Classics CureVac boss expects EU approval at the beginning of June - and will produce 300 million doses this year

17:15  12 april  2021
17:15  12 april  2021 Source:   businessinsider.de

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The Tübingen vaccine manufacturer Cureevac is a few weeks prior to the authorization of the vaccine by the European Drug Authority EMA. "We expect that the approval of the EMA comes in June, rather early than the end of June," says CEO Franz-Werner Haas Business Insider.

At the end of April, the study data for the safety of the vaccine would be present. Then the company can see if the mRNA vaccine is certain like the two other mRNA vaccines from BIONTECH / PFIZER and Moderna.

This plays a role in view of the uncertainties in the serum of AstraZeneca - which is a vector vaccine, so it is manufactured differently. To date, this vaccine has no agreement on which age group of the substance is considered safe, and whether that is the case in men. In Germany, persons under the age of 60 are therefore not offered the vaccine - a problem for thousands of uncovered educators and teachers.

Vaccine manufacturer striving for a good image before vaccination summit

 Vaccine manufacturer striving for a good image before vaccination summit After AstraZeneca, BioNTech also announced just hours before the meeting with the Chancellor and country leaders that they would massively increase the delivery of vaccine doses. © Michel Kappeler / REUTERS Where is Germany and the entire EU headed in the corona pandemic? After the slow start of the corona vaccinations in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the prime ministers of the federal states will meet for a crisis summit this Monday.

In the vaccines of Moderna and Biontech, there were no side effects or even deaths for these discussions. Therefore, many experts take advantage of Cureevac, which also develop a mRNA vaccine will also have no security issues. Nevertheless, it does not help in science to assume something - it needs hard data. The fact that the now previously previously assumed a few weeks ago is a good signal. The faster the EMA checks, the more likely to record the German vaccination campaign to other countries thanks to CureVac compared to other countries.

"This year we want to produce up to 300 million cans."

"We expect that at the end of April at the beginning of May, all targeted cases of Corona have occurred in the study," reports Haas. Then the study can be evaluated in early May and the formal admission request will be submitted to the EMA.

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The second good news from Tübingen is: There are enough doses. "This year we want to produce up to 300 million doses. Due to our cooperations with large pharmaceutical producers we will also create that, "is convinced Haas. Together with GSK, Bayer, Novartis, Wacker, Renchler and others, CureVac has built a network of producers, which produces the mass vaccine for them. It is crucial that there are pharmaceuticals that are very experienced in vaccine production and vaccine approval procedures.

A separate industrial vaccine production plant in Tübingen is under construction and is expected to be completed 2022. One problem, like all other companies, also prepares them the scarcity of raw materials. From the US, crucial raw materials and equipment are not exported. While scientists are currently experiencing attempts from the German government to negotiate and help with the USA. How fast that happens, however, is uncertain, such an expert who is familiar with the talks.

Covid-19. 550,000 doses of vaccines were injected last weekend

 Covid-19. 550,000 doses of vaccines were injected last weekend © YVES-MARIE QUEMENER / OUEST-FRANCE A caregiver vaccinated on the Île de Sein on February 18. 550,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccine were injected between March 5 and 7. The Ministry of Health says it wants to maintain the pace and even accelerate it even further by relying on general practitioners and pharmacists. The Ministry of Health communicated on Tuesday, March 9 that during the first week of March, 1.2 million doses of vaccines against Covid-19 were injected in France.

researchers test each COVID 19 case on the Genviary

to check which variants the subjects in the admission study are ill, CureVAC has changed the study protocol of the Phase 3-Study. "Now we test every study participant who gets Covid-19, to the genetic variant," explains Haas. This will allow it to be able to accurately discretion in which variant of the vaccine is effective.

Biontech and Moderna did not have to go this step, as the variants did not play a role in the development of vaccines. In this respect, the complexity of the CureVac study is high, but up to date.

in the study are more than 36,000 subjects. They received a dose of twelve micrograms of the vaccine. For comparison: Biontech revolves 30 and Moderna 100 micrograms per syringe. So CureVac and its production partners can produce significantly more cans than the competition in similarly large plants.

The question of whether the Germans can go on vacation this summer now depends largely from CureVac - and the speed of the registration authorities.

Stone,uk-,December,02,,2020:,Curevac,Moderna,Inc,Makes,Mrna-1273,Experimental © Giovanni Cancemi / Shutterstock Stone, UK, December, 02 ,2020:, CureVac, Moderna, Inc, Makes, MRNA-1273, Experimental

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