Classics Austria: Haider-Pupil Herbert Kickl becomes new FPÖ boss

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Fortuna boss bets fans will return

 Fortuna boss bets fans will return Thomas Röttgermann expects the spectators to return to the stadiums this season. The Fortuna boss would even bet on it. © Provided by sport1.de Fortuna boss bets on return of fans CEO Thomas Röttgermann from the second division football team Fortuna Düsseldorf firmly believes that fans will return to the stadiums soon. "Personally, I would bet that we will still see games with spectators this season," said Röttgermann of the Express .

Herbert Kickl, so far, the Chairman of the Austrian FPÖ, is said to be party feet. With Chancellor Sebastian short, the sharpener combines a deep enmity.

Der Fraktionsvorsitzende der FPÖ war unter Kanzler Kurz vor der Ibiza-Affäre Innenminister. © DPA The faction chairman of the FPÖ was shortly before the Ibiza affair Interior Minister at Chancellor.

In Austria's domestic policy, the considers are still rougher than they are already. Quickly than expected, the Presidium of the Right Populist FPÖ has decided on Monday to propose Herbert Kickl as a new party author. Kickl, which is known for its sharp rhetoric and its sometimes parelade occurrence, follows Norbert Hofer.

This cultivates finer handling forms as Kickl, the conflicts with the sharp-to-fold faction leaders have increased him increasingly. He decided to retreat.

Volvo boss holds little of hydrogen and wants to build e-cars from 2030

 Volvo boss holds little of hydrogen and wants to build e-cars from 2030 Volvo head of executive Hakan Samuelsson is the man who is to prepare the traditional car maker on the future of e-mobility. The 70-year-old Swede wants to sell only E-Cars with the Group from 2030. From the alternative fuel of hydrogen, he keeps little. For the Volvo boss, the future is electrically. "Burner are the technology of yesterday," he says in conversation with the "Handelsblatt" .

Kickl has recently been profiling as a sharp critic of Federal Chancellor Sebastian short . Previously, he sat satisfied for years to work for the party in the background. He was considered a strategist who shied up the limelight.

Already as a speech pen for the 2008 FPÖ President Jörg Haider, he developed the reputation of a sharpener, for example when he invented the name "West Bag-Napoleon" for France's President Jacques Chirac. Kickl called Haider after his nomination on Monday as a "teacher".

also after Haiders death campaigns and polemics remained for the time being the main actuation of Kickl. For the election struggles of Heinz-Christian Strache, Vice-Chancellor from 2017 to 2019, he created about the slogan "Daham instead of Islam".

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Forward forced him to resign

foreigners and the allegedly unrestrained immigration are the favorite topics of Kickl and the FPÖ. Recently, he also moved himself as a corona skeptic. Thus, he occurred in a demonstration of action opponents and skimmed there the slaughter fee "must be left".

Even in the Austrian Parliament, Kickl is mainly due to its rhetoric. He knows that he can talk well, and who listens to him sometimes gains the impression, as if Kickl on his turns itself would be a little intoxicated.

from the shadow kickl stepped in autumn 2017, as short with the FPÖ formed a coalition. Kickl became the Minister of Interior. However, he had to give this office to pressure from shortly because of the so-called Ibiza affair, in which the strache was accused of bribery through Russia and at which the coalition of ÖVP and FPÖ broke.

This career knick never wound Kickl, and so he briefly threw the feithand shoe after his nomination. It was difficult with the "Turquoise ÖVP", which he meant the conspiracious group briefly within Austria's largest party.

Chevy Won't Say No to a Short-Bed, Single-Cab Silverado for America

  Chevy Won't Say No to a Short-Bed, Single-Cab Silverado for America Chevy Won't Say No to a Short-Bed, Single-Cab Silverado for America"I would just tell you that because of the limitations that we've been dealing with in terms of the virus and all the things that the virus is causing, including limitations within the supply chain, it's something that we're going to work on," commented GM's Bob Kapes, when asked by GM Authority whether a shortie Silverado was in the cards. "Nothing to announce today, but we certainly do care about it.

Unlike the FDP in Germany, Austria's FPÖ is not an economic party. Although there are entrepreneurs who are a member of the party because they ÖVP in the federal states are to be ossified and the Liberals of Neos are left. From the FPÖ you really want a more moderate sound in the debate.

but in the selection procedure to the Bureau, the entrepreneurs found no hearing again. For example, for example, the Vorarlberg entrepreneur and Economic Chamber representatives, Eduard Fischer has a "governmental" party. Such expectations are not likely to fulfill. Kickl and briefly will hardly ever come together in a government - for the mutual dislike is too big.

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