Classics The Macho Trans Ams kept the muscle car era alive a bit longer

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The muscle car era was all but a memory by the mid-1970s. EPA regulations on exhaust emissions, along with the OPEC fuel The Pontiac Trans Am was the lone survivor of the muscle car era . While the venerable T/A was also weakened from the blows of factory emission controls, unleaded gasoline

Came across a Macho T/A while at the 2018 Trans Am Nationals in Dayton, OH. Car #102 here is a 1978 Significant name in Pontiac history of this era . Sharp looking cars with performance and visual treatments 5 Best Unknown V8 Engines From The Muscle Car Era - Продолжительность: 15:13

a car parked in a field: Rob Thomas © Provided by Hagerty Rob Thomas a car parked in a field: Rob Thomas © Provided by Hagerty Rob Thomas

Close your eyes and picture “Macho Man” Randy Savage simultaneously snapping into a Slim Jim while powersliding across the infield at Daytona. Without even telling you the name of the car, this is the one you just imagined him driving, isn’t it?

A 1978 Macho Trans Am spotted by BarnFinds.com is on Facebook Marketplace for an asking price of $24,995. The rare bird seems to be in decent shape, although it’s not quite car-show ready just yet. The seller is among the most well-known collectors of Macho Trans Ams, a rare hot-rodded version of the F-body offered by Mecham Pontiac in Glendale, Arizona.

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Performance upgrades to the Macho Trans Am were made to take the performance to the next level in performance, quickness, and handling characteristics. They were given upgraded intake manifolds, a better carburetor, shocks and springs meant for handling, and the snowflake wheels were bigger and

a car engine: Rob Thomas © Provided by Hagerty Rob Thomas

The Macho Trans Am was developed by Dennis and Kyle Mecham, two brothers who kept the muscle car torch burning by tweaking Pontiac Trans Ams they sold at their father’s dealership starting in 1977. The engine performance of the Pontiacs was restored to be more in line with the earlier days of muscle cars by adding headers, twin catalytic converters, an ignition tune-up, and by increasing airflow through the shaker hood scoop. The suspensions of the Macho Trans Ams also received some attention, with new shocks and a performance alignment. Most noticeably, the Macho Trans Am treatment included new graphics and DKM badging highlighting the package’s creators. Some Macho Trans Ams even included a turbocharger package.

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Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Car Travel Hot Cars Classic Cars Muscle Cars Racing Birds Trucks American. If the Trans Am wasn't macho enough, you could order the Macho package in 1978. 2015 Pontiac Trans AM - 7T7 and 6T9 | Trans AM Depot & Kevin Morgan. You might think that 2015

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With red accents over a black base, this Macho Trans Am has a bit of a Batmobile vibe. It’s certainly a striking combination, but late ’70s Trans Ams were never known for being understated. This Trans Am was originally equipped with the trademark phoenix on the hood, arguably the greatest graphic in the history of the automobile, but the current owner has yet to install the new decal after it was repainted. If you’re going to go big with a Macho Trans Am, why not go all the way?

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This specimen is the 96th of 98 built for 1979, and it wears the number proudly on its fender. Just 304 were built in total over the four-year run, making them a rare sight at even Pontiac-centric shows. The demand for 1979 Trans Ams is just as high as it is for the two previous years that have all of the added Bandit charm, so the asking price is just above the #3 (Good) value for a standard-issue 403-powered Trans Am. The next owner will surely have a fun ride and an instant conversation starter.

As Macho Man Savage would say, “Oooh, yeah!”

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