Classics 14.22 million viewers: Boerne is not supplier - why the dream rate for the Münster "crime scene" A good sign is

13:45  03 may  2021
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A fisherman discovers a pearl at 330,000 dollars in ... a sea snail!

 A fisherman discovers a pearl at 330,000 dollars in ... a sea snail! © Supplied by Gentside Thailand fishing It's a story that begins to go around the world. And for good reason. On January 27, in the Thai town of Nakhon Si Thammarat, a family of fishermen saw their life turned upside down. Why ? This is what we explain here and in the video at the top of our article. Your browser does not support this video A few weeks ago, a 37-year-old fisherman saw an abandoned buoy in the water. He decides to recover it and sees that it is covered with shells.

with its controversial video action for the Corona policy of the government made Jan Josef supplier for a lot of swirls. Consequences she does not have for him: The Münster "crime scene" drove a record rate. And that's good.

Darf sich über eine Traumquote freuen: Jan Josef Liefers alias Prof. Karl-Friedrich Boerne im Münster- © ARD / WDR / Martin Valentin Menke may look forward to a dream quota: Jan Josef Supplers Alias ​​Prof. Karl-Friedrich Boerne in Münster- "Crime scene"

14.22 million viewers! With the ARD officers, pleasure and relief should have been made on Monday morning. Because the quota of the new case from Münster was expected with great tension. Only ten days after publication of the controversial videos, in which 53 actors in satirical intention to express the Corona policy of the government, was spokesman Jan Josef Liefers to see in his peer leader as a professor of the view.

Laeticia Hallyday confides in her dream which "flies away forever"

 Laeticia Hallyday confides in her dream which © Elle On February 22, the legendary group Daft Punk announced their separation via a short video clip which made noise in the music world. A thunderclap announcement to which many personalities responded, paying tribute to the group who had not produced a new album for many years. A broken dream Happier than ever since she was in couple with director Jalil Lespert , Laeticia Hallyday shines and does not hide it.

The uncertainty was great: would the spectators Jan Josef Supply for his unpremealed criticism and avoid the "crime scene"? Or is the "crime scene" reversed by the enormous media presence that suppliers enjoyed in the past week?

is obviously the latter is the case: With 14.22 million spectators, the episode "Rhythm and Love" brought the best power-on quota of a " Table " for more than four years. At that time, "Fangschuss" had cracked a 25-year-old record. Does that mean that the audience agrees with suppliers' crude thoughts?

The viewers like the Münster "Tatort"

Gemach. In these numbers you should not interpret too much: it can not be talked about a coordination with the remote control over the controversial video action or even about the government corona policy. Rather, the viewers have decided in the middle of a strenuous pandemic for 90 minutes escapism and slight entertainment - and just not for strenuous political debates. This is the Münster - "Tatort".

Porsche: Share in Rimac increased, new Taycan variants being considered

 Porsche: Share in Rimac increased, new Taycan variants being considered The sports car manufacturer is also focusing on electromobility: the hypercar manufacturer Rimac is already working on a project for Porsche. © Rimac Rimac produces not only super sports cars but also components - such as infotainment systems. Porsche continues to invest in Rimac. The share grows from 15 to 24 percent and costs 70 million euros. The Croatian e-sports car developer is known for its two fully electric “hypercars”: Concept_One, and C_Two.

This proved the audience a great maturity and shown: It is well able to separate between the figure of Karl-Friedrich Boerne from the actor Jan Josef Supply. And has shown that the Round Foreign Council showed the red card required to terminate cooperation with deliverers and other actors involved in the action. Their criticism - how to find a failure you can find them - you have to be able to endure in a democracy. One may and should contradict the artists vehement - vocational bans do not have space in a free society.

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