Classics DSDS candidate Olga Jung: She lived on the street for several months

18:50  23 january  2021
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On Saturday (23.1.) Olga Jung (26) tried the big hit. The Erlanger wants to convince DSDS chief juror Dieter Bohlen (66) of her superstar qualities. But it was a long way up to the show . In 2015, Olga was at the bottom and even had to live on the street for several months, as she revealed in the "Bild" newspaper.

DSDS, Deutschland sucht den Superstar, Olga Jung © actionpress DSDS, Germany is looking for the superstar, Olga Jung Your browser does not support this video

Not only DSDS juror Dieter Bohlen loves the light of the public. Friend Carina Walz (37) also likes to be in the limelight, as you can see in our video.

DSDS candidate Olga Jung could not pay the rent

"I got into a total negative spiral and could not pay my rent for a while", Olga reveals in an interview that was partially published on "bild.de". "I was immature, stupid, naive and blind at the time," admits the 26-year-old. Unpaid reminders would have led her tenant to terminate her.

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In addition to being thrown out, Olga was also sued. "I only lived in the apartment for a little more than three months - but the court proceedings cost me almost 4,000 euros extra," she reports. For years, Olga had to "work up and pay back everything I screwed up in three months." Her account has also been blocked. She also had to forego social assistance for a long time because she had "filled out applications incorrectly or not".

Even a new love doesn't bring the DSDS participant any luck.

After being kicked out, Olga spends a lot of time on the street when she is young. "I slept in the car, sometimes with people I know. I took a shower in the gym. That was bad because I felt so helpless," she remembers the bad time.

Even a supposed bright spot turns out to be a fallacy. "I then met a man who took me in. But then I went from bad to worse," she says. "In the end I only weighed 51 kilos due to all the stress." Meanwhile, Olga is better again. She is training to be a business administrator and lives in a small apartment. "I like to be single now," she says, adding: "Better than with men who pull me down." At DSDS, she now wants to take the next step. So far she only sang as a hobby and now wants to change that. "I wanted to hear what experts say about my voice. With DSDS, I finally let out my positive energy."

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