Classics Role model for "The Boss": These TV investigators have been around for a long time.

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Watch the first season of the crime series "The Boss" here.

The 1970s

In the 1970s, four crime series started that still entertain the audience today. The Sunday thriller "Tatort" (Das Erste) has been flickering across the screens since 1970 and is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the double crossover episode "In der Familie" (29.11./6.12.). The longest-serving investigator is Lena Odenthal (Ulrike Folkerts) from Ludwigshafen (since 1989), followed by the Munich (since 1991) Ivo Batic (Miroslav Nemec) and Franz Leitmayr (Udo Wachtveitl) and the Cologne (since 1997) Max Ballauf (Klaus J. Behrendt) and Freddy Schenk (Dietmar Bär).

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In the coming year the other Sunday thriller "Polizeiruf 110" (Das Erste) will also make the 50 full. The longest-serving investigators have only been there for ten years: Sascha Bukow (Charly Hübner) and Katrin König (Anneke Kim Sarnau) have been investigating in Rostock since 2010. The crime series "Der Alte" (since 1977, ZDF) and "SOKO", which started in 1978 as "SOKO 5113" (ZDF) and now has numerous offshoots in different cities, also originated in the 1970s.

The 1980s

On the one hand, the crime series "Ein Fall für Zwei" (since 1981, ZDF) with cult detective Matula (Claus Theo Gärtner) premiered in the 1980s. Today the research is carried out by private detective Leo Oswald (Wanja Mues) and lawyer Benni Hornberg (Antoine Monot, Jr). And the "Großstadtrevier" (since 1986, Das Erste) has also been around since the 1980s. From the turn of the year, the series was overshadowed by the tragic death of the popular Hamburg lead actor Jan Fedder (1955-2019) aka Police Commissioner Dirk Matthies. At the beginning of May 2020, the last episode with the seriously ill actor was broadcast. New episodes are in the works.

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The 1990s

Even the fans of one of the three long-term crime series that started in the 1990s had to say goodbye to a leading actress not so long ago. Actress Maja Maranow (1961-2016) died surprisingly at the beginning of 2016. From the first episode until her death, she was seen as chief detective Verena Berthold in the crime series "A strong team" (since 1994, ZDF). Detective chief inspector Otto Garber (Florian Martens) has since continued to investigate with Linett Wachow (Stefanie Stappenbeck).

The Münster crime series "Wilsberg" has been running on ZDF since 1995. Actor Leonard Lansink has played the eponymous role of antiquarian and private detective Georg Wilsberg since the second episode (1997). And sometime between the first and second "Wilsberg" episode, the police officers from "Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei" (since 1996, RTL) started - so the 25th anniversary is coming up next year.

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The 2000s

Since the noughties there has been a real boom in crime series and countless new formats have emerged, including:

"Kommissarin Lucas" (since 2002, ZDF), "Nachtschicht" (since 2003, ZDF), "Under other circumstances" (since 2006, ZDF), "Spreewaldkrimi" (since 2006, ZDF), "Hubert und Staller" / "Hubert without Staller" (since 2011/2018, Das Erste), "Eberhoferkrimi" (since 2013, cinema / BR / Das Erste) , "Heldt" (since 203, ZDF), "München Mord" (since 2013, ZDF), "Sarah Kohr" (since 2014, ZDF), "Babylon Berlin" (since 2018, Das Erste), "Blind determined" ( since 2018, Das Erste), "Bloody Beginners" (since 2020) or "Die Bossin" (since 2012).

"Die Rosenheim-Cops" (since 2002, ZDF) caused a sensation in the last few months. Here, too, the fans had to cope with a tragic death. Joseph Hannesschläger (1962-2020) was chief detective Korbinian Hofer and one of the leading actors in the popular series from the very beginning. He died on January 20, 2020. On October 13, the first season started without him.

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