Classics Pro Asylus calls for respect for human rights

03:40  20 june  2021
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Oughours: the iron arm curls between Beijing and the Westerners

 Oughours: the iron arm curls between Beijing and the Westerners © provided by the L point confrontation between the China and the Western countries has increased on Friday on the fate of Muslims Ouighs of the Xinjiang, With new Beijing sanctions against British personalities and several foreign brands now immersed in the turmoil in the Chinese market.

The older pro -life leaders of today are the pioneering young adult activists of the 1970s, who courageously dissented from Roe v. Wade. And they have recruited new generations of pro -lifers to follow in their footsteps; millennials in the movement call ourselves the “ pro -life generation.” Most secular pro -choice people are well-meaning and affirm a commitment to human rights . Most are horrified by ableism—but close their eyes to the often lethal consequences of prenatal genetic testing. Abortion advocates would never murder a defenseless sleeping or comatose person—yet they argue

A correspondent for The New Yorker magazine and LGBT rights campaigner, Gessen made the explosive claims on the airwaves of Democracy Now!, an East Coast-based left-wing station. Discussing the fact that many Russians have held off signing up for a jab, despite the country making vast supplies available, the commentator claimed that one “reason they are not taking the vaccine is because of a general culture of a lack of respect for human life.” This attitude, Gessen insisted, “is characteristic of this particular government.”

shortly before the second Libya conference, human rights activists warn the EU to further abhout the Geneva Refugee Convention. The cooperation is particularly criticized with the Libyan Coast Guard.

Ein Boot mit afghanischen Flüchtlingen erreicht die griechische Insel Lesbos © Angelos Tzortzinis / DPA / Picture Alliance A boat with Afghan refugees reaches the Greek island of Lesbos

to the World Refuge Day This Sunday, the aid organization per asylum admonishes the European Union to pay attention to human rights even in protective seekers. "States may not reject refugees at their borders without first examining their need for protection," said Pro-Asyl Managing Director Günter Burkhardt the "New Osnabrücker Zeitung". "That is, refugees have a right to submit an application for asylum."

Biden's early sanctions fall short of campaign promises to punish Putin and Saudi crown prince

  Biden's early sanctions fall short of campaign promises to punish Putin and Saudi crown prince President Biden’s tepid responses to Saudi Arabia’s murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi and the case of a Russian dissident have disappointed supporters while drawing praise from an unlikely quarter: Trump administration alumni. © Provided by Washington Examiner Candidate Biden pledged to rescue the “soul” of America from a then-president who he claimed “cozies up to dictators” — a rebuke that stemmed from former President Donald Trump’s frank indifference to human rights issues that threatened his priorities.

I. respect for human embryos. Careful reflection on this teaching of the Magisterium and on the evidence of reason, as mentioned above, enables us to respond to the numerous moral problems posed by technical interventions upon the human being in the first phases of his life and upon the processes of his conception. The Charter of the Rights of the Family published by the Holy See affirms: " Respect for the dignity of the human being excludes all experimental manipulation or exploitation of the human embryo".(30) The practice of keeping alive human embryos in vivo or in

Human rights violations in the enforcement of quarantine measures which have been brought to light around the globe. This abusive policing is not new, but the media coverage in most cases is. Those restrictions, however, must be justified on a legal basis as strictly necessary. This “strictly necessary” standard must: be based on scientific evidence that is not arbitrary nor discriminatory, be set for a determinant amount of time, maintain respect for human dignity, be subject to review, and be proportionate to the objective sought to achieve.[xxi] Putting quarantine measures in place from the

Burkhardt criticized the trailing of boats in the Mediterranean in Libyan territorial waters and the summons of the Libyan Coast Guard to boat refugees than a stop on the human rights of the refugee. In Libya many refugees would be tortured and abused, he pointed out. "Today, however, the persecuted and tortured people are lapped back to their torments through the EU states, they end up in the misery they fled," underlined the human rights activists.

Aus Seenot gerettete Migranten werden mit der libyschen Küstenwache nach Tripolis zurückgebracht © Hamza Turkia / Xinhua / dpa / Picture Alliance from Seenot Migrants are returned with the Libyan Coast Guard to Tripolis

He demanded an end to push-back policy. The cooperation with the "Criminal Libyan Coast Guard" must stop. Germany form these out, Italy's job ships - Europeans are not likely to submit everything to escape defense. In Europe's borders, "whether human rights, democracy and the rule of law are also the basis of state action in the future".

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Colombia: Violence in Cali Bachelet calls for dialogue and respect for human rights after new reports of deaths and injuries in Cali. Nicaragua elections Concerns over Nicaragua's chances of holding free elections due to measures taken by authorities. Samoa OHCHR urges that the rule of law and democratic institutions in Samoa be respected and protected, and in particular the key role played by an Israel / OPT Bachelet calls for strict respect for international law and appeals to all sides to take steps to de-escalate the increasingly alarming situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

After US President Joe Biden revealed he plans to raise the issue of human rights when he meets his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin next month, Moscow has said it is happy to have the discussion, as long as it goes both ways. Speaking as part of a press conference on Monday, Russia's Foreign In March, Biden signed into force sanctions against Russian officials that it claimed were behind the jailing of Western-backed opposition figure Alexey Navalny, as well as for alleged “ human rights ” abuses during the policing of subsequent protests. Moscow rejects these claims and says it considers the

Libya Conference on Wednesday in Berlin

Burkhardt at the same time welcomed the invitation of Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and UN Secretary General Antonio Gutres to the Second Libya Conference on Wednesday in Berlin. The international community wants to initiate further steps to stabilize the North African country in the consultations. From there, many Africans start their dangerous way over the Mediterranean direction Europe. The stabilization process should not "happen at the expense of human rights and to the disadvantage of those people who protect themselves in Europe," continues the Pro Asylum Managing Director.

Ein Schiff der deutschen Seenotrettungsorganisation Sea-Watch im Mittelmeer © Picture Alliance / DPA / Sea-Watch A ship of the German Seen Train Organization Sea-Watch in the Mediterranean

in numerous German cities began under the motto "Human rights are unemployed" a campaign for the inclusion of more refugees in the Federal Republic. "The camps at European external borders have been dreaming the concept of human dignity for years, daily drowning people in the Mediterranean or are towed through the Libyan Coast Guard in the Tolter State Libya," said one of the organizers, Simon Dornsifer from the international movement "Seabridge". It is committed to civil lakeside, secure escape routes to Europe and the lasting recording of refugees in Germany.

The rallies, dunning wages, running demonstrations and other actions planned for the coming days also participate per asylum and the Sea-Watch initiative.


Burma: Pro-Democracy celebrate the 1988 .
© Reuters lifting - Obtained by Reuters protest against the coup, on the occasion of the anniversary of a 1988 uprising in Mandalay, Myanmar, August 8, 2021. Image by Reuters from a video on social networks. direction Burma where the opponents at the military coup of February showed this Sunday, August 8th. They celebrated the 1988 Pro-Democracy uprising that made the leader Aung San Suu Kyi famous, today imprisoned.

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