. We have a lot of goods that are sold in the off market ( Editor's note, off the market, well put on sale but not online ) ”. The profile of buyers has changed a bit: "We have more and more requests for second-hand goods with higher budgets". If demand remains as high and interest rates hold, it is counting on a market that is still active. Including for apartments where demand is still high with a small additional requirement of an exterior or a gain in living space.

Neighboring towns are of interest

For Marc Rodriguez, prices tend to remain on the rise at the moment, but he foresees a stabilization because the conditions of access to the loan are tight and first-time buyers are having trouble to buy. "We should not have an increase," he considers.

For those who want the proximity of the station, he advises to turn to neighboring towns such as Villenoy, Crégy-les-Meaux where one can find houses at 300-350,000 euros and where there is more choice . Trilport is also less expensive (for example 250,000 euros for a terraced house of 100 to 110 m²) and has a train station (a station before Meaux towards Paris). According to the director of the Era agency, it is possible to find houses 10 to 15% cheaper on the outskirts, such as in Nanteuil-lès-Meaux or Mareuil-lès-Meaux, compared to a bourgeois house in the city center.

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