Classics Climate Idea: Berlin Student develops wind-powered street lamps

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In a bid to reduce the ecological footprint of modern street lighting, German design student Tobias Trubenabacher has developed an ingenious wind powered alternative called PAPILIO. Where our current lamps are labelled as ‘consumers’ of energy, PAPILIO actually functions as a ‘prosumer’ which means it creates its own energy and even feeds surplus back into existing energy networks. Neat, eh? The central component to generate this clean energy is a large green rotor comprised of sheet metal which sits just above the bulb.

May 18, 2021 Berlin , Design, Street Light, Tech, Wind Powered . Designed by University of the Arts Berlin student Tobias Trübenabacher, PAPILIO is a street lamp that generates electricity using an integrated wind generator and a sheet metal rotor. The lamp stores electricity in a rechargeable battery and is equipped with an infrared sensor that allows the light to activate only when it’s actually needed.

Tobias Trüllenbacher, Berlin designer and art student, has designed a street lamp called Papilio, which is operated with wind power and only turns on when someone goes through.

Papilio: Gewisse Ähnlichkeiten mit Bühnenlichtern sind zufällig. © T. Trowbacher Papilio: Certain similarities with stage lights are random.

The climate crisis is very ideal as an ideas. She forces us to rethink and develop creative ideas on so many levels. Around the topic of electricity, the reflection is very special.

Light pollution and power consumption require new solutions

After all, around 60 percent of the electricity we consume is recovered from fossil fuels. Electrical light is also responsible for an unprecedented light pollution. About 83 percent of the world's population lives among artificial lights, which already brighten the sky at ten over the normal level. This light pollution can disturb the migration movements of animals and adversely affect biodiversity.

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Berlin design student Tobias Trübenbacher has developed a lamp post with an integrated wind turbine that produces its own renewable energy and only lights up when needed. Papilio was designed to slash the light pollution and emissions associated with street lighting and mitigate its impact on The motion-activated design uses wind – a natural, renewable energy source – to power its turbines. Above and top image: the Papilio light can be wall-mounted or freestanding. "If we want to maintain a future worth living in, we urgently need to transform our cities into climate -neutral, sustainable and

Tobias Trübenbacher, a Berlin -based designer and student at the University of the Arts Berlin , has one such solution. Trübenbacher has created a street light called Papilio that combats energy pollution on two fronts: it’s wind - powered , which reduces its dependence on electricity, and the light itself has a motion sensor The lamp is shaped like a pinwheel that acts as a wind turbine, catching the wind to produce its own energy, which makes it climate -neutral. It also has a rechargeable battery that stores electricity, so the lamp can operate even on less windy days. [Photo: courtesy Tobias Trübenbacher].

Well, Trürenbacher's papilio lamp is certainly not the rescue of the world prior to the consequences of lavish use with electricity. But it is a feasible solution that can contribute its part to improve the situation.

papilio in use. (Picture: T. Trüllenbacher)

So Papilio is built

as Treightenbacher told the colleagues of Fast Company , was indeed the aspect of light pollution starting point of considerations. Trowbacher's lamp is shaped like a wind turbine and uses wind power for electricity production. An integrated battery ensures that the lamp also works if no wind can drive the miniturbine.

so papilio does not unnecessarily illuminating the city, trowbacher has equipped its lamp with a motion sensor, which only starts whenever someone is nearby, which would benefit from the lighting.

Even with the light itself, the designer did not cover in the next tree part of the tree. Rather, he has placed on a light temperature that does not attract insects.

Papilio is at an early stage

Papilio needs conceptually no integration into an infrastructure. The lights can be installed anywhere. Only the chance of some wind should exist.

So far, there are only two functioning prototypes that are in Berlin in the test. Treightenbacher wants to look in perspective to what extent can be made of the idea.

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