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A scooter- sharing system is a service in which electric motorized scooters (also referred to as e - scooters ) are made available to use for short-term rentals. E - scooters are typically "dockless", meaning that they do not have a fixed home location and are dropped off and picked up from certain

Today, shared e - scooters can be rented in cities across Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Australia. Fifteen com-panies are recruiting staff to serve the German market alone, with four of these launching almost immedi-ately after the eKFV went into effect (see Figure 2).14 Growth outpaces even that of In comparison, both substitution for bicycles and induced trips (in which the respondent would not have traveled at all, if not for the availability of an e - scooter ) were less common. When riders were asked about their. most recent trip, each of these categories represented under ten percent of responses

More and more people are renting e-scooters or rental cars via app. The numerous vehicles on the streets and sidewalks also meet with criticism. Now nine providers are founding a new association to work on the image of the industry.

Immer mehr Menschen leihen E-Tretroller aus. © Joshua Small-Photographer / shutterstock More and more people are renting out e-scooters. Nine providers of rental cars and e-scooters want to bundle their interests in a new association. "As the Freefloating company , we noticed that there were many decisions that affected us, but that we were not involved in the crucial discussion rounds," said Christoph Egels, who, in addition to his role as a spokesman for the e-scooter rental company Voi should also speak for the rental scooter side of the new association. The companies therefore founded the “Shared Mobility platform” in mid-January, in which the e-scooter rental companies Bird, Dott, Lime, Tier, Spin and Voi as well as the car sharing providers Miles, Share Now and Weshare are represented.

The companies want to “represent and communicate their concerns more jointly in the future in order to gain weight in the public and political discussion”. At the same time, it is a matter of establishing a further central contact for politics and the media on the subject of "Shared Mobility". The association also wants to initiate new studies and investigations.

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felyx offers shared electric scooters (mopeds) as a new urban mobility concept. Taikuai is an electric scooter battery charging solution provider . Toocs helps people reserve a local e - scooter on its Android or iOS app, ride for a small fee, and leave it at a designated drop-off point.

Scooters in China and fleets of for-hire and for- share cars have become the best available commute options of healthcare staff in wake of cities’ shut-downs. We’ve later seen micro-mobility options placed at the heart of the European virus uptake in response to officials’ call for support. It seems as if it were just yesterday that everyone from government leaders to entrepreneurs debated the pros and cons of new mobility service providers . Still, if we’ve learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic it's just how essential these dynamic and agile MSPs can truly be.

Free-floating model is to be established

The companies that are now merging are all pursuing the free-floating model. So they distribute their vehicles all over the city and do without fixed stations. The users can find the scooters or cars via app, rent them and park them at any location after the trip. So that a car or a scooter is always close to the customer, the fleets have to be significantly larger than those of station-based providers.

That meets with criticism: Many are annoyed by carelessly parked scooters that block the sidewalks. The car providers, on the other hand, are accused of increasing rather than reducing the number of cars in cities and, for economic reasons, only offering their service in the inner city areas of large cities - i.e. where public transport is usually well developed anyway.

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Though the E - Scooter market has seen an unprecedented rise in its demand and growth, there are still limited players on the playing field, making it an absolute steal of an opportunity for entrepreneurs wanting to scoop all that this emerging and continuously growing industry has to offer. For example, instead of merely providing pick and drop facility of eScooter via your app, Beacons can be integrated to let users know of discounts in specific areas. Instant Return on Investment. As opposed to product-based business, E - Scooter Market is a steal deal for the returns on the investments are instantaneous.

image captionThe new e - scooters rules are designed to "restore a sense of tranquillity" for pedestrians. France is bringing in new rules for the use of electric scooters following hundreds of incidents involving the vehicles, including several deaths. From Saturday, riders will be required to be at least 12 and will not be able to ride their scooter on the pavement. The two-wheeled vehicles' top speed will also be capped by next year. E - scooters , which can travel at more than 50km/h (30mph), are growing in popularity, in part because of their low environmental impact.

The Federal Association of Carsharing (BCS) published figures about a week ago, according to which all free-floating car rental companies in Germany operate around 14,200 vehicles, but are only represented in 15 German cities. Station-based providers, on the other hand, have around 12,000 cars, but offer the service in more than 850 cities.

With the new platform, the providers now want to counter such allegations more unanimously and also have studies investigate the effects of the relatively new offers. The aim is also to act as the central point of contact for cities and municipalities and to network with other associations. The association should consist of two working groups, one for car rental companies and one for e-scooter providers. dpa

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