Classics Digital Environmental Footprint Act: Roselyne Bachelot and Jack Lang want to safeguard the remuneration for private copy

18:25  27 may  2021
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The Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot, and former Minister Jack Lang want the "remuneration for private copy" to be preserved in the text of the environmental footprint, debated in Parliament on 10 June.

  Loi sur l'empreinte environnementale du numérique : Roselyne Bachelot et Jack Lang veulent sauvegarder la rémunération pour copie privée © Provided by FranceInfo

The Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot asked, Thursday, May 27, that be abandoned in the text of the environmental footprint, under discussion in Parliament, the partial questioning of "remuneration For private copy ", in his eyes" inconceivable "because prejudicial to culture.

Exemption from reconditioned

electronic devices "Some would like when works are uploaded to a reconditioned device, creators no longer receive remuneration, it is inconceivable," Roselyne Bachelot insurgered. The former Minister of Culture Jack Lang, initiator of the 1985 law that created this remuneration scheme, is also mounted in the niche, "very angry" that we want to "call into question the law which is one of the bases of our protection of the rights of authors and artists ". He stated that he wrote to President Emmanuel Macron.

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The #copieprive royalty is crucial and allows you to pay creators, but also to strongly support cultural activities in our territories.

Encourage the purchase of reconditioned products can not be done at the expense of culture! #VivrelaCulture

- Roselyne Bachelot (@R_Bachelot) May 27, 2021

The Assembly must discuss the 10th of June of the exemption from reconditioned electronic devices (mainly the phones) of the remuneration for private copying. The incriminated article stipulates that "reconditioned digital equipment will not be subject to the payment of private copy remuneration, where such equipment has already resulted in such remuneration".

An important remuneration for artists

"royalty for what is called private copies aims to remunerate the holders-law. And what we know less," said the minister, is that 25% of the sums Collected is used to finance 10,000 cultural projects per year. 64% of festivals for example are supported by this royalty, this represents just under 300 million euros per year. "

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"A work listened to or a tablet view or a reconditioned phone remains the fruit of the work of an artist (...) to be remunerated," she hammered. "The recondition is a virtuous industry. As a citizen and former Minister of Ecology, I'm sensitive," Roselyne Bachelot, before adding that "the protection of the environment should not be done in sacrificing the compensation of creators and support for creation ".

ecological issue or commercial interest

The remuneration for private copy is a pillar of the financing of culture with 270 million euros collected each year (the equivalent of 7% of the whole budget of the Ministry of Culture), according to SACEM (Society of authors, composers and music publishers). The reconditioned products sector explodes in recent years until you represent 15% of telephones sales in 2021.

for Jack Lang, "the ecology has good back" and "it is not good to oppose culture, ecological transition and new technologies ". He invited the executive to accept "no compromise, no negotiations: the authorities must say 'not possumus'. The offensive "comes from far away and lobbies have been activated behind the scenes" For an expanding reconditioned sector, he analyzes, believing that American and Chinese interests are at stake.

according to the SACEM, the company d Electronic Back Market representing 85% of the market in France of the reconditioned telephone sales, has worked thoroughly for this legislation.

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