Classics policemen tug out gaffers from car - and show him accident-bright

12:30  04 may  2021
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at a fatal car accident on the A3 hampers a gaffer the work of rescue workers. The police attack hard and shows him follow the accident out of the first near.

Autounfall © rubberbone / iStock Car accident

Sunday evening, May 2, 2021: A truck bounces against two cars standing on the side strip. The cars capture two people who are outside the vehicles.

Deadly accident on the A3

A breakdown forced the two cars to hold on the side strip. The truck driver came off the street and crashed against the two cars, which passed their drivers through the force of the impact.

A 35-year-old man died at the scene of the accident, the other driver, a 27-year-old woman, a short time later in the hospital. The truck driver comes with slight injuries.

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out of. The policeman took his family to the theatre as he was duty. off. We heard about the plane crash the news. on. My pen pal and I have a lot common. in. The officer was charge of 20 men .

Ambulance driver to policeman : 'The pedestrian's injuries are very severe and he has to go to hospital. eg. A person walking in the street has been hit and badly hurt by a vehicle. a system designed to reduce traffic in towns in which people park their cars on the edge of a town and then take a special bus or train to the town centre; the area where people park their cars before taking the bus. eg.More people have been leaving their cars in designated areas outside a city and catching a bus into the city centre.

Gaffer confronted with brutal reality

The work of the rescue workers was massively disturbed according to the police of several gaffers. For several vehicles passing past the scene, people filmed the tragedy. One of these slony people issued the police a very special lesson.

The officers dragged the man from his SUV, as it means in an report by infranken.de , and led him directly to the body covered on the street body of the 35-year-old man.

in the video recorded by this action is to see how the police bring the gaff little to his car and shows him the consequences of the accident.

The Gaffer expects a fine and an ad.

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